Ongoing Investigations

ADNI data is made available to researchers around the world. As such, there are many active research projects accessing and applying the shared ADNI data. To further encourage Alzheimer’s disease research collaboration, and to help prevent duplicate efforts, the list below shows the specific research focus of the active ADNI investigations. This information is requested annually as a requirement for data access.

Principal Investigator  
Principal Investigator's Name: Steven Arnold
Institution: Massachusetts General Hospital
Department: Neurology
Proposed Analysis: Data is requested to analyze rates of change in different domains of cognition, behavior and function in relation to demographic variables, vascular risk factors, specific medication classes, CSF, plasma and neuroimaging biomarkers. Immediate specific plans are to test how biochemical parameters of metabolic dysfunction (insulin, dyslipidemia) interact to contribute to progression or resilience to cognitive dysfunction among different ages and stages of the AD cognitive spectrum
Additional Investigators