Ongoing Investigations

ADNI data is made available to researchers around the world. As such, there are many active research projects accessing and applying the shared ADNI data. To further encourage Alzheimer’s disease research collaboration, and to help prevent duplicate efforts, the list below shows the specific research focus of the active ADNI investigations. This information is requested annually as a requirement for data access.

Principal Investigator  
Principal Investigator's Name: Christian Beaulieu
Institution: University of Alberta
Department: Biomedical Engineering
Proposed Analysis: we propose to optimize and to develop a fully-automated and user-friendly DTI software package that incorporates advanced data processing and analysis techniques that support parallel computing, to disseminate it to the scientific and clinical community in a commonly used and free package, and to validate its utility on DTI data from the ADNI-2 database. Specifically, the overall aim is to provide methodological innovations to the DTI processing software package ExploreDTI by incorporating our novel DTI methods and improved subject registration and tract-based surface models onto a common platform (Matlab) with parallel computing capability. The project consists of three methodological aims that will be first developed and integrated before then being disseminated and ultimately applied in a fourth aim for an analysis of the ADNI-2 DTI data base.
Additional Investigators