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Biomarker Analysis

The Biomarker Core in ADNI3 is focusing on 4 areas of activity and studies including: biofluid banking (CSF, plasma and serum) management and pre-analytical assessments;  standardization of CSF Ab42, Ab40, t-tau and p-tau181 measurement in ADNI patients using the highly validated Roche Elecsys cobas e 601 fully automated immunoassay platform and reference LC/MSMS methodology for CSF Ab42, Ab40 and Ab38; determination of cut-points for Ab42, t-tau, p-tau181, and ratios using several approaches including ROC analyses using FBP amyloid PET imaging for disease detection and disease independent mixture modeling; collaborative studies on new biomarker development/validation/testing in CSF or plasma by immunoassay or mrm LC/MSMS including NFL, total and phospho-a-synuclein, Vilip-1, sTREM2, progranulin, TDP-43, metabolomics/lipidomic biomarkers and proteomic quantitative assays.

Leslie M Shaw and John Q Trojanowski co-lead the ADNI Biomarker Core at the University of Pennsylvania.

Highlights of Biomarker Core activities include: