Ongoing Investigations

ADNI data is made available to researchers around the world. As such, there are many active research projects accessing and applying the shared ADNI data. To further encourage Alzheimer’s disease research collaboration, and to help prevent duplicate efforts, the list below shows the specific research focus of the active ADNI investigations. This information is requested annually as a requirement for data access.

Principal Investigator  
Principal Investigator's Name: Jovan Andonov
Institution: ETH Zurich
Department: Machine Learning
Proposed Analysis: Me and my team are currently working on predicting a patient's age from his MRI scan. We would like to try deep learning methods and we are particularly interested in what are the features that we can extract from the data that directly influence the prediction of a person's age. For that cause we would like to train a CNN of ours. We currently have a training set of 278 3D images in .NIfTI-1 format and unfortunately this is not enough for a successful training. Therefore we would highly appreciate if you would allow us to use your data for this purpose. We agree to the terms and we would be more than happy to include you as a contributor in any formal research paper that might arise from this project of ours.
Additional Investigators