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Study characteristics ADNI-1 ADNI-GO
(Grand Opportunities)
Primary goal Develop biomarkers as outcome measures for clinical trials Examine biomarkers in earlier stages of disease Develop biomarkers as predictors of cognitive decline, and as outcome measures Study the use of tau PET and functional imaging techniques in clinical trials
Funding $40 million federal (NIA), $27 million industry and foundation $24 million American Recovery Act funds $40 million federal (NIA), $27 million industry and foundation $ 40 million federal (NIA), up to $20 million industry and foundation
Duration/start date 5 years/October 2004 2 years/September 2009 5 years/September 2011 5 years/September 2016
Cohort 200 elderly controls

400 MCI

200 AD

Existing ADNI-1  +

200 early MCI
Existing ADNI-1 and ADNI-GO +

150 elderly controls100 early MCI

150 late MCI

150 AD

Existing ADNI-1, ADNI-GO, ADNI-2 +

133 elderly controls

151 MCI

87 AD