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Research Tools

The research tools listed below have been provided to potentially aid in researcher analysis.

Aqual2 (A-cceptance QUAL-ification tool)  |  Download

Aqual2 is an analysis tool for extracting geometric and contrast information from ADNI phantom scans.

Two output streams are provided. Text output provides detailed information on geometric and contrast performance. Pdf output provides summary output to allow rapid qualitative evaluation of scanner geometric fidelity. Aqual2 has been developed against the database of ADNI phantom scans and is used in ADNI production processing.

In order to run Aqual2 you will need a recent version of Matlab (2006b is known to work).

  • Aqual2 has been developed for the Linux platform and may work under Windows and MacOS but these platforms have been invalidated.
  • Input images must be NIFTI-1 formatted, T1-weighted dense 3D volumes completely covering the phantom.
  • The NIFTI input is assumed to have a valid “qform” transformation and that transformation is assumed to co-locate the image origin and MRI system isocenter.

MetaROIs  |  Download

We identified a set of five MetaROIs based on coordinates cited frequently in other FDG studies comparing AD, MCI, and Normal subjects.

Our goal was to identify the most important hypometabolic regions that are indicative of pathological metabolic change in MCI and AD. Because these regions are based on a literature review and not anatomy, these MetaROIs are alternatives to template-based ROIs (e.g. AAL regions).

Susan Landau, UC Berkeley, slandau@berkeley.edu