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Investigator Institution Keywords
1 1 中南民族大学 study
6 78 National Taiwan University starrain0819
a a a a
A G Varun Yadiyala JSS science and technology university, Mysore Alzheimer's disease early detection, 3D DWT, classification techniques
A N M BAZLUR RASHID Edith Cowan University Alzheimer's disease, detection, big data, machine learning, data mining
A. Hasib Uddin Khulna University Neural Networks
AA BB CJLU 123456
Aadarsh Choudhary Bengal College of Engineering and Technology, Durgapur Alzheimer's Disease
Aadi Cui FIU Hippocampus Segmentation, Alzheimer's disease
Aadit Kapoor NIH Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, CNNs, Similarity Learning
Aaishwarya Gaikwad Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering, Pune. Deep Learning, Dementia
Aakash Gnanavel Vellore Institute of Technology CNN, MATLAB, ALZHEIMER DISEASE
Aakash Mohite VESIT Alzheimer, Dataset, training
Aakash Shah Vishwakarma Government Engineering College Our aim is to unify the diverse data for early diagnostic biomarkers for Alzheim
Aalaa Sehsah Menofia University Alzheimer disease, machine learning methods
Aalfin Emmanuel Santhanarajan Korea Maritime and Ocean University AD Diagnosis
Aamir Ansari Univ.AI MachineLearrnig Research Study Artificial Intelligence
Aamir Farooq techtip covid in adni
Aamir Mehmood Shanghai Jiao Tong University neurodegenrative imaging ADNI
Aamir Sattar Shenzhen Institute of Advanced technology Chinese academy of Sciences white matter, segmentation
Aamna AlShehhi Khalifa University of Science and Technology - MIT Autoencoder, Multi-model deep learning , AD risk factors
Aana Kakroo VIT Chennai substantia nigra, image segmentation
Aanchal Mathur George Mason University Machine learning, biomarkers, undergraduate
Aarav Jani Georgia Institute of Technology Clinical Trials, SQL, Pharmaceuticals, Database
Aaron Alexander-Bloch University of Pennsylvania Brain Charts, Normative models
Aaron Kujawa King's College London Whole Brain Parcellation, segmentation, deep learining
Aaron Lim University of Southern California Race, Ethnicity
Aaron Loh University of Toronto neuroimaging
Aaron Molstad University of Florida ordinal regression; prediction; multi-omics
Aaron Nguyen Simon Fraser University Alzheimer, AI, Machine Learning
Aaron Scheffler University of California, San Francisco biostatistics
aaron schneider University of Iowa Alzheimer's, Sleep, Sleep quality
Aaron Toporek Georgia Institute of Technology Alzheimer's, gene expression, machine learning
Aarush Suryanarayanan Devi Academy Senior Secondary School Dementia, AI/ML
Aarya Panchal MIT-ADT UNIVERSITY Deep Learning
Aaryan Pugazendhi Millburn High School Alzheimer's disease, joint mixed-effects models, random forests classifiers
Aasa Feragen Technical University of Denmark Computer aided diagnosis, bias/fairness, demographic groups
AASBAN GIFTSON S Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences Deep learning AI
Aayush Anand Padre Conceicao College of Engineering Synthetic Data Generation
Aayush Jadhav Liverpool John Moores University Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Vision Transformers, Automation, Novel Framework
Aayush Manoj Tirmalle University of Heidelberg MachineAndDeep_Learning
Aayush Manoj Tirmalle University of Heidelberg MachineAndDeep_Learning
Aayush Prasad IIT Kharagpur AD, Disease progression, MR data, multiple timepoints
Aayush Sheth Douglas Mental Health University Institute Modeling and prediction of clinical symptom trajectories in Alzheimer’s disease
ab alen Central South University deep learning
ab cd nna 123
Abass Alavi University of Pennsylvania FDG-PET, depression, Alzheimer's Disease
Abbas Alatrany Liverpool John Moores University GWAS, Transfer learning, Alzheimer’s disease
Abbas Hasan University of Bahrain Alzheimer
Abbas Hassin Basra University Alzheimer disease
Abbey Goodyear National Institutes of Health - NIBIB DTI
Abby Brand Washington University School of Medicine Plasma AB, FNIH, amyloid PET
abd elazeim abd alla mohamed nour south east university MRI,AD,MCI
Abdel Malek ATCHI Ecole Nationale Polytechnique Alzheimer, machine learning, classification
Abdela Ahmed Mossa Cukurova University ADNI dataset request
Abdelazim Hussien Linkoping University ADNI
Abdelfetah MAAMRA Limonecetto CNN
abdelhamid helali university of Monastir deep learning, lstm
Abdelhamid TALBI HBKU AD Detection Using DL
Abdelkader BOUREGAG Georgetown data, 404 challenge
Abdelkader FELLAGUE University of Hassiba BENBOUALI Chlef Alzheimer's disease, Dementia
Abdelkader Khemir ESPRIT Alzheimer, Machine Learning, Python
Abdelouahab Moussaoui Ferhat Abbas University, Sétif 1 self-supervised learning
Abderazzak Mouiha Euromed university ADNI, MCI, Control, Mixed models, Joint modeling
abderrahmen samar enetcom .
Abdesalam Amrane CERIST ADNI; CAD
abdessamad hammouche independant MRIs
Abdesselam Ferdi Frères Mentouri Constantine 1 University MRI, denoising
abdiaziz mohamud none Alzheimers
Abdol-Hossein Vahabie University of Tehran Deep learning, MCI, Alzheimer, diagnosis,
Abduelhakem Shubar Multimedia University Dementia, Machine Learning, Diagnosis, dementia prevention, dementia prediction
Abdul Basit Ahanger Islamic University of Science and Technology Alzhimer
Abdul Dayyan COMSATS University Islamabad, Lahore campus Deep Learning, ADNI, Alzheimer's
Abdul Hakim Johnson University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign undergraduate thesis, deep learning, classification
Abdul Jabed Tayem university of jordan alzheimers
abdul jaleel slef Deep Learing classification
Abdul Jaweed Innomatics Research Lab for my personal cnn project
Abdul Mubeen m Sathyabama university Alzheimers Disease detection
Abdul Nafey Mohammed University of Leicester Alzheimer disease identification based on convolutional neural network
Abdul Qayyum Burgundy University, France Machine Learning, EEG, Classification
Abdul Rafay Rafay PAF-KIET Machine learning
Abdul Rehman Gachon University Artifical intelligence, Medical images
Abdul Subhan Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering dementia, alzheimer's disease, detection
Abdul Wahab Chonbuk National University, Jeonju, South Korea Dataset, Kaggle
Abdul-Mojeed Ilyas cityu deep learning
Abdulazeez Tijani University of Ibadan Alzheimer disease convolutional neural network
Abdulaziz Samra Skoltech DWI MRI
Abdulaziz Samra Skoltech DWI MRI, BOLD, Multimodal DL
Abdullah Al Shafi North South University Deep Learning, Knowledge Distillation, Alzheimer's disease detection
Abdullah Ali Swarthmore College Imaging Genetics, AV1451-Tau, PET
Abdullah Baktash University of Telafer Alzeheimer disease classification, CNN, image processing
Abdullah Jaffer NUST Deep learning
abdullah kepenek sakarya ünivercity MRI,ALZHEİMER,IMAGE PROCESSING
Abdullah Nadir IMS AD Biomarker
Abdullah Shakeel University of Management and Technology ADNI
Abdulmunaim Eid Houston Methodist Hospital FDG PET, AD, healthy controls
Abdulrahman Khalaf University Putra Malaysia deep learning
Abdultawwab Ibiyeye Federal Polytechnic, Offa Alzheimer, Machine Learning
Abdulwahid Shariff Middle East College Machine Learning, Manifold Learning, Diagnosis, Alzheimer Disease
Abdulyekeen Adebisi Kyungpook National University, Daegu, Republic of Korea Alzheimer's disease, dementia, MRI, PET
ABDUR RAQUIB RIDWAN Illinois Institute of Technology Registration
Abdur Rashid Tushar Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology AD NC MCI
Abdurrahim Akgündoğdu Istanbul University-Cerrahpasa Vit, classification
Abdurrahman Elbasir Wistar Institute Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Challenge, Genetech
Abeer Obeid Jordan University of Science and Technology digital image processing
Abel Belachew University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center 1621
Abel Guimaraes Ryerson deep learning, Alzheimer’s Disease
Abhay Wagh Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli ML, dataset, research
Abhi Agarwal Health Banyan Medical
Abhijit Banerjee Dr. B C Roy Engineering College, ECE Deep Learning, Classification
Abhijith Bailur SJCE Mysore MRI
Abhijith J College of engineering, Trivandrum Alzheimer's image processing
Abhijot Sidhu University of Calgary Functional Connectivity, Healthy Brain Aging, Resting-state fMRI, Segregation
Abhilash Sharma Lovely professional University Alzheimer's
ABHILASHA JOSHI mnit,jaipur dieases analysis learning technique
Abhimanyu Singh DIAT Machine Learning, Deep Learning
Abhinaba Chatterjee Weill Cornell Medical College Deep learning
Abhinav Bichal Att intern Machine learning model, Biomarkers, Correlations, Data Scientists
Abhinav Pasula Academy of Science Machine learning, Alzheimer's, neuroimaging
Abhinav Pusuluru Gaudium Prediction ,Alzheimer's
Abhinav Reddy Dupont Manual Machine Learning
Abhinav Vadlamani Albert Einstein College of Medicine Alzheimer's, MRI, PET, CNN, Diagnosis, Transfer Learning
Abhishek Appaji B. M. S. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Machine learning, Alzheimer disease, stress, MR
Abhishek Bal Calcutta University PET datasets, brain
Abhishek Bal FIEM Medical iamages processing
Abhishek Bhardwaj Indian Institute of Technology Mandi Deep Learning, MRI, CT, Image Translation
Abhishek Deokar Walchand College Of Engineering CNN model, ADNI Dataset
Abhishek Kaul Washington State University Imaging data, longitudinal
Abhishek Kumar Chandigarh University Alzheimer’s Disease Detection
Abhishek Maruturi Legato Healthcare
Abhishek More Manchester Metropolitan University Master's Dissertation
Abhishek Nan University of Alberta Image registration
Abhishek Pal Majumder Singapore University of Technology and Design Longitudinal data analysis, Gaussian process prior, Bayesian inference
Abhishek Prabhu Panemangalore National Institute of Mental Heath and Neuroscience India DTI, diffusion scalar metrics, fMRI
Abhishek Reddy G MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology MCI, AD
Abhishek Reddy G MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology MCI, AD
Abhishek Tiwari Shiv Nadar University DMRI. FMRI, MRI
Abhishek Tiwari101 Shiv Nadar University Delhi NCR Alzheimer's disease, Deep Learning
Abhishek Walinjkar VCET AD,MRI, T1
abhishekh sawner jabalpur engineering college jabalpur alzheimer detection
Abhisikta Pal SRM Institute of Science and Technology Deep learning, CT synthesis from MRI, RUN network, Alzheimers disease prediction
Abhithesh Ramachandran Mangalore Institute Of Technology And Engneering AIML,Alzhei
abi s Kumaraguru college of technology,coimbatore prediction
Abigail Mitchell Belmont University Emotion, Cingulate Cortex, Dementia, Neurofilaments, MMSE
Abin R Cusat Alzheimer's
Abiola Adewale University of Suffolk Dementia Deep Learning
Abir Barbara Université Sorbonne Paris Nord machine learning, MultiModal data, data science
Abir Hadrich higher institute of computer science and multimedia of sfqx ADNI ALZHEIMER FEATURES EXTRACTION
Abir TROUDI Biophysics and medical technology research laboratory working memory, fMRI, HARDI, tractography, Alzheimer disease
Abirami D Sri G.V.G.Visalakshi college for women Alzheimer disease, Data set
Abirami Rathina College of Engineering, Guindy Machine Learning, Alzheimer's, Accuracy, Prediction
Abish K SRMIST, Ramapuram AD- Alzehiemer disease
Abol Basher Chosun University Alzheimer
Abolfazl Torabi Students'Scientific Research Center (SSRC) machine learning
Abraham Dutch University of Kentucky mutations
Abraham Varghese Hct Ad,Modlbp,hypergraph
Abramo Agosti IRCCS Mondino Foundation Neurodegenerative; Multimodal; Machine-Learning
abrar akas Jordan university of science and technology `PARKINSON
Abrar Faiyaz University of Rochester NODDI DLpN
abu khan Bangladesh University of Professionals ml
Abu Saleh Musa Miah Bangladesh Army University of Science and Technology(BAUST)) Alzheimer disease research, phd work.
Abu Sayem University of Dhaka Alzheimer's disease;Magnetic resonance imaging;Classification;Support vector mach
Abu Zahid Bin Aziz Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology deep Learning, medical imaging
Abubakhari Sserwadda Istanbul Technical University Geometric deep learning, GAN
ace john Harbin university of science deep learning medical image
ACHAIBOU Amina Ecole national polytechnique d'alger TEP , detection , neurodegenrative deseas
Achlisum Muntachid Yogyakarta Hospital brain volume
ACHOUR Dounia University Mohamed khider BISKRA diagnose Alzheimer's
achraf feydi National institute of applied science and technology Machine learning , diagnose
AD tool ZMU study
Ada Duong CPP Alzheimers
Adair Valdivia Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana unidad Iztapalapa PET MRI ROI
Adam Bernstein University of Arizona Thalamus, Deep Learning
Adam Brickman College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University white matter hyperintensities, PIB, amyloid
Adam Datta SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities convolutional neural network, image identification, MRI, Alzheimer’s Disease
Adam Diaz N/A N/A
Adam Dugan University of Kentucky statistics; Alzheimer's disease; CSF
Adam Forys Roche ADNI, Roche, dashboards
Adam Konkol University of Pennsylvania educational, data science, convolutional neural network
Adam Lang SFVA/NCIRE Brain Atrophy, Amyloid, Longterm Profiles
Adam Lee Capital Medical University Alzheimer's disease; Neuroimaging
Adam Markman Invicro medical imaging
Adam Małota University of Silesia Neuroimagining
Adam Mecca Yale University disease progression, medications
Adam Parimucha University of Žilina Alzheimer's disease, machine learning
Adam Podhorski CEIT and Tecnun (University of Navarra) PET, Machine Learning, Alzheimer disease
Adam Raikes University of Arizona event-based modeling; MRI; diffusion
Adam Schwarz Takeda Pharmaceuticals Alzheimers, imaging, clinical trials, biomarkers
Adam Schwarz Qynapse imaging, biomarker
Adam Sturge University of Oxford genomic ,association, treatment, genetic
Adam Sulemanji Texas A&M University Statistics, Research, Modeling, Scanning, Data
Adam Thomas NIMH QA
Adam Von Ende Oxford University neurofilament light chain, dementia
Adam Woods University of Florida tDCS, computational modeling
Adanna Vardian George Mason University explainability
adarsh v kumar creopedia business intelligence deep learning
Adarsh Valoor NIT Trichy Explainable AI, CDSSs, Curvelet Transform
Adea Rich Brown University plasma p-tau plasma Aβ40/42 structural MRI brain atrophy patterns executive br
Adeel Akram COMSATS University Islamabad machine learning, deep learning, medical image registration
Adeel Razi Monash University resting state fMRI, depression, brain connectivity, DCM
Adeem Akhtar Forman Christian College University (A Chartered University) Longitudinal, Progression, Classification, Prediction
Adegoke Ojewole Genentech Machine learning, regression, classification
Adel Salehian semnan university of medical science MIND diet, Mental disorder
Adelia Chindranata University College London GenNet, phenotyping
Adem KESKİN kastamonu university deep learning
Aden Northcote University of Technology Sydney Spiking Neural Network, Deep Learning, Computer Assisted Diagnosis
Adham Abdalmageed University of Southern California ADNI
Adhika K Rajesh College of Engineering Trivandrum Alzheimer's detection
Adhika Rajesh College of Engineering Trivandrum 7DZ39
Adhiraj Singh St.xavier's College research deep learning CNN LSTM
Adhitya Parthasarathy Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai Alzheimer's, Convolutional Neural Networks
Adiba Masud Jahangirnagar University DWT,NIA,CNN
Adichan Chuajinda Siriraj hospital Dementia risk
Adil Ghafoor Mian Mihaela van der Schaar Lab Ethical AI, design transparency, medical discrimination, data diversity
Adil Javed University of Chicago atrophy controls MS
Aditi Chakravarthy ramaiah institute of technology Alzheimer's, Alzheimers, detection
Aditi Deshpande Aditi Deshpande cerebral vasculature, time of flight
Aditi Gupta KUMC Chronic kidney disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, amyloid, GFR, cognition, MCI
Aditi Gupta NIT Raipur Machine Learning, Alzheimer
Aditi Mittal NMIMS Alzheimer's disease,Markov model,disease modifying therapy,donepezil,predementia
Aditya Aryan Manipal University Jaipur data science
Aditya Bose Manipal University Jaipur GAN(Generative Adversarial Networks), Dataset enhancement, synthetic growth data
Aditya Chebrolu Brain Health Alliance PET, MRI, co-registration, image fusion
Aditya Krishna IIT ROORKEE Early Alzheimer Detection, Deep Learning
Aditya Krishna IIT ROORKEE Early Alzheimer Detection with Deep Learning, Convolutional Neural Networks
Aditya Kumar BMSCE AD, Prediction, Classfification
Aditya Nemali University of magdeburg ML, neuroimaging
Aditya Pramar Indian Insitute of Information Technology, Allahabad CNN, AlexNet, ResNet, VGG16, DenseNet
Aditya Raj The Ohio State University Alzheimer detection
Aditya Saxena Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering AD Classification and Detection
Aditya Srivastava Delhi Technological University Medical image classification, Alzheimer’s disease, CNN, Deep Learning, Brain MRI
Aditya Trivedi Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology Machine Learning , Alzheimer's disease
Adnan Alahmadi King Abdulaziz Univeristy rsfMRI AD Funcional Connectivity
Adnan Haider GIKI 2288
Adnan Hirad University of Rochester Diffusion MRI, Biomechanics,
Adolfo Jiménez-Huete Hospital Ruber Internacional Differential diagnosis; Gray matter volumetry
Adolfo Jiménez-Huete Clínica Universidad de Navarra Subjective memory complaints, Cluster analysis
Adrià Casamitjana UCL MRI, preclinical, machine learning
Adrian AVILA Universidad Autonoma de Sinaloa Alzheimer´s Disease
Adrian Dalca Massachusetts Institute of Technology medical image analysis, genetics, DREAM challenge
Adrian Heeger University Hospital Düsseldorf, Germany brain atrophy, automated workflow, brain aging, brain volume
Adrian Noriega de la Colina Université de Montréal Prevention, Aging, Vascular, Risk Factors
Adrian Ruiz-Chiapello Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) braak stages, AV1451 cortical uptake, connectivity
Adrián Valverde Universidad de Sevilla Alzheimer’s disease; MCI;hippocampal region;
Adrian Vegas Universidad de Granada image segmentation
Adriana Kosowski Le Wagon Alzheimer, data science, MRI, brain, study
Adriana Lori Emory University Alzheimer Disease, neuropsychiatric symptoms, genetics
Adriana Pérez Sánchez Tecnológico de Monterrey Morphometry
Adrianna Kozierkiewicz Wrocław University of Science and Technology machine learning, AI, interventions, factors, prediction
Adriano Barbosa da Silva Queen Mary University of London Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Prediction
adriano de simone università degli studi napoli federico II Data
Adriano Veloso Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais Deep Learning
Adrienne Dula Dell Medical School at the University of Texas Austin Alzheimer’s disease, cerebrovascular flow, sex
adsad asdhkjashd Stanford ML AI
Advaith Somula Amrita School of Engineering (Amritapuri) Image Fusion
Adwait Laud Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management and Engineering Data set request
Adwitiya Singh Manipal University 3d Siamese network for Alzheimer detection using large unbalanced MRI datasets
Aekapop Bunpeng Burapha University Alzheimer 's disease classification , cnn
Afnan Alhassan Shaqra University sMRI, AD, OTSU segmentation, EFEHO, DA-MIDL.
