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Related Non-ADNI Studies: MR Scanner Protocols

Below are protocols for MR scanners used in non-ADNI studies.

General Electric (GE) Healthcare Siemens Medical Solutions

GE 1.5T

• 14.0M4 TwinSpeed 8Ch
• 14.0M4 TwinSpeed 8Ch Phantom

Siemens 1.5T

• Avanto VB11
• Avanto VB11 Phantom
• Avanto VB13
• Avanto VB13 Phantom
• Symphony VB13
• Symphony VB13 Phantom

GE 3.0T

• 3T 14.0M4 TwinSpeed 8Ch
• 3T 14.0M4 TwinSpeed 8Ch Phantom

Siemens 3.0T

• VB12T Trio
• VB12T Trio Phantom
• VB13 Trio
• VB13 Trio Phantom