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The overall goal of ADNI is to validate biomarkers for AD clinical trials. ADNI is a complex and unique collection of data, imaging and biospecimens gathered longitudinally from carefully phenotyped subjects. It has massive potential for breakthrough discoveries in the field of Alzheimer’s research. The biospecimens serve as a valuable resource for replicating important new findings and validating novel biomarkers. The answer to a disease modifying therapy for AD may be in the existing ADNI database/biosample collection, waiting to be discovered. Any scientist may apply for access to data and samples collected by ADNI. However, ADNI samples are precious and governed accordingly by policies and protocols.

Biospecimens such as genetic material, blood, plasma, serum, urine, brain tissue and cerebrospinal fluid collected from ADNI participants are available through ADNI and managed by the Resource Allocation Review Committee (RARC) or Biospecimen Review Committee (BRC).

Information about ADNI samples available for requests as well as request policies and procedures are below.

Investigators interested in using ADNI biosamples for their scientific study are asked to submit an initial request which will be reviewed for appropriateness. Investigators of approved studies will be invited to a submit an ADNI Biospecimens Full Application.

For more details, click How to Request Samples below.

Questions should be sent to cat.conti@ncire.org.