Afnan Alqarni Wayne State University Alzheimer’s disease
Afreen Khan Aligarh Muslim University Machine learning, deep learning, prediction, big data, modeling, analysis
Afroditi Lalou University of Cambridge normal pressure hydrocephalus
afsal cp Pondicherry University Detection of Alzheimer's
Afsana Ansari MIT Academy of Engineering, Dehu Phata, Alandi (D) Machine Learning, AD prediction, early stage
Afshan Hashmi Jamia Hamdard Deep learning, Alzheimer
Aftab Alam Hazara university mansehra no
Agamdeep Chopra University of Washington Deep Learning, MRI, Computer Vision, PET
Agampreet Kaur Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology Alzheimer’s, deep learning model, stage of disease, diagnosis
Agniswar Chakraborty Jadavpur university Jadavpur University
Agoston Mihalik University College London brain-behaviour relationship, PLS, CCA
Agrima Vashisth Univeristy of Strathclyde aberrant motor activity
Aguiar Pablo University of Santiago de Compostela MRI, PET, quantification
Agustín Ruiz Laza Fundació ACE. Institut Català de Neurociències Aplicades Alzheimer's disease, genetics, molecular pathways
ahana priyanka ANNA UNIVERSITY dementia,MCI
Ahana Roy Choudhury Valdosta State University CNN, classification,
ahcen aliouat university badji mokhtar of annaba algeria deep learning, alzheimer
Ahmad Aziz German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases genome-wide association study, neurofilament light chain, Alzheimer disease
Ahmad Farhad Semnan University Alzheimer’s Disease
Ahmad Ilham Universitas Muhammadiyah Semarang Alzheimer Predictiion, Machine Learning
Ahmad Imam William Carey University College of Osteopathic Medicine Plasma Tau, Plasma Beta amyloid protein, Dementia, Machine learning
Ahmad Jafarabadi IRICSS Alzheimer, Probabilistic Graphical Modeling,
Ahmad O. Aseeri Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University deep learning, classification, Alzheimer
ahmad pourmohammadi isfahan university of medical sciences MCI; Alzheimer's disease; clustering; machine learning; dynamic;
Ahmad Reza Ehyaei freelance Deep Learning
Ahmad Sebaq Nile University MRI, Super-resolution, deep learning
Ahmad Waleed Salehi Shoolini University MRI, CNN, LSTM
Ahmad Wisnu Mulyadi Korea University Deep Learning; AD Prognosis;
Ahmadi Anis Faculty of sciences of Tunis Alzheimer's disease, machine learning
Ahmadreza Azizi Virginia Tech deep learning classifier
Ahmar Hasan Arish National Institute of Technology Patna CNN , RNN
Ahmed Abdelhameed UThealth Survival analysis; Machine Learning, Bioinformatics
Ahmed Abdulaal University College London Deep Learning, Causal modelling, Counterfactual analysis, Variational Inference
Ahmed Abdulkadir University of Freiburg classification, machine learning
Ahmed Albishri University of Missouri - Kansas City MRI, Segmentation, Deep learning
Ahmed Alzahrani King Abdulaziz University ADNI, Deep Learning, CNN
Ahmed Baig University of Queensland perceiver transformer, neural networks
Ahmed Bouziane Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Biotechnologie (ENSB) de Constantine volumetric information, MRI super-resolution, deep learning,
Ahmed Elazab Shenzhen University Alzheimer’s disease, Multimodal Data fusion
Ahmed Elhussein Columbia University PheWas
Ahmed Elkorany faculty of electronic engineering, menoufia university deeplinearning; classification, MRI
ahmed elsayad Mansoura University big data, big data analysis , big data processing
Ahmed Faeq Hussein Al-Nahrain University deep learning, multimodal
Ahmed Ghorbel INSA RENNES #unsupervised #anomaly_segmentation #transfomer #healthy_reconstruction
Ahmed Hemedan Luxembourg university boolean Parkinson disease map
ahmed ibrahim Mugla University deep-learning, machine-learning
Ahmed iqbal COMSATS University Islamabad Alzheimer, Desease, Detection
Ahmed Khan McGill University disease progression, neurotransmitter receptors
Ahmed Moustafa Western Sydney University Big data; clustering algorithms; genetic algorthim; optimization; subgrouping
Ahmed Saeed Tazi university Alzheimer's disease diagnosis
Ahmed Samir Alfaar Charite medical university - Berlin Brain Cancer, Alzheimer's
Ahmed Sanin MV Indian Institute of Science human pose direction, landmarks in brain
Ahmed Saqib The Islamia University of Bahawalpur Alzheimer
Ahmed Soliman Siemens Healthineers Alzheimer Disease, Classification, Deep learning, PET imaging
Ahmed Temtam Old Dominion University Alzheimer's disease, Classification ,Convolutional Neural Network
Ahmed Thahab University of Babylon Dementia and skull stripping
Ahmet Said Topuz Necmettin Erbakan University alzheimer disease diagnosis, machine learning
Ahmet Yahya Senel Argem High School İstanbul/Turkey tumor, MRI, simulation, spread
ahora hoooseyni none abc
Ahsan Ali Indian Institute of Technology Madras Fornix, Hippocampus, Corpus Callosum, Lateral ventricle
Ahsan Habib Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology banana
Ahsan Raza Siyal University of Innsbruck machine learning
Ahsan Saleem University of Engineering and Technology Alzheimer FMRI
ahui shang dalian medical university 1YE18
Ai Zhang Hebei University of Technology Real brain model
Aida Ayati Afin Mashhad university of medical sciences MRI, deep learning, Alzheimers disease
Aidan Bindoff University of Tasmania biomarkers, cognitive decline, dementia
Aidan Chan The University of Hong Kong Alzheimer's
Aidana Massalimova Nazarbayev University alzheimer's, deep learning
Aidi Chen Communication University of China Brain tumour
Aigerim Dautkulova Clarmont Auvergne University subcortical
Aiham Taleb Hasso-Plattner-Institute, University of Potsdam Machine Learning, Predictive modeling, Unsupervised Learning
Aijun Yang University of Victoria imagine data
Aikaterini Karampasi NTUA segmentation, pathologic, variability of protocols
Aikaterini Melliou Tsinghua University visual transformers, fMRI, ASD
Ailar Mahdizadeh University of British Columbia functional connectivity
aima si xianjiaotong university cognitive impairment,modeling analysis,regression
Aiman Lameesa Asian Institute of Technology image, classification, brain, disease, slice
Aiman Mujtaba Khan Halmstad University Dementia, Alzheimers, Parkinson, Lewy Bodies Dementia, PET Scan,
Aimee Karstens University of Illinois, Chicago; Mayo Clinic, Rochester APOE, Alzheimer's disease, African American
Aina Rodrigo Alomar University of Alicante University project, study disease, help alzheimer patients
Ainesh Sewak University of Zurich receiver operating characteristic, area under the curve, transformation models
Aishee Dasgupta Chennai mathematical Institute TDA
Aishvarya G PSG College of Technology AlexNet,CNN
Aishwarya P Student ADNI
Aishwarya R Chennai Mathematical Institute TDA Project
Aishwarya Sahoo Vivekanand Education Society's Institute of Technology, Mumbai cnn, deep-learning, alzheimer-detection
Aisling Kelly University College Dublin Neural network mri dementia alzheimers
aitao zhang Hebei Medical University machine learning method,the diagnosis of AD
Aiyana Cubias Niji Corp Alzheimers
Ajay Agarwal DIT University Alzheimer's Disease, Progression
Ajay Nemani Cleveland Clinic fMRI, network, connectivity
Ajay Sharma Symbiosis Institute of Technology Data Science
Ajinkya Indulkar Radboud University Ensemble Techniques, TADPOLE
Ajinkya Mulay Purdue University kaggle, genentech
Ajith Kumar Ganesan Govindasamy VasoGnosis Deep learning, wGANs, Gan Data Augmentation
Ajmala Rasheed Chandana Parambil Digital University Kerala Deep learning, CNN, image processing, computer vision, machine learning
Akadej Udomchaiporn King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang Deep Learning
akane obata fujita health university delta radiomics features
AKANKSHA PARIHAR RAJIV GANDHI PROUDYOGIKI VISHWAVIDYALAYA Stages of dementia, Early detection, Machine learning, Classification
AKAR GAUTAM thapar university neurodegenerative imaging
Akash Kadam Dublin business school MRI Images, Deep learning, Classification
Akash Mehta University of Calcutta Attention, Multi-modal, Deep Learning, Computer Vision
Akash Mishra JIPMER Discriminant Analysis
Akash Parvatikar University of Pittsburgh class project
Akash Raj Manipal University Jaipur dementia , alzheimer
Akash Shroff Northwestern University Deep Learning, Early AD, Keras
Akhil Bakhshi KCL Schizophrenia
AKHIL SAI PADIDARAPU VRSEC On the design of convolutional neural networks for automatic detection of Alzhei
Akhil Surendran VIT-AP University dementia, alzheimers, prediction, image segmentation
Akhil U AMrita College of Computing Segmentation,U net
Akhila Madhu PES University Research
Akhila Perumalla DDH Resting state MRI
Akhilesh Arya Manipal University Jaipur, Rajasthan India Alzheimer's Disease, AD, MCI, Neuro-degenerative
Akhilesh Hari Cognizant Technology Solutions Study, Alzheimer, Analyze
Akhilesh Tripathi kamla Nehru Institute of Technology,Sultanpur Neurological Disorder Prediction, Alzymer Data
Akhilome Andrew Lagos state University of Science and Technology Dementia Datasets
Akhyar Ahmed University of Potsdam Demetia, AI, Machine Learning
Akihiko Shiino Shiga University of Medical Science/Japab voxel-based morphometry
Akihiro Hirakawa Tokyo Medical and Dental University Biostatistics
Akihiro Kakimoto Morinomiya University of Medical Sciences teaching, image analysis, deep learning
Akihiro Mizoguchi JSR Corporation biomarkers
Akihiro Takamiya Keio University School of Medicine MRI, brainage, aging
Akihito Takeuchi Kyoto University Alzheimer's disease
Akila Weerasekera Harvard Medical School mri volume brain dementia
Akira Narita Tohoku University Risk prediction
Akmal Jahan MAC SEU deep learning
Akram Abdelkarim King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals disease progression, time series analysis, MRI
Akriti Nigam Birla Institute Of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi, India Neural Networks, Alzheimer’s
AKS LKS IUSKM Deep,learning
Aksh Chaudhary Graphic Era Deemed to be University research project brain-age-estimation
Akshat Bishnoi Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management and Engineering, NMIMS, Mumbai alzheimers, early detection, PET scans, CNN, longitudinal analysis
Akshay Daydar IITG Data analytics, Disease prediction
Akshay Deshpande University of Queensland machine learning, artificial intelligence, healthcare
Akshay Dhayal NITK Surathkal Image segmentation, Alzheimer, ML
Akshay Iyer Worcester Polytechnic Institute Alzheimers, brain MRI scans, image analysis, artificial intelligence
Akshay Kumar Northwestern University early Alzheimer detection, Alzheimer prevention, Deep learning
Akshay Margale Student Neural network model
Akshay Mishra UW Madison Machine Learning, AD vs CN, fairness model
Akshiti Parashar Manipal Institute of Technology Machine Learning, Combination of RNN and CNN, LSK algorithms, Rhythm band
aku fire FuZhou University machine learning
Akurathi Jaya Naga Sri University of Hyderabad competing risks, mathematical modelling
Al Shahriar Niloy East West University MRI, PET, Alzheimer, Deep Learning
Al-yhuwert Murcia Tapias Universidad Nacional de Colombia Neurodegenerative, Biomarker
Alaa Abukaresh Istanbul Aydin University Classification, Machine learning, Nifti files
alaa belhadj am a student cnn
Alaa Moh thehs AI
Alaa Serhan Aleppo University Dataset , master , project
Aladdin Shadyab University of California San Diego epigenetics, epigenetic clock, MCI, dementia, ADRD
Alain Mignot University of Southern California Alzheimer's Disease Classification Using Volume Correlations and Multi-Atlas
Alakananda Mukherjee IIEST,Shibpur Alzheimer's Disease, MRI,PET, MCI, DIP,ML
Alakananda Mukherjee IIEST,Shibpur Alzheimer's Disease, MRI,PET, MCI, DIP,ML
Alaleh Ahmadianshalchi Washington State University Machine-Learning
Alan Alwakeel Stanton College Preparatory School machine learning
Alan Fendrich Penn State College of Medicine learning to preprocess PET data
Alan Finkelstein University of Rochester Machine Learning, DIPY, tractography
Alan Lin Southwest Minzu University Alzheimer's disease research
Alan Padilla Campoy Tecnológico de Monterrey MRI, structural brain analysis, segmentation
Alan Perotti CentAI Institute graph convolutional n-nets, deep learning, explainable artificial intelligence
Alan Tucholka Pixyl neuroimaging, white matter hyperintensities, brain segmentation
Alan Wang Cornell University anomaly detection, one-class classification, lesion detection
Alan Wilman University of Alberta transverse relaxation, T2, dual echo spin echo, MRI
Alana Manson University of Kansas Medical Center mild cognitive impairment, latent class analysis, Alzheimer's disease, sex
Alannah Shaw Banner's Alzheimer's Institute APOE, BDNF, amyloid, tau
Alba Carballo Castro University of Seville Machine Learning, Explainability, Causality
Alba Laura Escarcega UPIITA-IPN CNN, ML, AI
Albert Belenguer-Llorens University Carlos III of Madrid Mathematical Modeling, neuroimage, biomarker extraction, Alzheimer, Bayes
Albert Clèrigues Universitat de Girona atrophy, pbvc
Albert Montillo University of Texas Southwestern machine learning, prognosis
Albert Pierce Chapman University Machine Learning, Data Science, Alzheimer, Alzheimers Disease
Albert Piersson University of Cape Coast, Ghana MRI, biomarkers
Albert Rodrigo Parés BarcelonaBeta Brain Research Center Longitudinal Analysis, ADNI
Albert Yang Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center power law, complexity, imaging genetics
Albert Yang National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University neuroimaging; machine learning; neuropsychiatric correlates
Alberto Ardura-Fabregat Harvard medical school convolutional neural network, U-Net
Alberto De Luca UMC Utrecht diffusion MRI, connectivity
Alberto Espay University of Cincinnati Amyloid, soluble Abeta42
Alberto Fernández Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain APOE4, Amyloidosis, cognitive performace
Alberto Moraes Federal University of Uberlandia imageJ, teaching
Alberto Presta Units Thesis
Alberto Redolfi IRCCS Centro San Giovanni di Dio - Fatebenefratelli Alzheimer's Disease, pipeline
Albus William csu machine learning
Aldaz Daniela UTM Deep learning. classifier.
Aldaz Daniela UTM Deep learning. Classifier.
Alden Gross Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health psychometrics; harmonization; IRT; bayesian
Aldiman Bakhti Universitas Indonesia Alzheimers, Artificial Neural network, classification, PET
Aldo Camargo University of Maryland of Baltimoree Longitudinal study,ASL, PET-FDG,
Aldo Cordova Palomera Takeda Neuroimaging, Genetics, Neurodegeneration
Aldrén Martins de Queiroz Junior Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte Computer Vision, Disease Alzheimer's
Alecsander Terry Georgia Tech Alzheimer's
Aleejandra Dorado Politecnico Grancolombiano alzheimer
aleena thomas b k birla college,kalyan cnn,AD,
Aleiah Mann Texas State University African American cognitive decline cortisol
Aleix Sala-Vila Fatty Acid Research Institute & IMIM omega-3, neuroimaging, lipids, diet
Alejandra Gomez University of Texas at El Paso A0]POE4 gener, hippocampus, MRI images, behavioral test results, demographics
Alejandro Costoya-Sánchez University of Santiago de Compostela Alzheimer's Disease, PET imaging, tau pathology, Flortaucipir
Alejandro I Trejo Castro Universidad de Monterrey Bioinformatics, Data Analysis
Alejandro I. Trejo-Castro Instituto Humanístico de la Salud Alzheimer; Microbiome; Neuroimaging
Alejandro Lucero Instituto de Instrumentación para Imagen Molecular (i3M) PET attenuation correction, CT images
Alejandro Ramos Uparela Universidad Rey Juan Carlos ?
