Biostatistics Core

The Biostatistics Core (BC) is directed by Dr. Laurel Beckett, Ph.D. at UC Davis, and consists of statisticians at UCSD and UCSF as well. The BC implements mechanisms for data monitoring as data is acquired, to identify outliers and errors. In addition, the BC describes a statistical approach to analyze data acquired by ADNI, in order to test the a priori hypotheses described in the proposal, and presents a power analysis to justify the proposed sample size.



Principal Investigator

Laurel Beckett, Ph.D.
University of California, Davis

Laurel Beckett has been involved in AD research for many years. She was the biostatistician for the East Boston AD studies that first estimated the population prevalence and incidence of AD and projected those numbers to the US population. Her methodological research in longitudinal studies and population based studies has helped to describe patterns and correlates of clinical decline both in AD and in the general population.