Alejandro Roig University of Salamanca Convolutional neural network, classification, Alzheimer's disease
Alejandro Rondon Ortiz Boston University tau, autophagy, aggregates
Alejandro Santos Tecnologico de Monterrey Alzheimer's disease, deep learning, machin learning
ALEJANDRO SEBASTIAN DELGADO FARIAS Yachay Tech Bioinformatics, bioimaing
Alejandro Tortosa Molla Universitat Oberta de Catalunya Machine Learning, Alzheimer Disease
Alejandro Trejo-Castro Tecnologico de Monterrey MRI, microbiota, metabolites, neuropsychological studies
Aleksandr Khodinov CERN Human Brain Project, neuroscience
Aleksei Tiulpin University of Oulu Deep Learning, Forecasting
aleksey bukhalov ITMO cnn
Alemu Sisay Nigru University of Brescia MRI image Retrieval
Alena Fedarovich Rancho Biosciences Automated data curation; tool
Alena Fedarovich Contract Worker - GSK molecular targets, treatment, patient stratification
Alena Uus King's College London segmentation, multimodal
Ales Psaker The Governor's School at Innovation Park Alzheimer's, Neural Networks, SVM, Detection Accuracy, Genetics
Aleš Smrdel Univerity of Ljubljana EEG, classification, Alzheimer's disease, sample entropy
Alesha Heath Stanford Variable Number Tandem Repeats, genetic association, biomarker prediction
Alessandra Algieri Politecnico di Bari depression, 3D-CNN, binary classification, transfer learning
Alessandra Dodich University of Geneva 18F-flortaucipir, positivity, tau deposition
Alessandra Griffa University of Geneva longitudinal; tau; brain communication; multimodal
Alessandro Alati Università degli studi Roma Tre Graduation thesys University Rome
Alessandro Cicerale Università degli Studi di Torino Hippocampus, ml
Alessandro Crimi University of Zurich radiogenomics
Alessandro Crimi Sano center for computational medicine snp, genomics, tractography
Alessandro Crimi Sano center for computational medicine snp, genomics, tractography
Alessandro Nigi University Medical Centre Utrecht fMRI, denoising, thermal noise, fCNR, tSRN
Alessandro Palombit IXICO plc dMRI, AD, validation, pre-processing
Alessandro Palombit IXICO plc T1w, brain segmentation, QC, benchmark
Alessandro Quercetti Università Politecnica delle Marche convolutional neural networks
Alessandro Zilioli University of Parma VBM, parietal lobe, hippocampus, hippocampal subfields
Alessia Atzeni Queen Square Analytics segmentation, atlas building, brain ageing
Alessia Sarica Neuroscience Research Center Explainable Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Neuroimaging, diagnosis
Alessia Sgalia UCL Alzheimer,
Alessio Chiaramoni Università degli Studi di Torino Machine Learning university project
Alessio Iannizzotto University of Pisa supplemental material
Alessio Perinelli University of Trento numerical simulation, head models, source reconstruction
Alex Bahar-Fuchs The University of Melbourne Cognition, neuropsychiatric symptoms, mood
Alex Berg Massachusetts Institute of Technology AD subtyping, representation learning, imaging genetics, SCCA
Alex Campbell University of Cambridge deep learning, machine learning, fmri, diagnosis, unsupervised
Alex de Crespigny Genentech Inc training, teaching
Alex Doran McGill University DBS Alzheimer's
Alex Fedorov Georgia Institute of Technology self-supervised learning, multi-modal, deep learning
Alex Förster Universitätsmedizin Mannheim AD, crossed cerebellar diaschisis
Alex Franco AstraZeneca ML, MRI
Alex Hamedaninia Bellevue University alzheimer's
Alex Jerves Fundación INSPIRE MRI, hippocampus, volume, level sets, convolutional neural networks
Alex Kan HBrain corpus amygdaloideum, brain, human
Alex Kan HBrain corpus amygdaloideum, brain, human
alex Na UNOMIC MRI, hippocampus, NIFTI, segmentation
Alex Newark University of East Anglia Graph Attention Network, Machine Learning, Multimodal, Alzheimer's
Alex Reardon University of California, Riverside phenotype
Alex Slaughter Mount Sinai Hospital neurocognition, structural integrity
Alex To University of Sydney neuroscience
Alex Tomlin University of Louisville Alzheimer's, dementia, cognitive decline, family history, cancer
Alex Waldman University of Oxford multiple sclerosis, proteomics, aging, disability modeling
Alex Watson Freie Universität Berlin AD, GANs,
Alex Wheal Astrazeneca Machine Learning
Alex Whittington Invicro Ltd TauIQ AmyloidIQ Analysis
Alex Wolf personagent sdfsdg
Alex Yahiaoui Martinez Geneseng Biomarker, Deep learning
Alexa Haeger RWTH University Hospital FDG-PET
Alexa Pichet Binette McGill University ICA, grey matter, aging
Alexander Aksenov UCSD metabolomics
Alexander Baumann Technical University Munich Shape Modeling
Alexander Belden Northeastern University DTI, Music Based Intervention, auditory, reward
Alexander Chang Acupuncture, Moxiustion and Rehabilitation Clinical Medicine Alzheimer' s disease, risk factors, diagnosis and treatment
Alexander Clifford University of East Anglia Machine Learning, Longitudinal Analysis, Alzheimer’s Disease, Neuroimaging
Alexander Fok The Hill School BAnD Lab
Alexander Fomin SPbSUT GAN, Neural Nets
Alexander Groh University of Warwick Regression, Classification, Alzheimer, Data Science
Alexander Ivliev Clarivate Analytics amylin pathway
Alexander Jarema Alfred Health Perivascular spaces, PVS, glymphatic system, convolutional neural networks, MRI
Alexander Kachura Lomonosov Moscow State University topological data analysis, machine learning, neurobiology
Alexander Kendall Appalachian State University Artificial Intelligence
Alexander Koubaa Westminster School / The Knowledge Society (Student Researcher) MRI, CNN, prognostic prediction
Alexander Kruschek Winona State University deep learning, research, Alzheimer's Disease
Alexander Kulminski DUKE UNIVERSITY Alzheimer's disease, polygenic profiles, interaction, Apolipoprotein E
Alexander Lavin none Alzheimer's prognosis
Alexander Lin Harvard University classification, dictionary learning, low-resource
Alexander Lundervold Western Norway University of Applied Sciences Machine learning
Alexander McLain University of South Carolina Biostatistics, Machine Learning, High-dimensional analysis, Longitudinal Data
Alexander Nyman Sunnybrook Research Institute Diffusion Weighted Imaging, Connectomics,
Alexander Osborne The University of Queensland machine learning, neural networks, CNN, uncertainty quantification
Alexander Rakowski Hasso Plattner Institute GWAS, Deep Learning
Alexander Schliep University of Gothenburg Bioinformatics, clustering
Alexander Schwinges biotx.ai mendelian randomization biomarkers meta-gwas
Alexander seclen Universidad Catolica Santo Toribio de Mogrovejo Car999alex961196
Alexander Senko Harvard School of Medicine big data, machine learning
Alexander Swiderski university of pittsburgh teaching, data visualization
Alexander Telepov Skoltech neuroimaging, research, project
Alexander Wait Zaranek Curoverse Innovations, Inc. WGS, Machine Learning
Alexander Yu Ryerson University Predict , Alzheimer's , risk factors , individual, lifestyle, family,background
Alexandra Badea Duke University Medical Center MRI, DWI, fMRI
Alexandra Carvalho Instituto Superior Tecnico Time series analysis
Alexandra Kueider-Paisley Duke University metabolomics
Alexandra Mocanu University of Bucharest Machine Learning School Project
Alexandra Reardon Invicro Alzheimers, imaging
Alexandra Reichenbach Heilbronn University computational neuroscience, machine learning, pattern analysis, neural network
Alexandra Vik Haukeland university hospital, Helse Bergen Machine learning, MRI, neuropsychological test, longitudinal analysis
Alexandra Weigand University of California San Diego Alzheimer's, tau, PET, biomarkers, AT(N)
Alexandra Weigand University of California San Diego Alzheimer's, tau, PET, biomarkers, AT(N)
Alexandra Young University College London Disease progression modelling, Biomarker ordering
Alexandre Andrade IBEB - Faculty of Sciences Univ. Lisbon Connectivity; biomarkers; MCI; multimodality
Alexandre Bense ETH Zürich degeneration white matter prediction, deep learning
Alexandre Bône Guerbet contrastive learning; neuro-oncology; treatment selection support
Alexandre Cafaro TheraPanacea Multiple sclerosis, healthy, inpainting
Alexandre Drouin ServiceNow / Université Laval machine learning, causal discovery, causality
Alexandre Lagarrue CY Tech Neural Networks, Dementia, Screening
Alexandre Reeberg de Mello CERTI Foundation neural architecture search (NAS), federated learning, multimodal learning
Alexandre Routier Paris Brain Institute / Inria Deep Learning; Machine Learning; Educational Course; MRI; PET
Alexandre Soli Federal University of Santa Catarina Brain; Age; Prediction; Deep Learning;
Alexandros Chalamandaris Janssen Pharmaceutical adni, biomarkers, cognition
Alexandros Kagias-Zacharoudis National Centre of Scientific Research "Demokritos" Alzheimer's, Chimera states, Brain
Alexandru Cristiean University of Sussex bachelors
Alexandru Floares Solutions of Artificial Intelligence Applications Artificial Intelligence, Alzheimer's disease, clinical, genomic, imaging, data
Alexandru Hanganu University of Montreal T1, fMRI, rsfMRI, DTI
Alexandru Naum Grigore T Popa University of Medicine and Pharmacy Alzheimer, FDG, DICOM
Alexey Shevtsov Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology Transfer Learning, Alzheimer Disease
Alexey Yakovlev IBCP RAS ASL, MCI
Alexia Edner Université de Montréal Laboratory
Alexis Czippel University of Victoria Superagers, superaging, functional connectivity
Alexis Lowber Stanford University Stanford, TADPOLE Challenge
Alexis Milburn Stony Brook University MRI
Alexis Moscoso Rial Instituto de Investigacións Sanitarias de Santiago de Compostela (IDIS) Texture, ALzheimer, Hippocampus
Alexis Stanley-Olson University of California, Santa Barbara neuropsychology, cognitive, dementia, biomarkers, tbi
Alfandi Firnando Universitas Sultan Syarif Kasim Riau alzheimer's
Alfie Wearn McGill University Texture analysis, MRI, PET, biomarker, Alzheimer's
Alfons Basa Metropolitan College alfkel
Alfonse Niedermeyer Northwestern University amygdala, connectivity, dementia, psychosis, disinhibition, fMRI
Alfonso Barrós-Loscertales Universitat Jaume I factorial analysis, latent variable modeling, brain organization
Alfonso Fajardo Instituto de Neurobiologia, UNAM Campus Juriquilla cross.-speccies, functional connectivity, MRI, resting-state, aging
Alfred Fonteh Huntington Medical Research Institute Amyloid, tau, PET, metabolites, glutamate, lipids, omega-fatty acids
alfredo iacoangeli king's college London telomere, bioinformatics , NGS , WGS
Alfredo Lucas University of Pennsylvania harmonization, connectivity, network
Alfredo Morales Pinzon Brigham and Women's Hospital perivascular spaces
Alfredo Ortiz Rosa Haverford College Development
Alfredo Ramirez University of Bonn CSF, biomarkers, GWAS
Alhassan Mabrouk beni-suef Medical Image Processing
ali abbasi Urmia University of Technology Multiple Sclerosis, machine learning, deep learning, mri,convolutional neural ne
Ali Abedi Toronto Rehabilitation Institute Federated Learning, Healthcare Informatics, Medical Data Analysis
ali akbar sabbagh IAU Ahvaz Branch iot alzheimer healthcare
Ali Al-Nuaimi Plymouth University brain disorder
Ali Algumaei Concordia University ADNI Alzheimer
Ali Amanlou Amirkabir University of Technology machine learning , artificial intelligence , biomedical
ali asado sharif university of technology 3360283937
Ali Baghayeri Shahrood University of Technology preprocessing data
Ali Baghayeri Shahrood University of Technology ADNI data analysis
ali barati tums rs-fmri
Ali Baselizadeh Amir Kabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic) Alzheimer, Amyloid Beta, Perception, Memory, Population Genetics
Ali Bilgin University of Arizona WMH, segmentation, deep learning
ali chang Advantech alzheimer
Ali Demir Massachusetts General Hospital biomarker, tractogram, postprocessing
Ali Deniz Çölgeçen Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University Alzheimer's Disease, AI Diagnosis, Neural Network, Brain MRI
Ali Etemadi SBMU Diagnostic accuracy, CSF, biomarker, cognition
Ali Ezzati Albert Einstein College of Medicine Volumetric, MRI, Amyloid, cognitive decline
Ali Farki Tarbiat Modares University AD
Ali Fathi Jouzdani Hamadan University of Medical Sciences PET lifestyle APOE-e4 Genes
Ali Furkan Kalay The University of Queensland missingness
Ali G. Tabrizi University of Tabriz Algorithm , neuron, modeling ,treatment
Ali Ganjizadeh Mayo Clinic Azheimer, parkingson, midbrain, pons, size, mri
Ali Garmroudi K.N.Toosi University of Technology biomedical engineering
Ali Ghafouri The University of Texas at Austin Alzheimer
ali ghamari amirkabir university of technology alighamari2111
Ali Haider Bangash STMU Shifa College of Medicine, Islamabad, Pakistan Alzheimer's disease; Automated machine learning; Prediction
Ali Hamdi Institue Superieur de l'informatique et Multimedia Alzheimer's desease,machine learning
Ali Hasan Al Nahrain University Deeplearing
Ali Ismail Atilim University Alzheimer, CNN, convolution, RNN, recurrent neural, temporal, spatial, AD
Ali Jahani K. N. Toosi University of Technology fMRI, Alzheimer’s Disease, Classification
Ali Jannati BIDMC – Harvard Medical School PET, rs-fcMRI, lesion network mapping
Ali Karkehabadi UC Davis deep learning paper
Ali Kazemi K.N.Toosi University diffusion tensor images, graph measures, fractional anisotropy, mean diffusivity
ali keskin acıbadem hastanesi 1059188
Ali Khan The University of Western Ontario Hippocampus, Segmentation, Methods, Diffusion microstructure
Ali Khazaee Babol University of Technology resting-state fmri
Ali Magzari The University of British Columbia deep learning, MRI
Ali Mahzarnia UNCC FDA, fMRI, high dimension, Voxel
Ali Mohammadnezhad Urmia university Alzheimer's disease,Neurofilament Light Chain
Ali Nawaz UET Taxila ADNI treatment by Novel Method
Ali Nawaz United Arab Emirates University Machine learning, diagnosis, prediction, analysis
ali nazeri isfahan university project, ML, machine learning, dataset, prediction
Ali Nikseresht AUT Alzheimer, Prediction, Mathematical modeling, Signal processing
Ali Noroozi Tarbiat Modares University of Tehran eMCI classification, FC construction
Ali Noshad Salman Farsi University of Kazerun classification, stage, neural network, deep learning
Ali Ozgur Argunsah University of Zurich AD detection, convolutional neural networks
Ali Rahmani Nejad University of Tehran U-Net, Segmentation
Ali Riahi Ferdowsi University of Mashhad Machine Learning Analysis
Ali Tafazzoli Evidera Modeling, simulation,
Ali Tariq Nagi University of Management and Technology alzheimer, dataset, Deep Learning
ali vafadar university of tabriz mri
Ali Vosoughi University of Rochester fMRI data analysis, classification task
Ali Wali Research Groups in Intelligent Machines Deep Learning, Alzheimer's disease, SVM, Hybrid Method
Ali Yavari USTMB data mining,neural network
Ali Zare University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Tensor compression, dimension reduction, Alzheimer's disease
Alice Annicchiarico University of Torvergata Rome machine learning
Alice Davies University of Birmingham neuroimaging, dementia, machine learning
Alice Hahn Samsung Medical Center preclinical Alzheimer's disease
Alice Hahn Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Cognition, psychometrics, bayesian
Alice Ho City University of Hong Kong Alzheimer
Alice Lam Massachusetts General Hospital Alzheimer's disease, amyloid, tau
Alice Motovylyak University of Wisconsin - Madison Deep learning, MRI, cognitive reserve
Alice Pirastru IRCSS Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi ONLUS MRI, music, AD
Alice Saparov Harvard Medical School deep learning, image deep learning, predicting Alzheimer's
Alice Schiavone University of Copenhagen WMH, segmentation
Alice V De Lorenci USP image classification, machine learning
Alice White University of Cambridge model stratification MCI dementia
Alicia Joseph Elmont Memorial High School Project
Alicia Ma not available prediction
Alicia Pose Díez de la Lastra Universidad Carlos III de Madrid TADPOLE
Alicia Twisselmann USC Alzheimer's Disease
alicia XU Taiyuan University of Technology DFC
Alif Elham Khan North South University Computer Vision
Alihan Huyuk University of Cambridge imitation learning, behavioral cloning
Aliki Zavaropoulou Hasso Plattner Institute GWAS, regression model, LASSO, genotype - phenotype association, SNPs
Alin Hou Changchun University of Technology convolutional neural network; auxiliary diagnosis
Alina Lazar Youngstown State University missing values, deep learning
Alina Lyaskovik Research center of Neurology AD, neuroradiology
Alina Malik Comsats University Islamabad MRI, PET, Medical image processing
Alina Mindru Technical University of Cluj Napoca Alzheimer, deep learning, cnn
Alina Nesen Purdue University/ Eli Lilly TAU Suvr
Alina Ruge Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg Alzheimer's Disease, intra-cerebellar connectivity, NPS
Aline Pichon Roche alzheimer's, adverse events, safety, imaging, MRI, Gant, Semo
ALIOU DIOP Gaston Berger University censored data; survival analysis, functional data analysis
Alireza Aseman rafat Shiraz University of Medical Sciences Alzosure, hypometabolism, FDG-PET scan
Alireza Banan Birjand university brain age estimation, brain age gap
Alireza Fathian Tarbiat Modares University Machine Learning, Brain Networks, Graph Theory, Functional Connectivity Network,
Alireza Jomeiri Islamic Azad University Alzheimer's disease, deep learning, MRI
alireza pakdel KAUMS migraine and parkinson
Alireza Parsay University of California, Santa Barbara Manifolds, Statistical shape analysis
Alireza rahimi tarbiat modares university deep-learning, classification
Alireza Rezvanian University of Science and Culture deep learning, CNN, Embedding,
alireza sadeghi basu hippo
Alireza Shafaei Darestani University of Tabriz Neuroimaging-DeepLearning-BiLSTM
Alireza Soltani Khaboushan Tehran University of Medical Sciences neuroinflammation, inflammatory mediators, cognitive impairment
Alireza Vafaei Sadr Geneva university Deep learning
Alisa Kunapinun Asian Institute of Technology Medical imaging
Alisa Lebedenko Saint-Petersburg Medical Military Academy dementia, hydrocephalia
Alisa Yusufova Tilburg University VBM, morphometry, Alzheimer's patients
Alisha Bhatt UCL Model, Bioscience, Disease, Project
Alisha Dias St. Francis Institute of Technology Detection, Stage, Alzhiemers
Alishba Sadiq University of Maryland ASL, perfusion MRI
Alison Deatsch University of Wisconsin - Madison FDG PET, deep learning, CNN, diagnosis, biomarker
Alison Goate Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Genetics, using ADNI data as a teaching example, Friday Harbor
Alison Klein Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Control, Familial Pancreatic Cancer
Alison Luckey Glenn Biggs Institute for Alzheimer's and Neurodegenerative Diseases GWAS; visual memory
Alison Myoraku NCIRE FDG-PET, amyloid, ASL, perfusion, early frames
Aliyu Abubakar University of Liverpool Alzheimer, Deep Learning, Vision Transformer, Classification
Alizée Pace University of Cambridge Machine Learning, Interpretable ML, Imitation Learning, Decision Support
Alka Singh Madan Mohan Malaviya University of Technology, Gorakhpur Research
allan elias University of Birmigham Deep Learning Methods
Allan Levey Emory proteomics
Allen Arani University of Houston Alzheimer's, Convolution, Machine Learning,
allen gike 温州大学 学习
Allen Reha LEXEO Therapeutics Biomarker
Allen Song Duke University SCAN compliance
Allen Spencer Brainiac Initiative Deep learning
Allen Tsai University of Wollongong CDS, clinical decision support, dementia, MCI
Allen Tsai University of Southern Queensland machine learning, deep learning, ANN, CNN
Allen Wang Johns Hopkins University image analysis, MRI feature extraction
Allison Dillon Genentech dictionary
Allison Engstrom University of California, Irvine Alzhiemer's, Dementia, Tau, Resistance, CVRi
Allison Gregg UT Southwestern Medical Center neuropsychology, psychiatry, neuroimaging, neurocognitive
Allison Liu Emory assignment
Allison McLean Genuity Science digital pathology
Allison Yih Genentech genentech, kaggle, competition, missing data imputation
Almontaser Hussien kooko lzheimer's disease, neuroimaging
Alois Hopf Bottneuro Neuromodulation, personalised medicine, tACS, Startup, clinical trial
Alok Dwivedi Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso Amyloid positive, MRI, CSF biomarkers, ABETA42
Alok Jha Capgemini Re-inforcement learning
Alok Ray Deloitte Deep Learning, Early Diagnosis, Genetic/Molecular Profiles, Alzheimer's
Alokkumar JHa Weill Cornell Medicine Polygenic Risk, Genetics
Alon Efrati Vrije Universiteit Machine Learning, A.I.
Alondra Reyes Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez Thesis Project
ALOU DIAKITE Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology DTI, DKI, DSI
Alper Bingol LMU MCI, AD, mri, fmri
Alper Ozcan Akdeniz University machine learning, graph theory, network embedding
Alper SOLMAZ Hacettepe University computer vision
ALPHIN J THOTTUPATTU iiit-h Structral variations
ALPHIN MEHUL IIIT-Hyderabad Normative aging study
Alson van der Meulen Leiden University dementia alzheimer
Altuğ Yiğit Dokuz Eylül University Alzheimer’s Diagnosis, MCI Diagnosis, Deep Learning, Multimodal Imaging
Álvar Arnaiz González Universidad de Burgos Big data, teaching
Álvaro Fernández Calleja Universidad Politecnica de Madrid Alzheimer, longitudinal analysis, MRI
Álvaro García UNIZAR ClinicaDL, project, experiment, training
Alvaro Gonzalez JImenez University of Basel Anomaly Detection, Unsupervised Learning
Alvaro Mendoza Alcala AstraZeneca ML, MRI
Álvaro Serra Universidad de Navarra MRI, AI
Alvaro Zamora Stanford Statistics, Learning, Computing
Alvea Tasneem Jamia Millia Islamia Alzheimer's disease, GWAS, biomarkers, drug discovery, simulation
Alvin Liu Xi'an Jiaotong University lyzh20010801
Alvin Reabow University of Cape Town Deep learning, Disease Classification, OCD, Convolutional Neural Networks
Alvin Wang SMU segmentation
Alyssa De Vito Brown University intraindividual variability
amal abbas university of Al-Qadisiyah Alzheimer disease diagnosis
Amal Harrati Stanford University Genetics, using ADNI data as a teaching example, Friday Harbor
Amal Joseph St. Joseph's college Bangalore Research work, AI, AD detection
Amal Mathew Activeloop activeloop
Amalia Roscio Villena Romani UTEC alzheimer
Aman Chawla Dayananda Sagar University neuroimaging, validation
Aman Gupta Manipal University, Jaipur MLCNN
Aman Gupta Hill School Hill School
aman nadeem university of punjab alzheimer's ,natural language processing
Aman Rehman ManKiBaat Research, AI, Mental Health
Aman Sethi NIT RAIPUR Train and test ML model
Aman Shrivastava University of Virginia generative modeling, diffusion models
Aman Singh IIIT Nagpur Alzheimer's Disease Detection
Aman Singhal Jaypee Institute of Information Technology A machine learning project
Amanda Christini Blackfynn, Inc Algorithms, data integration, multimodal data biomarkers
Amanda De Silva University of Technology Sydney Machine Learning, Alzheimer's Disease
Amanda Manea University of South Carolina-Columbia research
Amanda Myers Belmont University Cognition; Dementia; Sex Differences
Amanjot Bhullar University of Guelph artificial neural netowrk
AmanPreet Badhwar CRIUGM, University of Montreal neuroimaging, genetics
Amanullah Asraf KUET AD, CNN, DSA- 3D CNN
AMAR DUM Shivaji University, Maharashtra (India) Alzheimer's Disease, MRI, PET, Early Diagnosis
AMAR SHUKLA upes volumetric and tracks
Amaro Garcia Suarez University of Copenhagen brain MRI scans; early diagnosis; machine learning; pattern recognition
Amaya Phillips Cleveland Clinic Dementia MRI Memory
Amber McBorrough Niji Corp. neuroimaging; Alzheimer's, MRI, gray or white matter tissue, regional brain vol
Ambika Garg Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology Feature Extraction,PCA
Ambili AV Hindustan college of arts and science Brain multiplex, Correlative analysis, Dementia, discriminant analysis DNN, Fi
Ambily Francis Karunya AD,CN,MCIc,MCInc
Ambra Macis University of Brescia machine learning, classification
Ambuj Agrawal Elucidata Inc. Project, Alzheimers prediction, IIIT Allahabad
Ambuj Singh University of California, Santa Barbara brain networks, graph mining, alzheimer's disease.
Amdadul Haque KUET deep learning
Ameck Dosseh IMSP Genetic association studies
amee kang ewha university insurance
Ameen Ali Tel Aviv University MRI , Super Resolution , alzheimer’s detection
Ameer Saadat-Yazdi University of Edinburgh Machine Learning, Topological Data Analaysis, Persistent Homology
Ameer un Nisa khalid saeed University of central punjab cnn, final year project
Ameet Soni Swarthmore College Machine learning
Amel Bouchemha University of Tebessa , Algeria Medical images, bio-inspired approches, Random forest
Amelie Schaefer Stanford University simulation, brain atrophy, Alzheimer's disease
Ameya Kulkarni AbbVie Genomics, Clinical, Progression, Score
Amil Dravid Northwestern University Machine Learning, Computer Vision
Amin Ghaffari University of California Riverside Dementia, Locus Coeruleus, Machine Learning, fMRI
Amin Haghani University of California Los Angeles Alzheimer, DNA methyalation
Amin Janghorbani Semnan Unversity Deep learning; artificial intelligence; fusion method;
Amin Karimi Monsefi The Ohio State University 3D medical images, self-supervised, Deep learning
Amin Khatibi Universidad Politecnica de Madrid Thesis, A.I., detecting Alzheimer's conversion
amin mehrvarz Alborz medical university Alzheimer - hyper-intensity
Amin Mortazavi University of Tehran Alzheimer's disease (AD), aMCI, BOLD fMRI, Dementia, Early Detection, PET, fMRI,
Amin Sakhaei Amirkabir University of Technology HC, MCI, AD
Amin Tajerian Arak University of Medical Sciences Alzheimer's Disease; Machine Learning; Diagnosis;
amine derra hassiba ben bouli AI
Aminu Musa Federal University Dutse Deep learning, Alzheimers, Nueroimaging
Amir Ashraf-Ganjouei Tehran university of medical scienses Machine learning, Neural network
Amir Dehsarvi University of Aberdeen biomarkers
Amir Ebrahimighahnavieh University of Newcastle Alzheimer, Convolutional Neural Network, Recurrent Neural Network, LSTM
Amir ElTabakh New York University Alzhiemers, research, NYU, PET_image, T1_MRI_image, register, Talairach Atlas
Amir Faiyaz texas tech university image analysis
Amir Fazlollahi University of Melbourne QSM GRE MPRAGE
Amir Hadanny Shamir Medical Center head circumference
Amir Heydari AmirKabir University of Technology cerebral cortex reconstruction, implicit surface, deep learning, feature extract
Amir Hossein Bahrololoomian Azad University Alzymer
Amir Hossein Jalalzadeh Islamic Azad University Brain age perdition
Amir Khorasani Isfahan University of medical sciences Medical image fusion, DDcGAN, Neural Network, MRI, PET
Amir Koushyar Ziabari Oak Ridge National Laboratory gan, neuroimaging,
Amir Meghdadi Advanced Brain Monitoring EEG, MMSE, MoCA, DRS, ERP
Amir Poreh Cleveland State University Statistical Models and Aging
Amir Rosenfeld Independent Registration, Detection
Amir Sadikov University of California San Francisco Diffusion, T1, LFA
Amir Tahami Eisai Inc. Alzheimer's, rates of diagnostic transition, cognitive change, clinical endpoint
Amir Zare Mazandaran University morphometry, Alzheimer’s disease, voxel-based morphometry, machine learning
amira ben rabeh tunis Alzheimer , CAD
Amira Khalil Zewail University of science and technology AD, machine learning, computational Biology
Amira Mahjabeen Daffodil International University Alzheimer's disease, MRI, PET, DTI, cognitive test
AMIRA MAHMOUD mansoura college Deep learning,mri, Alzheimer's disease
Amira Soliman Halmstad University AD, DLB, MCI
Amira Youssef Faculty of Engineering, AEA University. AI DEEP LEARNING ALZHEIMER'S disease
Amirabbas Abdoli Iran GAP-43, DTI, Alzheimer's disease
Amirali Aali Mashhad university of medical sciences FMRI, resting-state, prodromal
amirhosein kargar tums ad- DMN- LONELINESS
Amirhossein Arzani Northern Arizona University hemodynamics, blood flow, perfusion
Amirhossein Asadian Sharif University of Technology Cognitive decline
Amirhossein Feizi Semnan University learning, research design, studying
Amirhossein Khodadadi mashhad university of medical sciences alzheimer, longitudinal studies
amirhossein norouzi Azad University seizure, eclipse, genetic algorithm, evolutionary algorithm
AmirHussein Abdolalizadeh Tehran University of Medical Sciences Alzheimer's Disease; Dopamine; MRI; Network
AmirHussein Abdolalizadeh Saleh Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg Structural Connectivity, Functional Connectivity, Lesion Network Mapping
Amirmohammad Azizzadeh Tabriz University of Medical Science tensor based morphometry, neuropathology findings
Amirreza Noroozi Sabzevar University of Medical Sciences Alzheimer's Disease- BIN1- Genetic risk
amirrreza tks UNIVERSITY OF TEHRAN deep
Amisha Gandhi Boston University final project, machine learning
Amit Agarwal USC Tau, microglia, neurodegeneration
Amit arora ptu MRI, Mammography, image processing, Deep learning, machine learning
Amit Choudhari Tata Memorial Hospital dti
Amit Doda Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad ADNI MRI Scan Data
Amit Frishberg Helmholtz Zentrum München Longitudinal analysis, disease models, System biology
Amit Mishra SISTec Alzheimer's
AMIT MONDAL Savitribai Phule Pune University Model, Neural network, accuracy
Amit Naskar National Brain Research Centre DTI, fMRI
Amit Patti PES University MR Images, PET Images
Amit Shah Siemens Healthcare GmbH Education
Amit Sharma IIIT research
Amitesh Agrawal NIT Raipur alzeihmers
ammar adeel middlesex university diffusion models, synthetic data, stable diffusion
Ammar Ranapurwala Bharati Vidyapeeth University BrainImaging,DeepLearning,Transformers,Medical Imaging
Ammu R International Institute of Information Technology Quality Assessment
Ammu R International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore time series, MCI
Amna Saeed National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST) Alzheimer's Disease, Machine learning, Structural changes in brain, MRI
Amna Salahudin FAST NUCES Alzehmeirs
Amnah Mahroo Fraunhofer Mevis ASL, Perfusion Quantification
Amnaya Pradhan SRM IST Major Project, Alzheimer's, Deep Learning
Amod Prkash Manipal University Jaipur Twin SVM
Amol Tambe Cognizant alzheimer, neuro imaging, ADNI
Amos Hung University of Hong Kong morphmetry, Alzeheimer
Ampofo Twumasi University of Ghana - Legon Convolutional Neural Network, Alzheimer's disease, Mild cognitive impairment.
Amr Eed Instituto de neurociencias de alicante Machine Learning, multi-shell models
Amrit Raj National Institute of Technology, Delhi CNN, DNN, ANN, RNN, Hippocampus, Cortex
Amrita Kaur thapar institute of engineering MRI
Amritha s Gardencity university alzhiemer's disease prediction
Amritpal singh Maulana azad medical college Deep
Amritpal Singh Georgia institute of technology MultiModal
amrutha v iit Alzhimers disease
Amulya Reddy Lakku University of Missouri St. Louis Deep Learning, Alzheimers
Amulya Reddy Lakku University of Missouri St. Louis Deep Learning, Alzheimers
Amy Chen AltPep Biosample Request, Blinded and unblinded data, Early detection and diagnosis
Amy De Lury Stony Brook University Alzheimer's Disease, MCI, MRI, cortical thickness, subcortical volumes
Amy Fredrickson Cogstate Data Deliverable
Amy Jolly Imperial College London Alzheimer, Artificial Intelligence
Amy Kuceyeski Weill Cornell Medical College computational analysis, brain connectivity network, prediction of AD progression
Amy Min 20 topology
Amy Wolf UCSF FTD, frontotemporal dementia
Amyn Kassara école normale supérieure paris-saclay Riemannian Geometry, Longitudinal datasets, Statistical Learning
An Vo Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research AD network biomarkers
An-ping Shi Tangdu Hospital, Alzheimer's disease, Resting-state functional connectivity
Ana Boeriu University of California, Davis Dr. Harvey, MS comprehensive examination, data analysis project
Ana CALIN Insa Rouen Bayesian Networks
Ana Canosa UNSAM Alzheirmer
Ana Defendini University of Pennsylvania Imaging
Ana Espinosa Fundació ACE Cognition,
Ana Gabriela Sánchez Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas image processing data processing
Ana Guisasola Universidade do Minho machine learning, medical image, artificial intelligence
Ana Ivan University Politehnica of Bucharest alzheimer
Ana Lawry Aguila UCL Multi-view methods, machine learning, imaging genetics
Ana Maria Ramirez Garcia Universidad Manuela Beltran MIR
Ana Micaela Tavares Rodrigues Universidade de Aveiro Radiomics; MRI; MCI; Alzheimer's Disease
Ana Nunes University of Coimbra PET, PiB, texture
Ana Rodríguez IDIVAL Alzheimer, drug, response, sex, age
Ana Secuiu Politehnica University of Bucharest Bachelor Thesis, MRI, Alzheimer's Disease, Deep Learning
Ana Sofia Castro Verde Champalimaud Foundation DTI rsfMRI
Ana Sofia Costa University Hospital RWTH Aachen amyloid deposition, microangiopathy, microbleeds, phenotype, progression
Ana Solbas Casajús Universidad Complutense de Madrid Graph Theory; Alzheimer; Neurocognitive domains
Ana Starcevic Medical faculty brain, structural analysis
Anagha Acharya BMS College of Engineering alzheimer, deep learning
Anahita Baninajjar University of Tehran generative adversarial networks, MRI, AD
Anaïs Rouanet Inserm U1219 - Bordeaux Population Health Center, France temporal relationships, multidimensional, causality
Anako Joshua University of Plymouth, United Kingdom Parkinson's Disease, Machine Learning Algorithm, Neuroimaging Dataset
Anam Haq Poznan University of Technology mixture of experts, comprehensive clinical data fusion
ANAM SAEED Sichuan University ADNI, ANN
anamika mitra sharda university Alzeihmer
anamika singh cdac Brain
Anand Joshi University of Southern California image analysis,
Anand Joshi University of Southern California brain imaging
Anand Kumar Bapatla University of North Texas EEG, fMRI
Anand Kumar Reddy Gajulapalli Annamacharya PG college of computer studies required
Anand Shankar IIITG fMRI, MRI
Anand Shankar IIITG fMRI, MRI
ananda kumar a - research
anandh mahindra queens univesity information technology
Anandita Nadkarni Carnegie Mellon Univeristy PET, disease trajectory/subtypes, ML
Anant Dadu UIUC Machine Learning, Predictive Modeling, Alzheimer's Disease, Progression
Ananthan Ambikairajah University of Canberra Menopause, Ageing, Neuroimaging
Ananya Dhulipala RV College of Engineering Visual Transformers, MRI Scans, Multiple Stages
Ananya Ghosh Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), Vellore, India Federated Learning, Alzheimer's Disease, MRI
Ananya Jana Rutgers University computer vision, deep learning
Ananya Malipeddi Academies of Loudoun apolipoprotein e4, Alzheimer's disease, heart disease
Ananya Ruth Samuel Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School Sex differences in AD
Ananya Sadana Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women convolutional neural network, computer vision, alzheimer's disease detection
ANANYA SINGHA IISER Bhopal machine learning, classification, GNN
Anargya Daffa SMAN 81 Jakarta Artificial intelligence as a tool to investigate early detection and diagnosis o
Anas Alsayed Uskudar University CNN, MRI, THESIS
Anas Bitar Damascus university Machine learning, Neurology
Anas Bsoul Jordan University of Science and Technology Alzheimer; amyloid; Neural Network
Anass Grini University Mohammed V - Rabat Graph Neural Network - Brain Disorder Analysis
Anastasia Brovkin University Medical Center Hamburg- Eppendorf Deep learning, biomarker, prediction, statistics
Anastasia Georges University of Pennsylvania R, biostatistics
anastasia yablokova PSTU diploma
Anay Aggarwal Stoller Middle School behavior test scores
Anayara Moreno ULPGC Alzheimer
Anca Larisa Sandu Giuraniuc University of Aberdeen PET normal
Ander Zuazo fernandez de landa Deusto Sistemas brain segmentation, skull-stripping
Anders Dale University of California, San Diego image analysis, statistics, test and validate
Anders Gould University of Illinois Urbana Champaign Machine learning, computer vision, MRI, dementia
Anders Hoffmann University College Lillebælt Performance; Pruning
Anderson Sarilio FIA - Fundação Instituto de Adminstração Alzheimer's, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Detection, Prevent
Anderson Winkler National Institutes of Health MRI, dementia, myelin
Andhika Bagaskara Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang Alzheimer, CNN, Image Classification
Andinet Enquobahrie Kitware multimodal; prediction
Andrada Mihaela Tudor Catholic University of the Sacred Heart Causal discovery, causal inference
András Balogh University of Szeged multimodal image registration
Andre Altmann University Collage London Imaging Genetics, Next Generation Sequencing
Andre Gouws University of York MRI diffusion demementia detection
Andre Mendes New York University multi-task learning, multi-stage learning, transfer learning
Andre Peres University of Coimbra DNN, MRI, MCI, Dementia, Alzheimer's Disease
Andrea Basile università research brain deep learning
Andrea Brzeczkowski University of Wisconsin - Madison pharmacokinetic, imaging
Andrea Chincarini INFN longitudinal studies, MCI, network, atrophy measurements
Andrea Ciarmiello Medicina Nucleare - S. Andrea Hospital Mci trajectory, Deep learning, onset prediction
Andrea Clark-Sevilla Johns Hopkins APL precision medicine, brain biomarkers
Andrea Conway Indiana University connectomics, brain networks
Andrea De Salve National Research Council (CNR) Deep Learning; Computer Vision; MCI Risk Prediction
Andrea Dell Orco Charite Berlin wmh
andrea fidanzio ucsc Andfida1000
Andrea Frosini Università degli studi di Firenze structural matrix, fractal dimension, cerebral cortex
Andrea Grioni Central European Institute of Technology (CEITEC) AD DREAM model prediction
Andrea Lessa Benedet McGill University Genetics, using ADNI data as a teaching example, Friday Harbor
Andrea Loddo University of Cagliari deep learning; detection; classification
Andrea Loddo University of Cagliari deep learning; cnn; classification; detection
Andrea Rapuzzi A-SIGN Deep learning, CNN
Andrea Rommal Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research and Zucker School of Medicine Variational Autoencoder; Deep Learning
Andrea Vázquez Varela Universidad de Concepción segmentation parcellation
Andreana Benitez Medical University of South Carolina MoCA, Item Response Theory
Andreana Haley The University of Texas at Autin obesity; BMI; Cognitive Function; Mild Cognitive Impairment; Structural Equation
Andreas Avgoustis Ionian University desision support system,master degree
Andreas Engvig Oslo University Hospital Frailty, subject clustering, estimated glomerular filtrator rate (eGFR)
Andreas Lindauer Calvagone SARL p-tau, modelling, disease progression
Andreas Mang University of Houston diffeomorphic image registration, biophysics inversion
Andreas Mavropoulos Harokopio University MRI,Alzheimers,Cognitive impairment
Andreas Mertzanakis harokopeio uiversity deep learning, machine learning
Andreas Pfenning Carnegie Mellon University noncoding, genetics
Andreas Sauter Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam AI, ML, Causality
Andreas Schindele University Hospital Augsburg Alzheimer, Neural Networks, Visual Transformer, CNN, 3D, FDG-PET
Andreas Stergioulas CERTH Brain desease detection, Transformers
Andreea-Elena Cojocaru Vienna University of Technology .
Andrei Dragomir Politehnica Bucharest University Ask and I can provide further details
Andrei Popescu Merck & Co., Inc patient data, sample inventory
Andrei Vakhtin The Mind Research Network DTI, fMRI, Resting-State, ICA, AFQ, Tractography, Networks
Andrei Vlassenko Washington University School of Medicine ADOPIC
Andréia Fischer Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul - PUCRS harmonizing brain [18F]FDG-PET
Andreia Oliveira Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto Neural Networks, Alzheimer, Diagnosis
Andreia Rocha Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul Biomarker course
Andreia Silva da Rocha Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul PET, rat TgF344-AD
Andrej Tschalzev University of Mannheim Machine Learning Research
Andres Jimenez Garcia Universidad Tecnologica de Pereira Neural Networks, Anomaly detection, IA, Machine learning
Andres Jimenez Garcia Universidad Tecnologia de Pereira anomaly detection, deep learning, generative adversarial networks
Andres Zapata Technical University of Munich Deep Learning, Connectome, Diagnosis
Andrew Bass Emory University Interaction effects
Andrew Bender Michigan State University diffusion MRI, machine learning, latent factors,
Andrew Bryant University of Florida College of Medicine pulmonary hypertension, interstitial lung disease, emphysema and OSA
Andrew Bryant University of Florida College of Medicine pulmonary hypertension, interstitial lung disease, emphysema and OSA
Andrew Chen University of Pennsylvania dimension reduction, batch effects, site effects
Andrew Cirincione Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Ensemble Integration, Machine Learning, Predictive Modeling
Andrew Dhawan Cleveland Clinic SNP, CSF biomarker, Imaging correlate
Andrew Goldfine GSK clinical trial
Andrew Guo Nvidia AI, ML, Transformers, Classification
Andrew Hoopes MIT neuroimaging, deep-learning, freesurfer
Andrew Hooyman Arizona State University APOE e4, Mild Cognitive Impairment, Longitudinal Analysis
Andrew Hufton Springer Nature data-peer-review metabolomics
Andrew Huynh Austin Health Obesity, hypertension, Alzheimer's disease, PET, MRI, CSF
Andrew J Manipal Institute of Technology deep learning, alzheimer's disease diagnosis, explainable AI
Andrew Jaffe RBNC Therapeutics TWAS, multimodal analysis
Andrew Jahn University of Michigan structural, flair, DWI, ASL, resting state
Andrew King King's College London Machine learning, deep learning, AI, fairness, brain, MRI
Andrew Kiselica Baylor Scott and White Health Alzheimer's, linking and equating, cognition
Andrew LaBella Stony Brook University Deep Learning Alzheimer's PET MRI Prediction
Andrew Le shanghai university lonidata
Andrew Lee University of California, Berkeley Cortex, Alzheimer, Retina, Angiogenesis
Andrew LIN Taipei Medical University PET, deep learning
Andrew Magis Arivale, Inc mild cognitive impairment, clinical trial, lifestyle intervention
Andrew McShane Ulster University machine learning
Andrew Nguyen University of Florida alzheimer's
Andrew Raafat Higher technological institution Machine Learning , CNN
Andrew Reid University of Nottingham locus coeruleus, norepinephrine, pupillometry, connectivity
Andrew Saykin Indiana University School of Medicine MRI, PET, genetics, pattern recognition
Andrew Sharp Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Tandem repeat, repeat expansion, genomics
Andrew Stern Brigham and Women's Hospital AD biomarkers, baseline characteristics
Andrew Trease University of Nebraska Medical Center Alzheimer's disease, mitochondria, synaptic, non-synaptic
Andrew Tsui Canyon Crest Academy Alzheimer's Disease, Machine Learning,
Andrew Willett Brigham and Women's Hospital movement disorders, MRIs
Andrew Willett Brigham and Women's Hospital movement disorders, MRIs
Andrew Worth Neuromorphometrics, Inc. brain segmentation, automated segmentation
Andrew Zalesky The University of Melbourne Brain ageing, normative modelling, MCI, AD
Andrew Zywiec The Brooklyn Hospital Center neuroimaging, AD, Alzheimer disease, biochemistry, organic chemistry, biology
Andrey Malinin Shifts Project Machine Learning, Distributional Shift, Pre-Training, Foundational Models
Andrin Fluetsch Novartis Mendelian Randomization
Andrzej Przybyszewski PJWSTK machine learning, data mining
Andy Jiang SBU Stony Brook University Dementia, AD, PD, cognitive performance
Andy Liu Duke fMRI
Andy Shen UC Berkeley casual inference
Anees Abrol The Mind Research Network Multimodal, AD, MCI, Progression
Anees Kazi Technical University of Munich Deep learning, data retrieval, machine learning
Aneesh Krishnaraj Nejikar University of Exeter MCI, Gradient Boosting, CNN
Aneeta Christopher National Institute of Technology Calicut MR imaging, Denoising, Deep Neural Networks, MemNet
Aneeta Christopher National Institute of Technology Calicut medical imaging, MR images, Deep Neural networks
ang gao CAS,china Machine learning
Ang Guo Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology,CAS skull stripping
Ang Li CAS Resting-state fMRI, Machine learning
Ángel Alberich Bayarri Quibim Brain atrophy, MRI, Artificial Intelligence, longitudinal analysis
Angel de la Vega Jimenez University of Granada Deep learning, CNN, Alzheimer disease
Angel Martin del Rey Universidad de Salamanca Machine learning; convolutional neural networks; Alzheimer disease
Angel Sara Abraham University of Greenwich Alzheimer's
Angela Jefferson Boston University Cognitive Performance, Aging
Angela Liliana Universidád Manuela Beltrán Alzheimer
Angela María García Sañudo Universidad Nacional de Colombia Cerebro, redes neuronales
Angela Pantebre Pedrosa Universitat Pompeu Fabra Alzheimer's Disease, ADNI3, MRI, PET SCANS, MULTILAYER NETWORKS, BACHELOR THESIS
Angela Rocchi Temple University - Lewis Katz School of Medicine Alzheimer's Disease, Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors, Cardiovascular Disease
Angela Tam McGill University resting-state, fMRI
Angela Velazquez University of Arizona weight apolipoprotein beta amyloid
Angela Voo Atholton High School Alzheimer's disease, herpes, blood sugar, diabetes
Angela Zhang University of California, Santa Barbara AD, Connectome, NPH
Angelia Wang Janssen R&D Amyloid beta, tau, Alzheimer's Disease, iADRS, biomarker, Adas-Cog, iADL, QSP
Angelica Aviles University of Cambridge AD MCI diagnosis, Machine Learning, Graphical Models
Angelica Vina Albarracin Project Manager, Columbia University NYC, neighborhood, socioeconomic disparities
Angelique Sadlon Imperial College London metabolomic profile AD PD
Angus Lau Sunnybrook Research Institute Resting state fMRI, control data, machine learning
Angus Prosser University of Southampton neuroimaging, clustering, trajectories
Anh Khoa Vo University of British Columbia Tau, ACB, anticholinergic, data anlysis
Anh Le Robert Bosch Engineering Alzheimer dataset
Anhduy Nguyen Chang Gung University Alzheimer's disease, deep learning
Anhelina Shemrikovych Kharkiv national university of radioelectronics Software
Ani Eloyan Brown University clinical domain, machine learning, deep learning
Anik Das Varendra University ADNI
Aniket Dey University of Pennsylvania NLP, Machine Learning, Healthcare
Anil Kemisetti Genentech Federated Analytics, Federated Learning
Anıl Özkaya Istanbul Technical University Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Early Diagnosis, Alzheimer's Disease
Anil Rao GlaxoSmithKline MRI Classification
Anil Yadav UCLA Deep Learning, RNN
Anirban Dutta University at Buffalo SUNY Non-invasive brain stimulation
anirban kanungoe bharat institute of engineering and technology MRI images
Aniruddh A The National Institute of Engineering Applying Machine learning to MRI images
Aniruddh Mehra Nova Southeastern University Machine Learning Algorithms, Brain Imaging, Constructed Temporal Features
Anirudh Parashar UTA Convolutional Network
ANIRUDH reddy jackson state university machine learning, data science
Anis Chihoub Rutgers University Graph Neural Networks
Anis NEHMAR Sorbonne Universite 6QN13
Anish Kapadia University of Toronto amyloidPET not in brain
Anish Salvi ImageRx Medical Imaging, Machine Learning, Alzheimer's, T1 MRI, 3D ResNet, 3D U-Net
Anisha Das Florida State University neurology, Alzheimer
Anisha Das Florida State University GWAS, mediation analysis, phenotypes
Anita DeStefano Boston University Alzheimer, genetics, association
Anita Donnelly Ulster university Machine Learning, Data Modelling
Anita Lakatos University of California, Irvine genome, mitochondria, PET images
Anita Saini National Institute of Technology Rourkela Alzheimer’s Disease, Deep Learning, U-Net and MRI
Anita Sinha University of Wisconsin-Madison rs-fMRI, functional connectivity, machine learning, deep learning
Anita Valmarska Jožef Stefan Institute disease progression, patterns, therapy modifications, AD
Anita van Loenhoud Amsterdam UMC Resilience
Anita Yau University of Southern California AD
Anitha Drewitt National College of Ireland Deep learning, Neural Networks, machine learning model
ANITHA RANI PALAKAYALA VIT-AP University PD, Deep learning
AnithaPriya Krishnan Genentech super-resolution, volume quantification
Aniverthy Amrutesh Dr Ambedkar Institute of technology ML analysis
aniza Aziz xylexa genomic data
Anja Soldan Johns Hopkins University Mild Cognitive Impairment, biomakers, structural MRI, PET, CSF Abeta and Tau
Anjalee Rabbani City Tech MRI biomakers
Anjalee Somathilake University of Colombo Brain parenchymal factor, white matter hyperintensities, dimentia
anjali pandey thadomal shahani project
Anjali Pullabhotla Milllard North High School Alzheimer's Diagnosis, Artificial Neural Networks
Anjaly Vijayan mahatma gandhi university alzhimers
Anjan Chowdhury ISI-Kolkata functional connectivity, Alzheimer, Brain connectome
Anjana Anand SSN College of Engineering Deep learning, Data Augmentation, GANs, medical image
anjani gss NIT,Andhra Pradesh machine learning project
Anjany Sekiboyina Technical University of Munich machine learning, deep learning
Anju Kirankumar Liverpool John Moores University Alzheimers , CNN , Deep learning
Anjun Hu MCGILL UNIVERSITY activity prediction, deep learning, computer vision
Anke Meyer-Baese Florida State University dynamic graph neural networks, heat equation model, biomarkers
Ankit Gupta Siemens Healthcare Private Limited biomarkers imaging prediction
ANKITA PRAMANIK Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur Alzheimer's, Neural Network
Ankita Sarmah NERIST Alzheimer's disease, fMRI
Ankita Sharma Arizona State University Alzheimer disease, federative learning
Ankith Adam Gollamudi Andhra University algorithm
Ankur Goel Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology Alzheimer, deep_learning
Ankush Aggarwal University of Glasgow segmentation
Ankush Azade NITK brain, tumor
Ankush Karunakara Shetty University of Southern California dMRI microstructural measures, amyloid deposition, association
Ankush Kumar Independent Graph theory
Anmol Srivastava Manipal University Jaipur stage, detection, alzheimer, deep, learning, classification, research, tsvm
Ann Gollapudi Pine Richland HIgh School Alzheimer's diesease
Ann Ping State Key Laboratory of Software Architecture Alzheimer’s disease, deep learning
Anna Bishop Boston University deep machine learning, MatLab, AlexNet, neural network
Anna Caroli Istituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche Mario Negri IRCCS COVID-19
Anna Carroll The Hill School Hill School
Anna Dewenter Institute for Stroke and Dementia Research cerebral small vessel disease, mixed disease
Anna Glazkova People's Friendship University of Russia biomarkers, Alzheimer disease, AI
Anna Jenul Norwegian University of Life Sciences multiblock analysis, machine learning
Anna Krasnova Columbia University mediation
Anna Lackey University of Manchester CNN, Convolutional Neural Network, Artificial Intelligence, AI, Machine Learning
Anna Loerzer Liverpool John Mores University Alzheimer ML Prediction
Anna MacKay-Brandt Nathan Kline Institute iron, cognition, aging, MCI, AD
Anna Malkova University of Iowa MMBIR, GWAS, WES, Double Strand Break Repair
Anna Man The University of Hong Kong Study fMRI
Anna Marcisz Silesian University of Technology alzheimer's disease, biomarkers, mild cognitive mild cognitive impairment
Anna Marcisz Silesian University of Technology Alzheimer Disease
Anna Maria Matziorinis University of Bergen meta-analysis, alzheimer, mild cognitive impairment, graph theory, biomarkers
Anna Nebu College of engineering Munnar Alzheimer's,Structural MRI
Anna Newman Stanford University amyloid, CSF, aging
Anna Ohndorf University Hospital of Cologne Cortisol, Alzheimer, plasma p-tau181, Atrophy
Anna Rubinski LMU Cognitive Reserve
Anna Schroder University College London Alzheimer's Disease, mechanisms, subgroups
Anna Su School MRI
Anna Svenningsson Lund University cognition atrophy resilience reserve
Anna Tierney University of Manchester Alzheimer's Disease, Complement system
Anna Tymofyeyeva Western University Alzheimer's disease, cholinergic, basal forebrain, longitudinal
Anna Vettoruzzo Hogskola i Halmstad Meta-Learning
Anna Wong MIT dataset
Anna Xiao CCUT learning
Anna Zettergren University of Gothenburg polygenic risk score, CSFbiomarkers, blood biomarkers
Annabelle Yao The Lawrenceville School Alzheimer
Annalena Fuchs University Hospital Aachen FDG PET, dementia, metabolism
Annamaria Vernone Unito Alzheimer
Anne Bartling Universitätsklinikum Halle (Saale) longitudinal changes in Surface Based Brain Morphometry Measures
Anne Benoit UCB Pharma biological variability
Anne Berry Brandeis University dopamine, cortical thickness, cognitive resilience
Anne Berry Brandeis University dopamine, cortical thickness, cognitive resilience
Anne Biever Genentech biomarker AD
Anne-Caroline Cosendai Universitätsklinikum Tulln Repositories, clinical trial
Anne-Cecile Lesage MD Anderson Cancer Center brain shift
Annemieke ter Telgte VASCage GmbH small acute brain infarcts - DWI lesions - microinfarcts - deep learning
Anni Huang Singapore Management University AD, deep learning, machine learning
Annibale Antonioni University of Ferrara Progression of cognitive decline; pathophysiology; drug therapy; neuropsychologi
Annick Péléraux Sanofi R&D data warehouse, translational medicine, Myriad RBM
Annie Bryant Massachusetts General Hospital tau, perfusion, blood vessels
Annie Lee Columbia University Irving Medical Center Alzheimer’s disease; vascular risk factors; Gene and Environment interaction
Annika Linke San Diego State University fMRI methods, denoising
Annika Rogers Brown University Alzheimer's, MRI, PET, psychological, functional, molecular
anny reyes university of california, san diego neuropsychology, cognition, MCI, epilepsy
anoop dixit Collective Cure Dementia, Alzheimer, biomarkers, Tau, Amyloid beta, beta secretase, gamma sec
anoop dobhal PEC Deemed to be Univerisity India DL, ML, CNN
ANOOP KUMAR INDIAN INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE Graph Algorithms; Network Embedding; Heterogeneous Representation
anouar kherchouche XLIM Laboratory Alzheimer's Disease, cnn ,ai,rnn, deep learning
Anoushkrit Goel Indian Institute of Technology Mandi Tractography, Tract Segmentation
Anqi Qiu National University of Singapore neuroanatomical signature, CSF markers, PET
Anqi Wu georgia institute of technology brain network, graph, dyanmics
Anseh Danesharasteh Binghamton University Alzheimer, Dementia, Brain
Ansgar Furst Stanford University Alzheimers, TBI, Veterans
Anshul Jha The University of Texas at San Antonio Alzheimer's Disease classification, deep learning, transfer learning
Anshul Kashyap Dublin High School Amyloid, Plaques, Image, Segmentation, Classification, Deep, Machine, Learning
Anshuman Swain University of Pennsylvania Anomaly detection, ML/DL, myelination, DWI
Anson Hsu National Chengchi University Dingke Tang
Anson Wang Weill Cornell Medicine stroke cognitive impairment cortical atrophy DTI
Ansony Rolando Medina Baca UNIR Alzheimer
Antara Titikhsha Barua Asian University for Women AD
Anthime FLAUS King's College London Deep learning, image generation,
Anthony Bannon AbbVie fluid biomarkers; tau PET; amyloid PET
Anthony Chesebro Columbia University Network Model, Alzheimer's
Anthony Colombo University of Southern California anthony r colombo
Anthony Gabay IXICO validation
anthony galassi National Insitutes of Health Software Development, PET, dicom
Anthony Griswold University of Miami whole genome sequencing, ABCA7, VNTR
Anthony Guerra University of Southern California fMRI, Graph Neural Network, Transformers, Classification
Anthony Jackson University of Central Florida C-GAN, Classification, Alzheimers, Masters Program
Anthony Rangel University of Southern California neuroimaging analysis
Anthony Rangel University of Southern California neuroimaging analysis
Anthony Tran California Polytechnic State University, Pomona Machine Learning, CNN, Early Identification, Alzheimer's Dementia
Antoine chenevier ESIREM azerty
ANTOINE D EDOUARD Harvard University MCY&ALzheimer
Antoine Delmas Syneika transcranial magnetic resonance target
Antoine Désilets Université de Sherbrooke GPR3, GPCR
Antoine Leuzy Lund University Alzheimer's, amyloid, PET
Antoine Meijerman VUMC/Neuroscience campus reproducibility,ADNI1,FreeSurfer,FIRST
Antoine Rogeau CHU de Lille PET, alzheimer, AI, SPM, scan, frontotemporal, dementia
Antoine Sanner TU Darmstadt Segmentation, Deep Learning, Out-of-Distribution Generalization
Antoine Soubret F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd disease progression models, biomarker time profiles,
antoine van den ham fontys Multiple sclerosis, Neuro imaging, quantification
Antoinette Martin Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) Deformable, Image Registration
Anton Banta Rice University self supervised learning, AD classification
Anton Danker Royal Institute of Technology Alzheimers Dementia Vascular Dementia Transfer Learning
Anton Matsson Chalmers University of Technology ML, interpretable policy representation, sequential decision-making
Anton Orlichenko Tulane University Functional connectivity, race, bias, metric learning, dictionary learning
Anton Porsteinsson University of Rochester cognitive reserve, cognitive decline, metabolic reserve
Anton Savostianov Gran Sasso Science Institute topological structure, brain network, stability
Antoni Gurgui IBEC progression model, alzheimer disease, simulation,
Antonia Bonfa FHNW machine learning
Antonia Machlouzarides-Shalit Inria Sophia-Antipolis template, radiology, clinical
Antonija Kolobaric University of Pittsburgh aging, prediction, mood, cognition
Antonino Aparo University of Verona Gene SNPs GWAS
Antonio Brunetti Polytechnic University of Bari Explainable Deep Learning; Neurodegenerative Disease
Antonio Cano Montes ULisboa medical deep learning
Antonio Costa Freire University of Warwick Alzheimers
Antonio Esteves Universidade do Minho Alzheimer disease, deep neural network, deep learning
Antonio Gagliardi Sapienza, University of Rome Alzheimer's disease, monitor the progression
Antonio Gerardi Sapienza Roma thesis, deterioration, classification
Antonio Jimenez-Marin Biocruces Bizkaia HRI fMRI, connectivity patterns, functional brain networks, AD, FTD
Antonio Manuel Castilla Rubia Universidad de Granada Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Alzheimer, MRI, PET
Antonio Martinez Torteya ITESM Campus Monterrey image based biomarkers, genetic algorithms, quantitative imaging
Antonio Napolitano Roche freesurfer AD
Antonio Ricciardi University College London quantitative T2, qualitative scans, early stage
Antonio Tito UHD AI
Antony konini University of Western Macedonia Data,Student,University,Presentation,Healthcare,Medical-Data,DL
Antti Tolonen Combinostics Oy etiology prediction; disease progression;
Anubhav Sachan Georgia Institute of Technology WGAN, MRI
Anudeep Nakirikanti Georgia Institute of Technology Alzheimer's Disease, Healthy Aging, Machine Learning, ADNI
Anudeep Srivatsav Appe Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad Alzheimer's disease, Deep Learning, CNN, Neural Networks, Explainable features,
Anuj Guruacharya Amazon Web Services tau, PET, MAPT
Anuj Mishra National Brain Research Centre Bayesian inference, Non parametric, Biomarkers
Anuj Tiwari DPI Deep Learning
Anuja Acharya KIIT University KIIT University , Alzheimer's Disease
Anuja Negi Charite Whole Brain simulation, neuromodulation
Anujit Sarkar University of Tennessee food habit, Mendelian Randomization, Alzheimer's disease
Anum Fatima FAST National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences skull stripping, preprocess mri
Anup Agarwal Lilly Avid imaging research
Anupa Ambili Vijayakumari Cleveland Clinic diffusion tensor tractography, structural and functional brain changes
Anupa Ambli Vijayakumari Cleveland Clinic Alzheimer's disease, MRI, cognition
Anuradha Vashishtha KIIT UNIVERSITY alzheimer, mri, deep learning, ADNI.
Anurag Garikipati Dascena, Inc Machine learning, deep learning, MRI analysis, drug efficacy
Anurag Garikipati Montera Inc. Machine Learning, Data Science, Predictive Analytics, Alzheimer's monitoring
Anurag Tiwari Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) MRI, Soft computing methods, Neural networks
Anurag Vaidya Bucknell University CT MRI brain
anureet tiwana university of alberta co registration
Anurenjan Purushothaman Renjini College of Enginnering Trivandrum Amyloid plaques, Convolutional neural network, image processing
Anuschka da Silva Spinola University of Coimbra machine learning, prediction models, biomarkers, Alzheimer's disease
Anusha A S IISc Machine learning, Pattern identification
Anusha Adluru UW-Madison MRI
ANUSHA RAJ Cochin University of Science & Technology alzheimers detection
Anushri Jain BARC 3D segmentation models
Anvita Ramesh PES University Classification, Prediction, Machine Learning Techniques
Anwar Abouelenien Alexandria University, Faculty of Engineering Deep Learning, CNNs, LSTMs, Early Detection
Anwar Ul Haq University of Malakand Image classification, dimensionality reduction
Anwesh Badapanda Bennett University Semester project
Anya Shukla high school student Alzheimer
Anyin Feng The Hong Kong Polytechnic University tensor
Ao Peng University of Ottawa Alzheimer’s Disease, data augmentation
Aobo Zhang Tongji University qaz753951
Aonan Zhao Ruijin Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine Alzheimer's disease;Genome-wide association study;biological markers
Aozhou Wu Analysis Group Alzheimer's disease, progression patterns, prediction
Aparajita Kashyap Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory precision medicine, brain imaging, Alzheimer's Disease
Aparna Asokan University of Strathclyde ML, Alzheimer's
Aparna Deokar Boston University Alzheimer's, Machine Learning, Classification, Diagnosis
Aparna Dev Amrita University GDL, GNN, Brain Network
Aparna Shukla CSIR-CIMAP, Lucknow, India Alzheimer’s Disease, Support Vector Machine
Aparna Vasanthakumar AbbVie, Inc. DNA methylation, genetics core, epigenetics
Apoorv Saraogee Northwestern University Deep learning
Apoorva S Kulkarni JSS Science and Technology University, Mysuru, India Machine learning, Alzheimer's
Apoorva Safai SIU fmri dti t1
Apoorva Sikka IIT Ropar MRI to PET, Image Synthesis
Apostolos Manolopoulos National Institute on Aging insulin, cerebrospinal fluid, mass spectrometry
April Khademi University of Guelph brain segmentation, white matter lesions
aqian Wang BUAA image segmentation
Aqil K H Indian Institute Of Technology MRI,Longitudinal study
Aqsa Khan Case Western Reserve University Machine Learning Algorithms, Parkinson disease, Alzheimer disease
Aqsa Kiran UMT Alzheimer Disease, Deep Learning, Prediction, Machine Learning
Aqsa Yasmeen SS Case University Alzheimer
AR Khan Prince Sultan University FMRI
Aram Donyaee Islamic Azad University machine learning, deep learning, statistical analysis, early detection, blood
Aram Montazami Novatek International Medical Data Systems Cognistat, Novatek, NMDS, Alzheimer, coginitive impairement
Arasan P M Liverpool John Moores University AI, Deep learning, Alzheimer’s, MCI
Arash Kamandi PersianGulfUniversity brain estimation
arash karimi semnan university machine learning - Alzheimer's disease
Arash Rezaei Tarbiat modares university functional connectivity, Complex network, machine learning,
Arash Sadri Tehran University of Medical Sciences Alzheimer's disease - Visual Hallucination - Pschosis
Arash Salardini UTHSCSA sTREM2, YKL-40
Arash Yaghoobi Tehran University Of Medical Sciences GWAS-SNP-
Arash Yaghoobi Tehran University Of Medical Sciences GWAS-TWAS-DMN-fMRI-SNP-
Arash Zare-Sadeghi Iran University of Medical Sciences fMRI, effective connectivity
arashk mallahzadeh shiraz university of medical sciences neurodegenerative,databases,help,patients
aravind M Student MRI Dataset
Aravind Mutyala wavelabs s
Aravinthan Varatharaj University of Southampton Disease progression modelling
Archana B KGiSL institute of technology AD,MRI,AI,CLAHE
Archana Bhade Government College of Engineering,Amravati machine learning
Archana Bora ineuron.ai Internship
Archana Gahlaut ARSD College, University Of Delhi Deep Learning, Ensemble models
Archana Iyer MKSSS's Cummins College of Engineering for Women, Pune Brain imaging, MRI, Alzheimer's disease, ML, Image processing, DL
archana mani poornima university dimentia
Archana Mani poornima university Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Image processing
Archana Menon P Karpagam Academy of Higher Education ML, DL, Disease prediction
archana rachakonda Ulster University Project Work
Archie Pulver The University Of Sydney Cortical segregation using fmri
Archit Pandey USC's Mark and Mary Stevens Neuroimaging and Informatics Institute ad, neuroimaging, computation
Arda Uğurlu Istanbul Medipol University Machine Learning, Alzheimer's Disease
Areesha bilal Institute of Southern Punjab PET scan image, brain disease, normal
Areli Selenia Chinga Martinez Usil SantillaN17
arezoo borji amirkabiruniversity alzheimer-diagnosis-prediction
Arghya Saha Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata Machine Learning, fMRI
Ari Kappel BWH Connectome, Memory, Tractography
ari tchetchenian UNSW AD, deep learning, AI
Aria Motamedi Jahromi Tehran University of Medical Sciences mild cognitive impairment, dynamic functional connectivity, dementia
Ariadna Puigventós The Bridge Digital Talent Accelerator Predict Alzheimer Final Project
Arian Ashourvan University of Kansas Algebraic Topology
Ariana Familiar CHOP multimodal, imaging, molecular
Ariana Stickel University of Arizona Hispanic, individual differences, cognitive aging
Ariana Stickel San Diego State University Hispanics, Latinos, modifiable risk
Ariane Bollack University College London longitudinal, amyloid, quantification,
Arianna Francesconi Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma Multimodal Deep Learning model; predictive medicine
Arianna Menardi University of Padova Alzheimer, connectivity gradient, biomarker
Arianna MOss University of California, Irvine depression, dementia
Arianna Sala Università Vita Salute San Raffaele amyloid tau longitudinal
Ariba Khan Massachusetts Institute of Technology computer vision, deep learning, alzheimer
ARIDEEP DUTTA Jabalpur Engineering College AD-alzheimer's diseases
Ariel Graff Universtity of Toronto depression, amyloid, PET
Ariel Iporre Rivas Max Planck Institut metric learning, machine learning
Ariel Rodriguez Technical University Dresden harmonization, scanner effect, mri, brain
Ariela Crestani Sao Jose do Rio Preto Medical School (FAMERP) lipid metabolism, protein modification, palmitoylation, metabolomics, lipidomics
ARIELLE ESPENILLA Boston University School of Medicine proinflammatory, Cerebrospinal Fluid Biomarkers, blood
Arife Gülşah EROL İstanbul Sabahattin Zaim University Machine Learning, SVM, ANN
Ariful Isla Pabna University of Science and Technology Memory impairment
Arijit Bhaduri Jaypee Institute of Information and Technology image-classification
Arijit De Jadavpur University classification; prediction; alzheimer's
Arijit Diganto Bangladesh University of Professionals Alzheimer Disease Diagnosis, MRI, PET scans, ALzimers
Arijit Mishra Indian Institue of Science, Bangalore Alzheimer's Disease, 3D CNN, MRI
Arima Valan Immanuel Antony Dhanasekaran Indian Institute of Information Technology, Design & Management Generative Adversarial Networks, Deep Super Learners,
Arin Kathapurkar Merryhill School scienceproject, sciencefair
Arin Vansomphone Huntington Beach High School Machine learning, Mathematical modeling, Alzheimer's disease, Python, Julia, R
Arindam Basu University of Canterbury Alzheimer's Disease, TBI, Polygenic risk scores
Arindam Sett Genentech Prognosis, Diagnosis of AD
Arineh Moradian UCR ADNI, access, research, UCR
ARINJITA BHATTACHARYYA University of Louisville shrinkage, logistic regression, variable selection, prediction
Aris Perperogou GSK Disease progression models, statistics
Arise Hu Beijing University of Posts and Communications computer-aided diagnosis
Aristeidis Sotiras Washington University in St. Louis non-negative matrix factorization; support vector machines; deep learning;
Ariston Goeke The Hill School Hill School
Aristotle Voineskos Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, University of Toronto neuroimaging, cortical thickness, genetics, alzheimer, cognitive impairment
Arjun Adapa University of Michigan Segmentation, Image Analysis, Hydrocephalus
Arjun Masurkar NYU School of Medicine hippocampus, neuropsychiatric
Arjun Muralidharan Wayne State University mitochondrial mutations
Arjun Punjabi Northwestern University deep learning, data fusion
Arka Bhowmik Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Data science research
Arkadiusz Kwasigroch Hasso Plattner Institute deep learning, self-supervised learning
Arkaprabha Ganguli Michigan State University Alzheimer’s disease, High dimension valariable selection, nonrandom nonresponse
Arkaprava Roy University of Florida Connectome, dMRI
Armaghan Zahid Bahria University Alzheimer, Deep Learning
arman atalar Eskisehir Osmangazi University deeplearning, alzheimer disease, apoe4
Arman Avesta Yale University Deep learning, image segmentation, structural brain MRI
Arman Kulkarni University of Wisconsin, Madison Machine learning, PET, MRI, Alzheimer's Disease, Mild Cognitive Impairment
Arman Rahimi Semmelweis university Alzheimer
Armand González BarcelonaBeta Brain Research Center Biomarkers, Aging
Arnab Giri Jadavpur University Image processing analysis of alzheimer's disease
Arnaud ATTYE Grenoble University Hospital machine learning ; Structural MRI ; phenotype
Arnav Jain Albert Einstein College for Medicine Alzheimer's
Arnd Sörensen Medical Center - University of Freiburg FDG PET; Cox Regression
Arne Grundstad AbbVie AbbVie ADNI
Arnold Bakker Johns Hopkins University Entorhinal Cortex
Arnold Evia Jr. Rush University Medical Center amyloid, tau, PET, correlation
Arnold Teo Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH) T1-weighting, T2-weighting, Computer-Aided-Diagnostics
Arnon Friedmann personal ADAS
ARPIT MITTAL MEERUT INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY alzheimer, prediction, disease, ml
Arpita Parakh Ramdeobaba college ALZHEIEMER
Arron Lacey Alzhiemer's Research UK / Alan Turing Institute trajectory modelling, dimensionality reduction, model validation
Arsal Wildan Naviaddin Brawijaya University arsal
Arsalan Hashemiaghdam Yale University Cognition, Alzheimer's disease
Arsalan Rahimabadi Concordia University Tauopathies, Modeling and SImullation, PET images, DWI Imaging
Arsen Arakelyan Institute of Molecular Biology NAS Armenia spasmodic dysphonia, genetic risk factors, quantitative trait locus analysis
Arshdeep Kaur Central University of Punjab Alzheimer’s disease, machine learning, CNN
Arshin Soltan Bayazidi Amirkabir University of Technology Biostatistics, Statistical Analysis, Alzheimer's Disease
Arshiya Aggarwal Manipal University (MUJ) Jaipur Alzheimer's, MCI, Early diagnosis, Convolution Neural Network
Arshiya Hussain Manipal University Jaipur Alzheimer dataset
Arslan Analytics VisionNet MRI T1 scans
Arslan Siraj jeonbuk national university, South korea research work
ARSYA M Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham PROJECT
Art Noda Stanford University ROC biomarkers
Artem Razumov Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology k-space, mri, image reconstruction
Artemii Nikitin University of Helsinki tutorials
Artemis Zavaliangos-Petropul University of Southern California HARP; hippocampus
Arthur Hamilton Carleton University MRI, fluid-attenuated inversion recovery, cognitive reserve, white matter
Arthur shelby TianGong University brain age, deep learning, structural MRI,
arthur toga usc informatics
Artin Majdi university of arizona Alzheimer , Hippocampus , Thalamus , PhD thesis , deep learning
Artur Shvetcov Black Dog Institute Artificial neural network, prediction, diagnosis
Arturo García Tecnologico Nacional de Mexico, Instituto Tecnologico de Tijuana MRI, CNN, Alzheimer
Arturo Linares Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru Alzheimer, Transparency in decision-making, Early stage, PET-Tau, PET-Amyloid
Arul Elvis Jesudoss BITS, Pilani MRI scan, Support Vector Machine, Discrete Wavelet Transform, PCA
ARUMUGAM J Pondicherry University Alzheimer's disease
Arun Bokde Trinity College Dublin MRI, grey matter, volumetric, hippocampus
Arun kumar S KCT CAD
Arun Mohan Amity University Uttar Pradesh PET image, Deep Learning, Image Processing, Alzheimer
Arun Prakash K NIT Jalandhar AI in medical
Arun Thirunavukarasu Singapore Eye Research Institute automated machine learning, autoML, diagnosis, clinical features, MRI features
Arun Venkataraman University of Rochester amyloid, diffusion MRI
Arunabha Saha Vidyasgar College, University of Calcutta Alzheimer's disease detection, Machine learning, Image processing
Arunesh Dutt university of Allahabad Alzheimer, A.I, ML , DL
Arunesh Mittal Columbia University Machine Learning, State Space Model, Factor Analysis
Arunima Kapoor Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Cognition; Functional Outcome; Alzheimer’s disease
Aruta Niimura Milliman Inc. SyntheticCT
Arvind Caprihan The Mind Research Network White Matter damage, FLAIR, Diffusion, CSF
Arvind KUMAR KTH ROYAL INST OF TECHNOLOGY network structure, controlability, bi-directional connections
arvind kumar amrita machie learning
Arvind Vepa University of California, Los Angeles Machine Learning, Medical Diagnosis
Arvis Sulovari Cajal Neuroscience genetic associations, patient subgroups, neurogenetics
Arya Ganesan Academies of Loudoun Tau, Alzheimer's Disease, Segmentation
Arya Mohan Univ.AI Machine Learning, Predictive Modeling, Decision Trees
ARYA SARKAR N.A Machine Learning
Aryabrata Basu University of Arkansas at Little Rock Genomic, MRI imaging, patient demographics
Aryan Mishra Vellore Institute of Technology Capstone
Aryan Sabounchi Shahid Beheshti university Bayesian statistics,deep learning
Aryan Singh University of Limerick Alzheimer classification, GNN
Arzu Coltekin University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland machine learning, deep learning, automated data analysis
Arzu Has Silemek Cedars Sinai Medical Center Functional and structural connectivity, strength, degree, shortest path length
Asa Kalonga Aspire Analytics AD
Asaad Waqar University of Sargodha neuroimaging, neuro
Asad Iqbal Comsats University, Islamabad AI, Deep Leaning, Medical Image Analysis
Asako Yasuda Nippontect co ltd cognitive changes, MCI
asd sss shanghai martime university dFC, AD, HC
Asef Mahdavi Azad University MRI data, EEG, data fusion
Asghar Ali Harbin University deep learning
Asha Aher San Jose State University Machine Learning Alzhmeirs
Ashapriya Sebastian Birmingham City University Dementia
Ashis Gangopadhyay Boston University Alzheimer's disease, predictive modeling, rare events
Ashish Bajpai Cognizant Predictive Alzheimer Disease Progression using both the PACS & EMR data
Ashish Bodla Self Grand Challenge
Ashish Chinthala ABV-IIITM Machien learning, deep learning
Ashish Gupta Independent Researcher Machine Learning, Deep Learning
Ashish Sahib Lundbeck PET, MRI , Deep learning.
Ashish Thapliyal Graphic Era Deemed to be University Dehradun Protein Protein Interaction, Biomarker, Neuro-degenerative disorders
Ashishi Puri IIT Roorkee Diffusion tensor imaging
Ashkan Dashtban University College London Brain Imaging, Cognitive Impairment
Ashkan Fatemi mashhad university of medical science dementia, metabolomics
Ashleigh Parker University of Victoria Alzheimer's Disease, Subjective Cognitive Decline
Ashley Carter Mass General Alzheimer Disease
Ashley De Luna University of California, Merced classification, neural networks
Ashley Hannah Sanderlin Michigan State University Mild Cognitive impairment, neuropsychiatric symptoms
Ashley Holton MIT Alzheimer's, machine learning
Ashley Lam Einstein College of Medicine Alzheimer's Disease, MRI, Neural Network
Ashley Lee University of Arkansas MCI, Alzheimer's, Random Forest, Prediction
Ashley Luo Shenzhen College of International Education risk factors
Ashley Nguyen Pepperdine University neuropsychology, dementia, alzheimers, cross-cultural
Ashley Onumonu John Hopkins Applied Physics Lab Connectomes
Ashley Stokes Barrow Neurological Institute entropy, diffusion, perfusion, fMRI, biomarkers
Ashley Walton Mass General Hospital MRI, stage, alzheimer's
Ashlyn Roice Mountain House High School Alzheimer's disease, GANN, adversarial machine learning
Ashmita Ramkhelawon UOM Alzheimer's dataset
Ashok Arora ABV - Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management, Gwalior interpretability, healthcare
Ashraf Rashid IIT Indore Deep learning, Transfer learning, Alzheimer's disease
Ashray Gattani DJSCE alzheimer's disease,fedml
Ashray Gattani Dwarkadas Jivanlal Sanghvi ENgineering College Alzheimer, Distributed Learning, CNN
Ashutosh Mishra Thapar University DeepLearning, Ensamble Learning
Ashwani Kumar Malik Indian Institute of Technology Indore Alzheimer disease, machine learning
Ashwath Raj USC Post-processed Structural Images, Freesurfer, Control Normal
Ashwin J V King George Medical University Transfer learning, cognitive disorders, MRI of brain and CT brain.
Ashwin Jadhav Enlitic Head MRI, Machine learning
Ashwin Kumar Uniyal Newcastle University Natural Language Processing
Ashwin Kumar Uniyal Newcastle University NLP, Self supervised learning
Ashwini kumar Pal NA NA
asi yusi National College of Technology Tomo0723
Asier Erramuzpe Mondragon Unibertsitatea AD structure function preprocessing MRI
Asif Rasheed Lakehead University Alzheimer's disease, machine learning, comparative analysis
Asim Iqbal Cajal Neuroscience Alzheimer, Parkinson
Asim Samli Bogazici University super resolution, deep learning
Asimina Aglamisi Uiversity of West Attica master, biomedical technology, thesis
Asis Heriberto Rangel Ortiz Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro ADNI Challenge Missing data Kaggle Datasets
Asish swain IIT JODHPUR, INDIA neuroimaging
Asit Kumar Lenka KIIT Alzheimer's diseases.
Aslan Modir Sahand university of Technology (SUT) MCI, Alzheimer's disease, AD, connectivity, deep learning, BOLD signal
Asma Hallab Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin neuropsychiatric investigation, depression scale
Asma Mahgoub Hamad Bin Khalifa University Machine Learning, Dementia, Classification, Model Building
Asma Naseer National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences Computer Automated Diagnosis
Asma Nasr Asmanasr Alzheimer's
ASMA NAZ SHARIQ COMSATS UNIVERSITY MRI images, Alzheimer's Disease, Machine Learning
asma shaheen University of Udine Alzheimer, segmentation, Convolutional neural network
Asmaa Goda Bani Suef university Alzheimer's disease, Alzheimer's detection , deep learning
Asmaa Rassil university Chouaib Doukkali Reinforcement Learning, Genarative Modeling, Alzheimer’s Disease Prediction
Asmita Goswami Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Early Alzheimer's Disease Detection, Machine Learning, ADNI Dataset
Asmita Goswami Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Alzheimer's Disease Prediction, ADNI Dataset
Asrar Alharthi Taif University MRI
Assaf Gottlieb UTHealth AD, FTD
Astrid Melani Nainggolan Universitas Sumatera Utara EfficientDet, Alzheimer, MRI
Astrid Wachter Abbvie Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG biomarker identification
Aswini Kumar Patra NERIST neuro-imaging, genetic algorithm, VBM
Atanu Bhattacharjee Tata Memorial Centre Joint longitudinal modeling, time to event data, biomarker
Atefe Aghaei Shahid Beheshti University image processing, segmentation, feature extraction, deep learning, classificatio
Atefe Hajian Isfahan University of technology Graph convolutional network, Interpretable AI, Brain Graph
Atefeh Gholami Khajeh Nasir Toosi University of Technology Alzheimer's disease, Artificial intelligence, Deep learning, Machine learning
Athanasios Tragakis University of Glasgow thanos2021!
Athanasios Tsanas University of Oxford, Oxford, UK Signal processing, statistical machine learning
Atharvan Dogra Thapar Institute Of Engineering And Technology (Patiala, Punjab) Research, Computer Science, Federated Learning, Artificial Intelligence
Atharwa Wagh Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Vision transformer, Alzheimer's Disease classification, Computer Vision
Athena Chen University of California, Berkeley machine learning, classification, prediction, neural network
Athira B TKMCE Cerebral Blood Flow; Arterial Spin Labeling; Outlier rejection; Alzheimer’s dise
Atif Mehmood Xidian University images
Atif Mehmood Xidian University images
Atif Mehmood Zayed University Alzheimer's disease
ATIF MEHMOOD KTH Royal Institute of Technology Alzhimers, Tractpgraphy, classifcation, connectome
Atif Riaz City University, London Deep Learning, classification,
Atif Riaz City, university of London Deep Learning, fMRI, AI
Atif Riaz City University of London fMRI, classification, deep learning, end-to-end networks
Atika Syeda University of Oxford Brain complexity alzheimer's
Atila Gokcek Ataturk Sanatorium Training and Research Hospital brain PET, dementia, Alzheimer
Atita Suwannasak Chiang Mai university Deep learning, MRI
Atith Gandhi Georgia Institute of Technology Multi-Modal, Alzheimer, Health Informatics
Atiye Riasi K. N. Toosi University of Technology Alzheimer’s Disease, Deep learning, Artificial intellig
Atlas Haddadi MUMS U-net, segmentation, medical image analysis, deep learning
Atsushi Ito Chuo University brain wave, dimentia
Atsushi Iwata The University of Tokyo J-ADNI
Atsushi Yamaguchi Graduate School of Medicine, Chiba University dementia, tractography, fMRI
Attique Ur Rehman NUST disease prediction, Machine learning
Atulya M S LeWagon Alzheimer's disease detection deep learning
Atulya Reddy University of WIsconsin-Madison biomaker, EBP
Audil Hussain Lovely Professional University Machine Learning
Audrey Duran TheraPanacea amyloid-PET - image translation
Audrey Lovina Yudiono Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology TD-CNN-LSTM, AD, MRI sequence, multi-class
Audrey Low University of Cambridge small vessel disease; amyloid; tau
August King peiking university Alzheimer’s disease dementia assessment
August Smit Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Alzheimer tissue proteomics
August VanHout University of Michigan Variational Autoencoder, university, machine learning, methods
Augusto J. Mendes Université de Genève atn model apoe
Augusto Silva University of Aveiro Radiomics, Information fusion
Aura Puche Universidad de Antioquia fMRI, MRI, Voxel-based, graph analysis
Aurelia Leona Boston University Alzheimer's
Aurelian Radu Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Alzheimer's disease, mild cognitive impairment, blood biomarkers;
Aurelie Bussy McGill University Hippocampus Segmentation Aging Alzheimer's Disease
Aurélie Pistono Ghent University language
Auriel Willette Iowa State University MRI volumetrics; FDG-PET; mass spectrometry; biomarkers
Aurora Femat Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro image processing, gray matter, ventricles
Austin Briley University of Tokyo Alzheimer's disease diagnosis, CNN, pooling techniques, fuzzy theory
Austin Le University of California, Berkeley PET, beta-amyloid, tau
Austin Tapp Children's National Medical Center normative; atlas; calvaria; segmentation
Autin Mitra Thomas Jefferson High School of Science and Technology Machine Learning, Alzheimer's, Computer Vision
Avalon Campbell-Cousins The University of Edinburgh Brain networks, brain activity, fMRI, DTI
Averi Giudicessi Columbia University Alzheimers, Sex differences
Averil DU ShanXi Medical University Aa123456
avigail grinstein Hebrew University of Jeruslem AD, prevention, data
Avik Jain SRM Institute of Science and Technology Channai image_processing, CNN, AI,
Avinash Chandra King's College London Alzheimer's disease; amyloid; tau; genetics
Avinash Chandra Queen Mary University of London MCI, AD, lifestyle risk, dementia prevention
avishay david Malka weizmann institute of science DL, ML, Cancer
Avizit Chandra Adhikary Florida State University Disease progression, Deep Learning
Avram Bukhbinder McGovern Medical School of University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Structural, Diffusion, NDDs, NPH
Aw Hui Yee University Malaysia Perlis Alzheimer disease
awaas mohammed University of Hull dissertation
Awan Afiaz University of Dhaka Causal Inference, Joint Modeling, Longitudinal Data
Aws AL-ZARQAWEE Universiti Malaysia Pahang CNN,Softmax
Aya abdelaziz University of brothers mentouri PhD Bioinformatics Alzheimer prediction Deep Learning
aya adel cairo university classification
Aya Ali Nile university Master project, data fusion, disease detection
aya ben abdallah enetcom brain , hippocampus , MRI , alzheimer 's , segmentation
Aya Fergany university of helwan 123
Aya Galal American University in Cairo Machine Learning, multi omics, integrative, predictive, modeling
Aya Hassouneh Western Michigan University Alzheimer’s
Aya Kabbara Lebanese university mri, alzheimer
Aya Musleh University of Southern California Data science. Neuroimaging and Informatics, masters
Ayad TakiEddine badji mokhtar university diagnosing alzheimer
ayah moustafa Mansoura university of Egypt Alzheimer's detection, deep Learning
ayah moustafa Mansoura university of Egypt Alzheimer's detection, deep Learning
Ayan Mandal University of Cambridge genetics, cortical thickness, atrophy
Ayantika Das HTIC,IITM Classification of brain MRI
Aycan Cagri Emen Middle East Technical University linear mixed effect models, longitudinal data, statistical analysis
ayda pirvaram azad university Alzheimer’s disease , FBB PET result ,
Aye Tun National Chi Nan University Wasserstein distance, Hyperbolic, shape indexing
Ayesha Ahmed University of Edinburgh ALZHIEMERS,CNN,MACHINE LEARNING,MRI,PET
Ayesha Bibi University of Gujrat Alzheimer's disease
Ayesha Jadoon Istanbul Medipol University Deep learning, CNN
Ayesha Sultana Sjce Alzimers disease
Aymen Chaouch LABTIM image fusion
Aymen Omar University of Strathclyde Alzheimer
Aymen Sekhri ENSSTIC Machine learning, Data preprocessing
AYNUR ÇOBAN Gazi University cerebellum pons MRI volumetric MRI mild cognitive impairment Alzheimer's disease
Ayodeji Ijishakin University College London Deep Learning, Generative Modelling, Neurodegenerative research.
Ayoub Assmi Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Arts Et Métiers Alzheimer's disease - MRI images - machine learning-artificial intelligence
Ayoub GUEDDOU Qynapse qynapse t1 brain mri healthy
AYOUB MASHATE Firecode deep learning
Ayumi Yamada Fujita health University MCI, prediction
Ayush Aneja Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology Machine learning project
Ayush Doshi University of Virginia Spherical deconvolution, 3-tissue extraction, Deep learning
Ayush Dubey R.V College of Engineering Alzheimer
Ayush Dutta Sri Ramakrishna €engineering College CNN alzheimer project
Ayush Gupta IIT Delhi NA
ayush kumar vellore institute of technology alzheimers level prediction ml
Ayush Sharma Malviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur Brain disorder diagnosis and analysis
Ayush Srivastava IIT Kharagpur Machine Learning
AYUSHE GANGAL G.B. Pant Govt. Engineering College neural networks, deep learning
AYushi Joshi University of Massachusetts Amherst NA
Ayushri Arora Jktech Alzheimer's classification
Azade Farshad Technical University of Munich Deep Learning, Self-supervised learning, Multi-modal representation learning
Azadeh Noori Hoshyar Federation University Australia reinforced learning, dementia
Azam Sajjadi nasab Hamedan university AZAM
Azhaar Ashraf Imperial College London Amyloid, tau, glucose, MCI, Alzheimer's disease, MRI, PET, CSF, cognitive declin
Azhagammal SC IIIT Parkinson's
Azhagammal SC IIIT ADNI2, fMRI
Azhar Anees University of westminster Quantum Machine Learning, Alzheimer's, Automation, MRI
Azhar Molla Vanderbilt University Distortion Correction, fMRI
Azian Azamimi Abdullah Universiti Malaysia Perlis Alzheimer’s disease (AD), MRI, machine learning, prediction tool
azin moradi sepahan alzheimer disease regions of interest classification
Azin Shokraei Fard The University of Queensland MRI, PET
Aziz Ulug Cortechs Labs diffusion, multishell, Azheimers
azizeh akbari Hakim Sabzevari University fMRI- alzheimer's disease- ADNI
Azmain Kabir Brac University Federated Learning, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, ADNI Dataset, IoMT
Azmat Ullah COMSATS university Islamabad, Lahore Campus dementia, alzeimers, dataset
Azubuike Nzegwu Leeds Beckett University Alzheimer, Dementia, Machine Learning
B Narasimhan BITS GOA Deep Learning/Machine Learning
b prithiraj IIIT BBSR Alzheimer's disease
B Sn ASU artificial intelligence
B. Lei Shenzhen University classification
B.T. Thomas Yeo National University of Singapore machine learning, resting-state fMRI
Babak Afshin-Pour BioSymetrics Inc Biomarker, data fusion, Alzheimer
Babak Ardekani Nathan Kline Institute MRI; Corpus callosum; shape analysis;
Babak Asadpour Shahid Beheshti University of medical sciences Alzheimer's disease, magnetic resonance imaging, white matter hyperintensities
Babak Aslani George Mason University causal learning, Mixed-type data
Babak Shahbaba UC Irvine Statistical machine learning, high dimensional data analysis
Babangida Zachariah Kaduna State University Prediction, Alzheimer's Disease
Babatunde Falohun University of Houston Neurlogical System Monitoring, Cerebral Center Mapping, Biomedical Imaging
Babatunde Khalidson University of St Andrews Image Classifier
Babylakshmi Muthusamy Institute of Bioinformatics Bioinformatics, Genetics
Badal Gami Delhi Technological University Artificial Intelligence, Dementia, Machine Learning, Deep Learning
Badal Gami Delhi Technological University Multimodal Analysis, Dementia, Feature Extraction
Badar Almarri King Faisal University AD, Machine Learning, Feature Selection
Badar Almarri King Faisal University AD, Machine Learning, Feature Selection
Badri Vardarajan Columbia University NGS, WGS, rare mutations
Baha Ihnaini Wenzhou Kean University Alzheimer Disease Prediction
Bahaaldin Helal Western University Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, Neuroimaging, MRI, Machine learning
Bahadır Tatar Çankaya University ADNI Dataset,Biomarkers, Alzheimer's Disease
bahar hashemi University deep learning, Alzheimer's disease
Bahar Shafi naderi shahid beheshti university dementia Alzheimer deep learning A.I.
bahar torabi qazvin azad university(QIAU) alzheimer, MRI, diagnosis
Bahar Yalcinkaya Aix Marseille University - INSERM virtual brain, AD, pathological ageing
bahareh asadpour ferdowsi university of mashhad research, sMRI, AD, alzheimer's disease
Bahareh Nakisa Deakin Teaching
Bahareh Yavarizadeh Brock university linear regression
Bahir Salisu Isa SSN College of Engineering Parkinson's disease, Progression
Bahram Mohajer Tehran University of Medical Sciences Imaging genetics, Behavioral neural sciences, MCI to Alzheimer's progression
bai yang North China Electric Power University artificial intelligence
Bai Yijun Nanjing University deep learning, mutimodal,
bai Yongxin Renmin university of China variable selective additive model
bai yongxin Renmin university of china partial functional smoothed quantile regression
Baidar Bukht University of Rostock CNN
Baijiang Yuan University College London CNN, YOLO4,Object detection, Computer science
Baik Da young Hankuk University of Foreign Studies medical image analysis with deep learning
Bailey Krueger Wright State University Brain, MRI
Bailey Sanden University Of Pittsbrugh Longitudinal Modeling, Changed Variables, Pattern Recognition
Bailiang Jian Technical University of Munich medical image registration, longitudinal analysis
Baillie Wheatley University of Newcastle skull-stripping
Baiqing Sun Northeastern University (China) Alzheimer's disease
Baisen Liu Dongbei University of Finance & Economics functional data analysis, Cox proportional hazards
baixue huang Jiangsu University brain network
Baizhou Pan Penn State University, MCNL lab computational neuroscience, fMRI, CSF, neuroimaging
Balaji E PSG College of technology Deep learning , CNN, V3 inception model
balaji kannappan chosun university hippocampal subfield
Balasrinivasa Sajja University of Nebraska Medical Center MRI, Genomic, Neural Networks, AD
Balazs Toth Genentech disease progression, endpoint
Banafsheh Shakibajahromi University of Pennsylvania Alzheimer disease, cognition, dementia, white matter hyperintensity
Banan Alhadlaq Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University Alzheimer's disease , data mining , machine learning , Artificial intelligent
Bang Tran University of Nevada, Reno MRI, Deeplearning
Bang Zheng Imperial College London plasma amyloid, CSF amyloid
Bangjun Li Shandong University, China MRI
bangming gong shanghai university multi-view, medical imaging
Bangsheng Wu Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University, Shanghai, China Alzheimer's disease, progressive pattern
Bao Bui Ngoc Jeonbuk National University Computer Vision, pattern recognition, segmentation
baobao xiao shanghai 121
Baochi Li zhengzhou university Alzheimer,ADNI program,open data sets
baofang ke Central South University tensor,gee,quantile
Baolin Chen Shanghai Uiversity of Finance and Economics functional data analysis, samples of density functions
Baoling SHAN University of Technology Sydney graph learning, brain networks
Baoru Zhao Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine neuroimaging
Baoru Zhao Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine neuroimaging, cognitive function
BaoYu Zhao 长春理工大学 深度学习算法提高诊断准确率
BaoZuPeng BaoZuPeng China Jiliang University Research
Baptiste Couvy-Duchesne Institute of Molecular Bioscience Advanced brain aging, prediction, structural MRI
BARAA RAYED Tekirdag Namik Kemal Unviversity Hippocampus Segmentation using Convolutional Neural Networks
Baran Aydogan University of Eastern Finland diffusion MRI, microstructure analysis, tractography, connectivity
Barbara Brito Vega IXICO Ltd PET, MRI
Barbara Engelhardt Princeton University Association studies, GWAS
Barbara Marebwa MJFF connectomics
Barbara Wendelberger Berry Consultants Alzheimer's Disease, disease progression, biomarkers
Bardia Khosravi Students Scientific Research Center Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Machine Learning
Baris Baydargil Kyungsung University Alzheimer's disease, Medical Imaging, Deep Learning, Meta Learning
barış genç ondokuz mayis university FMRI,ADNI
Baris Metin Uskudar University Alzheimer, DTI
Barnaly Rashid Harvard Medical School White Matter Signal Abnormalities (WMSA); White Matter Lesion; Parcellation
Barnaly Rashid Niji Neuroscience Aging, Alzheimer's Disease and dementia, structural imaging analysis tool
Barnaly Rashid MGH MRI, white matter lesion
Barry Nuqoba Singapore Management University Causal Discovery
Barsha Tripathi Pokhara University Single-Cell RNA Sequencing
basar demir unc brain imaging
Basharat Ali UET PESHAWAR, Pakistan Deep learning, Machine learning
basheer saeed none student, university, project
Basil Ridha University College Hospital inclusion body myositis, neuropsychological profile
Basma Jaber Goldsmiths, University of London Recurrent Neural Network, Alzheimer's Disease.
Basri erdogan Bogazici University Alzheimer's disease, deep learning, cnn
Bassam Al-Fatly Charite University Medicine fMRI, DTI, connectivity, severity
Bastian Jung Chalmers University of Technology Time Series, Prediction, Machine Learning, AI
Bastian Rieck ETH Zurich topological data analysis, topology, connectivity, persistent homology, TDA
Batool Rizvi Columbia University white matter hyperintensities, cortical thickness, blood pressure, aging
Batoul Diab Tarbiat Modares University Alzheimer's, deep learning, artificial intelligence
Battle Chen FZU multi-modal
Batur Çiftçi Yeditepe University .
Baxter Rogers Vanderbilt University longitudinal, structural, functional
bayoudhi rihab enetc'om Segmentation
Bean Jered Tianjin Medical University Genetics
Beata Gyorgy ICM gwas, personalised medicine, longitudinal analysis
beata lee 郑州大学第一附属医院 Mendelian randomization, multi-omics data
Beatrice Costa University College London r programming, neurodegeneration, workshop
Beatrice Demiray Technical University Munich, Germany Deep Learning; Neural Networks; Detection; Segmentation; Multi-Modal
beatrice samuel vellore institute of technology deep learning,Alzheimer’s Disease
Beatriz Cepa University of Minho image pre-processing; high-performance computing; parallelization
Beatriz Coretti Faculdade de Medicina de Ribeirão Preto SARS-CoV-2, [18F]FDG PET/CT, PMOD Technologies, brain images, quality control
Beatriz Padrela Amsterdam UMC Machine Learning
Bechir Jamoussi MedTech - Mediterranean Institute Of Technology Alzheimer, Deep Learning
Bedria Durdana BRAC University Alzheimers, ND, MRI
Begüm Burhan Çukurova University brain lesions, comparison study
Begüm Erkal Başkent University demance, alzheimer
Behdad Khodabandehloo University of Tehran Machine Learning, Classification
Behnam Karami Shahid Beheshri University deep learning
Behnaz Gheflati Concordia University Generative adversarial networks, data augmentation
Behnaz Jafari University of Calgary fMRI, EEG, Neural Network, integration, Alzheimer's
Behrooz Ghane University of Isfahan Deep Learning
Beibei qi Jingdezhen Ceramic University Access to Alzheimer's data
Beibei QI Jingdezhen Ceramic University Get patients data, thank you very much.
Béla Weiss Research Centre for Natural Sciences prediction, modeling, machine learning, Alzheimer’s disease, cross-validation
BELABIED Redouane esi MRI, AI model, CNN, Medical imaging
Belal Fars Future University in Egypt Machine learning - Deep learning - Diagnosis - HIS
Bella Milan-Chhatrisha King's College London, GKT School of Medical Education Automatic segmentation, MAPER, ADNI
Ben Duffy USC QC
Ben Fleming University of Birmingham Convolutional Neural Network, Multi-Class Classification, Reccommendation
Ben Isselmann University of Applied Science Darmstadt, Germany Alzheimer's disease, deep learning, classification
Ben Jeurissen University of Antwerp diffusion, fixel-based, constrained spherical deconvolution
Ben Life University of British Columbia whole genome sequence, regulatory variants
Ben messaoud zeineb isimg hippocampus
Ben Parsons Bournemouth University NA
Ben Parsons Bournemouth University NA
Ben Philps University of Edinburgh Machine learning, SVD, Segmentation, Disease progression, Domain Generalization,
Ben Rogers-Boehme University of Pennsylvania DREAM challenge, model testing
Ben Searchinger UC Berkeley tau, amyloid, deep learning, PET scan, Alzheimer's, machine learning
Ben Sinclair Monash University Perivascular spaces, deep learning
Benazir R Rajalakshmi Engineering College Cognitive impairment, Alzhemeir, Parkinson
Benazir Rowe University of Nevada Las Vegas bayesian, gene, GWAS
Benbakreti samir ENSTTIC Machine learning, deep learning
Bendan Da Beijing University of Technology Alzheimer's Disease
Benedetta Tafuri university of magna graecia brain, structural covariance analysis, network
Bénédicte Mortamet CIBM - SIEMENS (leaded by Gunnar Krueger, PhD) morphometry
Benedikt Arnthof LMU München deep learning, self supervised learning, MRI, convolutional neural networks, CNN
Benedikt Kürzinger University Hospital of Leipzig FreeSurfer Amygdala Affective Disorder
Benfeard Williams National Institute on Aging AD
benhuo zhao the affiliated hospital of yangzhou university,Jiangsu Province,China RNA-seq, PD
Benjam Wang Henan University data mining; deep learning; texture analysis
Benjamin Behrens Western Michigan University Alzheimer's, CABD, KNN, SURF
Benjamin Bender AIRAmed GmbH MCI-AD conversion, healthy reference, segmentation
Benjamin Billot UCL segmentation, volumetry analysis
Benjamin Brown Belmont University Dementia;Cognition;sex differences
Benjamin Cham University of Leicester Deep learning, medical image processing
Benjamin Chen PUMC worsening pace of the EADs
Benjamin Goudey University of Melbourne Prognostics modelling; machine learning; biomarker discovery
Benjamin Kollerup Aarhus University Early prediction of AD, machine learning, statistical models
Benjamin Lambert Pixyl Medical Deep learning, Anomaly detection
Benjamin Lu Green Hope High School speech recognition, Alzheimer's disease
Benjamin Mast University of Louisville behavioral & psychological symptoms of dementia, network analysis
Benjamin Nephew Worcester Polytechnic Institute deep learning model, predictive, anatomical, clinical outcomes
Benjamin Newman University of Virginia Diffusion, DTI, MSMT-CSD
Benjamin Pizarro Universidad de Chile Machine Learning
Benjamin Risk Emory University data harmonization, AD, MCI, causal inference
Benjamin Sweely VUMC QC, Quality Control, FreeSurfer, machine learning
benjamin thyreau Tohoku University MRI, statistical modelling, machine-learning, behavioral data
Benjamin Wagner UT Southwestern Medical Center graph theory, functional connectivity
Benjamin Wagner Duke University Aging
Benjamin Wagner Duke University Aging
Benjamin Wang The Hill School Dr. Salat, Alzheimer's disease, research, Freesurfer, Hill School
Benjamin Wong PW machine learning, CNN
Bennett Landman Vanderbilt labeling, multi-atlas
Benoit Dufumier Université Paris-Saclay PhD project, Transfer Learning in NeuroImaging, MICCAI 2021
Benoit Lehallier Alkahest Plasma CSF MRI trajectories
Benoit Souchet AgenT Alzheimer’s - SiIent Phase - Blood Diagnosis - AI - Transfer Learning
Benoy Bose COSQ NETWORK PRIVATE LIMITED Model Tensorflow Alzheimer's
Berardino Barile Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 Artificial Intelligence
Berina Dedovic Faculty of Electrical Engineering University of Sarajevo dataset; alzheimer; eeg
Berina Suljic Faculty of Electrical Engineering ALZHEIMER
Berkay MENGUNOGUL Marmara University Graduation Project
berlin shaheema National Institute of technology, Silchar PET, PET-MRI, PET-CT and SPECT
berna yenigün Ege University capsulenetwork, segmentation
Bernabe Bustos Northwestern University WES, Burden, rare variant analysis
Bernard Cobbinah University of Electronics Science and Technology of China Convolutional Neural Networks
Bernard Fongang UT Health San Antonio Dementia, Vascular dementia, Gene expression, MRI markers
Bernard Hanseeuw Massachusetts General Hospital Striatum hippocampus
BERNARDO AZEVEDO City University of London Medical image segmentation task
Bernardo Silva Wuhan University of Technology Segmentation, deep leraning, CT brain images
Bernardo Villa-Sanchez University of Trento blood pressure, arterial pressure, cognitive functions, aging
Bernhard Kainz Imperial College London machine learning; decision support; automated diagnostics and prediction
Bernie Chen NCKU,Taiwan digital cdt, dementia
Berrin Yanikoglu Sabanci University deep learning
Bertrand Adanve Genetic Intelligence, Inc Whole genome sequence, Artificial intelligence, Computational analysis
Bertrand Kwibuka Ashoka University AI, Deep learning, Algorithms, MRI
Besma Guesmi ISIM Monastir (ISIMM) 8PI35
Besma MABROUK National School of Engineers of Sfax TUNISIA MRI,T1,T2,FLAIR,ITD.
Bess Frost UT Health San Antonio Alzheimer's Dementia, transposable elements, association study
Beste Aydemir Bilkent University Course Projects, Alzheimer's, Bilkent University
Beth Shaaban University of Pittsburgh methods, biomarkers, generalizability
Beth Springate University of Connecticut awareness, dementia
Bethany Coad Cardiff University Thalamus Amyloid
Betty Tijms Amsterdam UMC Alzheimer's disease; CSF; proteomics; MRI; PET
Beyza Saylan Fü Universtiy Alzheimer
Bhagyavan Mashatte JSSSTU Mysuru. Alzheimer
Bhanja Swain SOA University Alzheimer's disease, MRI,fMRI,PET
Bhankhar Ram Singh IITRopar Segmentation, Bias correction, denoising
Bhanu Kuchibhotla Rennes School of Business Data Science, Machione Learning
Bhanu Teja IIITNR Alzheimer's disease
Bharat Biswal NJIT fMRI; functional connectivity, brain
Bharatesh S Indian Institute of Science Trauma, Ageing, Stress
Bharath surendar Vellore Institute of Technology Deep learning, alzheimers, MRI
Bharathi Sri K G Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Survey on medical image analysis
Bharathi U Anna University Alzheimer's disease, deep learning, MRI
Bhargav Tallapragada Murdoch University ADOPIC
Bhargav Teja Nallapu Albert Einstein College of Medicine alcohol, hippocampus, cognitive assessment
Bhargavi Kumaran Vellore institute of Technology bias detection
BHARTI RANA UNIVERSITY OF DELHI Machine Learning, Medical Image Analysis
Bhaskar Saripella Freelancer U-net,MR-net MRI imaging
Bhavana Prakash New York University T1 Weighted, MRI scan, Alzheimer's disease
Bhavana Raj Nagaraj Srinivasappa kingston university london Dimensia, Brain Images, alzheimer
Bhavana Tadigadapa Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham GNN, Brain network analysis
Bhavesh Parmar L. D. College of Engineering MRI, Alzimer
Bhavinkumar Panchal Liverpool John Moores University PET AV1451 , clinical data, Access Request
Bhavya Kumawat Techno India NJR Institute of Technology Research Work
Bhavya Tibrewala BITS Pilani Deep Learning, MRI Brain Scans
Bhrigu Garg University of California Santa Cruz Generative Models, Medical Imaging, Segmentation
Bhupender Kaushal BITS Pilani Machine Learning, Artificial Neural Networks
bhuvaneswari PR Saveetha engineering college Image classification
Bi Yizhen Tianjin University Multi-modality learning;
Bianca De Blasi Ixico Medical imaging analysis, Biomarkers
Bianca Ferreira ISEP Alzheimer's Disease, FDG-PET, Neural Networks
Bianca Zaccaria Deledda International School school, paper, scans
biao zhou HeFei University medical image processing
Bibin Prasad Anna University Image
Bidisha Sengupta Stephen F Austin State University plaque, neurodegeneration, dementia, Alzheimer's disease
Bifang He Guizhou University Alzheimer’s disease, brain structure change, aging, gene expression
Bijen Khagi Chosun ML, CNN
Biji CL University of Kerala Machine learning , Deep learning
Bijit Roy KU Leuven personalized medicine, profile regression, mixture modelling
Bikram Khastgir BrainSightAI segmentation , DMN
Bilal Hussein Federal university lokoja ALZHEIMER'S disease dataset
bilal k COMSATS University fyp
Bilal Mohammed National Instistutes of Health Image Segmentation, Deep Learning, Neuro Imaging
Bilal Sowan petra alzheimer’s disease prediction
BILEESH BABU VELLORE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Brain age prediction, deep learning
Bilge Ipek Torun Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University, School of Medicine brain volume, Alzheimer's disease
Bilin Zeng California State University Bakersfield sufficient dimension reduction; tensor regression; longitidinal imaging analysis
Bill Chu wenzhou medical university tau distribution;CSF biomarker;prognosis;Alzheimer's disease
Bill Garofano AZTherapies Alzheimer's Disease, Amyloid Beta, Tau, Neurofilament Light
Bill Xia University of Wisconsin-Madison machine learning, ui
Bima adhiwinata kurniawan Trunojoyo university of madura thesis, Alzheimer's
Bima Adhiwinata Kurniawan trunojoyo university of madura Alzheimer
Bin Chen Tongren hospital of wuhan university ApoE, AD, brain, cognition
Bin Guo Vanderbilt University White Matter, BOLD, Lag time
BIN Jiang Huazhong University of Science & Technology 14796891672
Bin Li Georgetown University Medical Center Convolutional Neural Network, fMRI and PET imaging
bin wang central South university image analysis
bin yan Beijing Institute of Technology Segmentation
Bin Yao University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Course project
bin yu Yun Nan Normal University Deep learning model experiments
bin zhang Peking Union Medical College Alzheimer’s disease,neuroimaging , plasma biomarkers
Bin Zhang Guangdong Institute of intelligent science and Technology Integration, Multimodal, AD, MCI
Bin Zhao North Dakota State University Hypergraph SBM; Statistics; Missing Value
Binalfew Tsehay Debre markos university Scanner, dementia , longitudinal
Binbin Zhu the affiliated hospital of medical school of Ningbo University MRI; fMRI; surgery
Bindu Garg Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering Machine learning, Deep learning, Alzheimer's
Bindu MG Cochin University of Science and Technology swam intelligence, feature selection
Bineesha Jabi TKMCE MRI brain image
Bing Cao university of north carolina at chapel hill medical image synthesis
Bing Li Yangtze University machine learning;image processing
bing lian hangzhou dianzi university MultiModal Machine Learning
bing lian hangzhou dianzi university MultiModal Machine Learning
Bing Lin CMU wavelet Analysis
Bing Tian School of Economics, XiaMen University Variable screening, Ultrahigh dimensionality
Bing Wang The Chinese University of Hong Kong subgroup detection; survival analysis
Bing Yan Lim University of Malaya Alzheimer’s disease; Computer-aided diagnosis; Deep learning;
Bing Zhao Qingdao Municipal Hospital Zhaobing-neurology
Bingda Tang Tsinghua University deep learning
bingdong xu The First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University Mild cognitive impairment; Aβ42; Cerebrospinal fluid; Amyloid PET negativity
bingdou he Hechi University Alzheimer's disease,Deep learning
binghao wang The First Afliated Hospital imaging markers; early-dementia
Binghui Ding SouthWest University Alzheimer's disease, spiking neural network, classification, rs-fMRI
Binghui Ding SouthWest University Alzheimer's disease, spiking neural network, classification, rs-fMRI
Bingjia Liu Northeastern University(China) meta analysis;AD;deep learning
Bingjie Wu Shandong University Alzheimer’s disease, Bayesian method, functional regression, longitudinal data
Bingjie Yan Hainan university ADNI machine-learning
bingjie zheng SUSTech brain science,brain network,cognitive science
bingjing cui chang'an university meta-state, brain state,ADIN
bingxue liang Qingdao University of Science and Technology multi-source heterogeneous data
bingyang Cai SJTU AD MRI PET
Bingyuan Wang zhengzhou university AD, deep learning
Bingzhen Chen University of Florida statistical modeling
Binh Mai VNUHCM-University of Information Technology ADNI
Binita Rajbanshi University of Virginia Tau and amyloid beta relation
Binuka Jayaweera University of Reading Convolutional Neural Network, Alzheimer Diagnosis
Binyin Li Massachusette General Hospital research in AD
Biprodip Pal Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology Deep Learning, Explainable AI
Biqin Gao Harbin engineering University Microglia in Alzheimer's Disease
BIQIN GAO Harbin engineering University MRI images analysis
BIQIN GAO Harbin engineering University MRI images analysis
Bir Gujral Innogen Incorporated LLC Computational Modeling, AI, Biomarkers
Birsu Bac Northwestern University biomarkers, research, aging, AD transgenic rats, APOE, Abeta, masters thesis
Bishal Upadhyaya University of California San Francisco Deep Learning, amyloid imaging, prediction model
Biswakalpa Patra Mizoram University AD Datasets
Biswanath Saha IISER Kolkata ML
Biwen Wang Washington University in Saint Louis course project, Alzheimer
Biyar Ahmed Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine Olfactory deficits, Alzheimer's disease, fMRI
biying yang Sun Yat-sen University Alzheimer's disease,brain metabolism,biological marker
Biying Zhang 空军军医大学军事预防医学系 functional principal component analysis
Bjarni Johannsson OUH NPH, normal pressure hydrocephalus
Björn Schott Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology inflammation
Bjørn Jensen University of Glasgow machine learning, neural networks, diagnosis, robustness
Black Ge Beijing University of Science and Technology fMRI ,classify
Blaine Keetch University of Nottingham dynamics, connectome, biomarkers, alzheimers
Blaise Frederick McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School resting state, perfusion,
Blaise MBUNGA MPUTU EXPLEO clinical prediction model, internship, data science
Blake Dewey Johns Hopkins University mri, ct, synthesis
Blake Vaughn University of Kentucky AD, ML, AI
Blanca Bastardés Climent Peltarion AB Autism Spectrum Disorder, GANs, Neuroimaging, Master Thesis
Blanca Guillén Universidad Nacional Experimental del Táchira Alzheimer’s disease, early detection, fMRI images
Blanca López-Bravo Universidad Carlos III de Madrid Neural Networks, Data Science
Blanca Rodríguez-Fernández BarcelonaBeta Brain Research Center telomere length, cognition, biomarkers
Bless Agbley University of Electronic Science and Technology of China Federated ML, Multimodal Medical Analysis
Blessing Ocheido Nottingham Trent University Machine learning deep learning comparative analysis
Bo Cao University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Machine learning
Bo Chen Hangzhou Dianzi University fMRI, functional connectivity
Bo Hu Tangdu hospital, Air force medical university Aging, cognitive performance, Alzheimer's disease.
Bo Huang Calyx AD, PET, amyloid
Bo Jiao West China Hospital Electroencephalogram; Cognitive function
Bo Kyoung Cheon Samsung medical center Alzheimer's Disease
Bo Kyu Choi Yonsei university prediction model
Bo Li Shandong technology and business university deep learning
BO LING University of Birmingham U-net, Image Segmentation, Dense connection, Hippocampus
Bo Liu Beihang University brain extraction; deep learning
bo Liu the second affiliated hospital of Nanchang university APOE4 imaging cognitive function
Bo Shen New Jersey Institute of Technology tensor data analytics, tensor regression
Bo Tan Fudan University, Huashan Hospital fMRI, dMRI, spinal cord injury
Bo Wang University of International Business and Economics Machine Learning; Scientific Research
Bo Xie Jilin University 900627xiebo
Bo Zhao Changchun university of technology Survival analysis; Variable selection;Hazards function
Bo Zhou Yale University registeration, deep learning
bo zhu cancer hosptial of CMU cause, characteristics
Bo-Yu Lin National Dong Hwa University date analysis
Boan Ji AnHui University Deeplearning, Alzheimers' prediction
Boao Kong Beihang University PLS
Boaz Levy University of Massachusetts, Boston primary care
bob alllen kunming university of science study
Bob de Vos Amsterdam University Medical Center deel learning, super resolution
Bochao Jia Eli Lilly and Company RNN, predict longitudinal data
Bocheng Chen huazhong university of science and technology graphic analysis, PET
Bocheng Wang Communication University of Zhejiang Connectivity; HCP MMP; MCI; AD; Longitudinal Study
BOFAN CHEN 南京大学仙林校区 阿尔兹海默症 生成对抗网络
Bogdan Cebere University of Cambridge kaggle
Bogdan Cebere University of Cambridge Genentech's 404 Challenge
Bohao He Hainan University Alzheimer's disease, Clinical
Bojan Bogdanovic Ss. Cyril & Methodius University in Skopje bioinformatics, prediction, AD, university
Bojidar Rangelov UCL Deep learning, Federated Learning
Bolade Emmanuel University of ILorin Alzheimer
Boliang Yu ShanghaiTech University MRI, PET
Bolin Guo Zhejiang University fmri Alzheimer's disease
bolin li xian university CT image
bolong wang bnu temporal autocorrelation; memory.
Bomin Alex Shandong University fMRI, dynamic functional connectivy
Bomin Wang Shandong University deep learning, Alzheimer’s disease
Bong Jun Kim Syntekabio Co., Ltd. AD, MCI, AI, Genomics, Biomarker
Bonnie LaFleur University of Arizona Statistics, multi-modal, aging
Bonnie Scott Dell Medical School at The University of Texas at Austin cognition; variability
Bonnie Wong Massachusetts General Hospital Aging, Alzheimer's, cortical thickness, RAVLT
Booyong Im GIST Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare, Study, Lecture material
bora kim dinno z
bora kim dinno mri, brain
Boris Gutman University of Southern California DTI, diffusion MRI, Alzheimer's, human connectome
Boris Mansencal LaBRI deep learning
Boris-Stephan Rauchmann LMU Munich resting-state preclinical state MCI ß-Amyloid
Borja Camino Health Research Institute Biocruces-Bizkaia voxel-based morphometry, connectograms, resting functional connectivity, teach
Borja Sánchez Clemente Technical University of Munich Longitudinal data, deep learning, MRI
Boru Jin Zhongshan hospital of Fudan University Alzheimer's disease; dementia
Borui Zhang Beijing institute of technology biomedicial and optics
Botao Zhao Fudan University registration; deep-learning
Bouazizi Iyadh Esprit I need these databases for educational purposes
boudaoud fayçal enset ad;mci;alzheimer;detect deases alzheimer
Boukaache Abdelnour Guelma University Detection, Alzheimer, Disease, Intelligen
bowen chen Tongji University course project, deep learning, Alzheimer's disease
bowen chen Yunnan Normal University find actual data
Bowen Dong Sichuan University for research
Bowen Zheng Nanjing University Multi-view
Boyan Leng UT Health Houston CNN Model
Boyan Wang Tsinghua University graph neural network, assistatn diagnosis
Boyang Pan Subtle Medical Technology AI Alzheimer early screening
Boyang Zhou Zhejiang University essay result reproduction
Boyle Huang Guangdong University of Technology brain
Boyu Liu China-Japan Union Hospital alzheimer
Boyu Ren McLean Hospital Mood disorder; Accelerated cognitive decline; Longitudinal data
Boyuan Long University of Southern California Machine Learning
Boyuan Wang Macau University of Science and Technology Transformer-Based Continual Deep Learning Model
Boyue Song Kochi University of Techonology Machine Learning, Alzheimer's Disease
Boyue Song Kochi University of Technology fMRI, Machine Learning, Alzheimer Disease
Brad Friedman Genentech, Inc. bioinformatics genetics
Brad McNeney Simon Fraser University genetic association, cortical thickness, cognitively normal
Brade Steve Njiha Ngueha ESPRIT Alzheimer detection
Bradford Dickerson Massachusetts General Hospital MRI, PET, cortical thickness, MCI, AD
Bradley Buchsbaum Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care fMRI PET correlation
Bradley English Fraunhofer Institute Early-warning
Bradley Hooker AbbVie Machine Learning Texture-Based Analysis tau PET
Bradley Lubich University of Riverside California LASSO, sparsity
Bradley Peet University of California, San Francisco Visual hallucinations
Bradley Voytek UC San Diego neuroimaging, data science
Bradley Wallace Brigham and Women's Hospital - Center for Alzheimer's Research and Treatment Amyloid, tau, nps, MCI, AD, Alzheimer's Disease, psychopathology
Bradley Wheeler University of Pittsburgh computer vision
Brady Burgess Alector microglia
BRAHIM BAHANI National School of Arts and Crafts MRI PET FUSION
Brahyan Galindo Mendez University of California, Berkeley Alzheimer's disease,
Bram Diamond Northwestern University resting state
Brandalyn Riedel Indiana University Genetics, neuroimaging, machine learning
Brandon Allgood Integral Health tau vaccine phII clinical trial design
Brandon Bujak Jagiellonian University Basic analysis of data samples
Brandon Chiazza Yeshiva University MRI, Alzheimer's, MCI, Artificial Intelligence
Brandon Gavett University of California Davis cognition, psychometrics, Bayes, memory, executive function, language
Brandon hall USC Alzheimer's Disease
Brandon Imstepf University of California, Merced Alzheimer's, Fisher Kolomogorov
Brandon Klinedinst University of Washington Bayesian
Brandon Westover Massachusetts General Hospital / Harvard Medical School epilepsy
Brandon Whitcher GSK drug development, precision medicine, biomarkers
Brandy Callahan University of Calgary diagnosis, neuropsychology, dementia, mci, norms
Bratati Kahali Centre for Brain Research IISc Cognitive scores, Clinical diagnosis, Demographics, Machine Learning
Braulio Solano-Rojas Universidad de Costa Rica deep learning, neuroevolution
Breanna Crane Vanderbilt University Atrophy, Connectivity, MCI
Breanna Harris Texas Tech University cumulative stress, Alzheimer's disease, biomarkers, cognitive function
Brenda Kurland GSK FTD
Brenda Ngo George Mason University Alzheimer's disease, Type I diabetes
Brendan Bullivant University of California Santa Barbara Machine Learning
Brendan Evers Stanford University MRI, dementia, computer vision, vision transformer
Brendan Hightower Birkbeck College Dementa, AI, Machine Learning
Brendan Hightower Birkbeck College Dementia, AI, Machine Learning
Brendan Miller University of Southern California mitochondria GWAS CSF
Brendan Mitchell University of California, San Francisco DNA methylation, Alzheimer's disease, imaging
Brendan Williams University of Reading Thalamus, Image segmentation
Brennan Abanades Kenyon Oxford Univerity segmentation, volume estimation, FSL
Brennan Jackson Massachusetts Institute of Technology Alzheimer's, ventricle, structural, functional
Brent Hill North Dakota State University MoCA, MMSE, convergent validity, score equivalence
Brent McPherson Indiana University Bloomington education
Brenton Keller USC - Laboratory of NeuroImaging age-related degeneration morphometry
Breton Asken Brown University risk score, conversion, multivariate base rate, amyloid, ATN
Brett Cohen King's College London MCI, MRI, phantom
Brett Montgomery Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian cognitive decline, psychotropic medications
brian avants Biogen brain, thickness, ANTs, conversion, amyloid
Brian Collica University Of California, Berkeley Capstone
Brian Cuestas Universidad de Los Andes MRI, Deep learning
Brian Fulton-Howard Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai PRS, GWAS, rare variation, LOAD, Alzheimer's, APOE, PheWAS
Brian Gordon Washington University in St. Louis tau, amyloid, PET
Brian Kirkham St. Michael's Hospital SQL
Brian Lin USC longitudinal, transition, biospecimen, bioimaging
Brian Mac Namee University College Dublin machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning, image processing
Brian McCrindlle McMaster University Deep Learning, Uncertainty Quantification
Brian Neal San Francisco State University Statistical Methods, Gene-set Association Analysis, High-dimensional data
Brian Nelson University of Pennsylvanai Data Integration
Brian Pidgeon Georgia State University Empirical Likelihood, Symmetry, Multiplicative Error Models
Brian Ruhl The College of New Jersey Alzheimer's disease, APOE, APOEe4
Brian Shih National yang ming chiao tung university keywords
Brian Tendai Junior Mbanje Swansea University Machine learning, Alzheimer Disease
Briana Figueroa PACE university Image Recognition Project
Brianna Askew Alzheimer's Disease Cooperative Study dementia, intervention, risk factors
Brianna Ditty The Hill School Hill School
Brianne Bettcher University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus biomarker, aging
Brisa Fernandes University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston AD
Brittany Butts Emory University cognition, psychometrics
Brittany Dugger UC-Davis Neuropathology, Heterogeneity, concomitant pathology
Brittany Intzandt Sunnybrook Research Institute Sex differences, dementia, risk factors, network analysis, d
Brittany Lasseigne University of Alabama at Birmingham Genomic Instability, Chromosomal Instability, Copy Number Variation, Alzheimer
Brittany Morin University of California, San Francisco Bayesian, Cognitive Aging
Brittany Wolff The University of Western Australia neurodevelopmental condition, network analysis, familial co-aggregation
brizzle brizzle Sichuan University Jincheng College AI bigdata
Brock Ada Northeastern University data analyst intern
BRUCE ALBALA UC IRVINE School of Medicine Cognition, AD
Bruce Carlson Ohio University education
Bruce Ho Arima AI prognostic score
Bruce Jenkins Massachusetts General Hospital MCI, AD, iron, age, sex
Bruce Kristal BWH/HMS metabolomics
Bruno Costa USP CNN
Bruno Hebling Vieira University of Zurich machine learning, cognitive impairment, dementia, Alzheimer's, MRI, PET
Bruno Jedynak Johns Hopkins University time dependent continuous latent variable statistical model
Bruno Kreiner FHNW MRI, AI
Bruno Monserrat Perillo Universidade Federal do ABC MRI
Bruno Pannunzio Institut Pasteur de Montevideo Machine learning, master thesis, early detection
Bruno Santos-Lima università degli studi di Verona AD, Neutrophils
bruno simoes universidade de coimbra computer vision, diseas automatic diagnose
Bryan Maloney Maloney Consulting miR20b abeta tau csf snp
Bryanna Vilnaigre Brown University Alzheimer's; biomarker; hippocampus
Bryant jr 武汉大学 NeuroImage
Bryce Bagley Stanford University machine learning, clinical data science, medical machine learning
Bryce Sheng HangZhou DianZi University Identification,localization and segmentation
Bryce Tan National University of Singapore cognitive impairment, glycoprotein, gene signature, biomarkers
BU RAN China University of Mining and Technology Research
Bu Ran China University of Mining and Technology research
bucha bouchra FSt 1234
Buddhadev Goswami Indian Institute of technology, bombay MRI, Alzheimer
Buket Barkana University of Bridgeport adaptive multi level thresholding, grey to white matter
Buket ÖZDAMAR Kocaeli Universty image processing
burak baytunca University of Utah asl, resting state fmri
burak burak HACETTEPE UNIVERSITY transformer
Burak Karip University of Health Sciences anatomy,brain
Burak Taşcı Firat university Artificial intelligence , deep learning, classification
burak tozluk Afyonkarahisar Health Sciences University diagnose the disease, deep learning
Burhan Yusuf Arat Yeditepe University Early diagnosis, Unsupervised Learning,Generative Modeling
Burt Richards University of Utah RBM, plasma biomarker levels
Bushra Arif Ned University of engineering and technology CT Scan, Alzheimer's Disease, Research
Bushra Arif Ned University Of Engineering And Technology Machine Learning , Alzheimer's Disease Detection, Machine Classifiers
Bushra Khan Sharda University Medical Imaging Technology/Radiography
Bushra Tayyaba university of engineering and technology Lahore Alzheimer disease, image classification
Busra Gok Boston University Alzheimer PBMC
By'ran McIntyre Univeristy of Florida alzheimers
ByeongChang Jeong Korea university simulation, PET, amyloid diffusion
Byoung Seok Ye Chuncheon national hospital Mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer's disease, Conversion, Reversion
Byron Creese King's College London polygenic risk score, alzheimer's disease, psychosis, delusions, hallucinations
byung hyug choi KAIST / korea machine learning, network embeddings, Alzheimer feature extraction
Byung Hyung Kim Inha University Alzheimer, Topology, Manifold Learning
Byung-Hoon Kim KAIST Graph neural network, Resting-state fMRI
ByungWook Choi Daegu Catholic University School of Medicine PET, serum markers, AST, ALT, ALP, Calcium, TFT
byyz tgxz ShanDong Jianzhu University classify
c rc 厦门大学 application
C T ShenZhen University multi-center neuroimaging ,Intelligent diagnosis ,machine learning
C Zhao Peking Union Medical Colloge AD, Ageing, Imaging and biological indicators
C-Erastus Toe University of Massachusetts Lowell AI/ML, Computational Psychology, Computational Neuropsychology
C. Kwon Kim Holmusk Alzheimer’s disease, predictive model, simulation, machine learning
Cagri Ozdemir South Dakota Mines Multilinear discriminant analysis for fMRI images
Cai ge guangzhou university of chinese medicine Deep Learning、AD、image classification
cai hao Shanghai University Of Engineering Science More data、simplified process
cai jiatong Shanghai Maritime University pet
cai luhui Shanghai Maritime University research
Cai Xiaochen Nanjing University SNP*Genetic data*AD
Cai Xukun Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications medical image registration, deep learning
Caihua Wang FujifilmCorporation Demetia progress prediction, Brain Sub-region atrophy, deep Laerning
Cailong Liu The First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University Osteoarthritis, MRI, neuroimaging, dementia, longitudinal study
Caio Carneloz UNESP Semi-Supervised Learning, Deep Learning, CNN's
Caishui Yang Beijing Normal University mild cognitive impairment, brain structure, longitudinal design
Caitlin Corbin Indiana University - Bloomington MRI
Caitlin Finney University of Sydney Alzheimer's disease, machine learning,
Caitlyn Chavez chapman university Deep Learning, ML Pipeline, Explainable AI
Caiyan Liu Peking Union Medical College Hospital vascular factor; alzheimer's disease; dementia conversion
Caleb Ellington Carnegie Mellon University Contextual modeling, network biology, prognostic models, machine learning
Caleb Warth Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg AD, Alzheimer's Disease, fMRI, analysis
Caleb Williams Goodhand 3D modeling
Calen Irwin Queen's University Early Alzheimer's Detection, Machine Learning, Ensemble Learning, CNN
Calin Buzea IFT medical physics
Callum Cory University of Auckland Deep learning, brain network analysis, graph theory
Callum McLennan Reading University Classification, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence
Callum McLennan Reading University Classification, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence
Cally Xiao University of Southern California Alzheimer's disease, risk factor, APOE, ethnicity
calvin Ashe Maynooth University Final year project; Students; Covid-19
Calvin Guan Boston University Inflammatory biomarkers, Covariance comparison, Nonparametric estimation, AD
Calvin Howard Brigham and Women's Hospital AD
Cameron Ferguson Cardiff University Network Psychometrics; Complex Systems; Modelling; Neuropsychology; Neurocogniti
Cameron Forsythe Medical Informatics Engineering AI, Machine Learning, Image Classification
Cameron Kessler St. Lawrence University Machine Learning
Cameron Pain Monash University PET, MR, Deep Learning, Image analysis, Image Reconstruction, Denoising
Cameron Ruggles University of Wisconsin, Madison Optimal Transport, Registration,
Cameron Shand University College London machine learning, disease progression, subtype identification
Camila Castaño Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira deep learning, neural network, degenerative disease
camila gil U. militar Corazones.171
Camila Perez Universidad Carlos III de Madrid dataset, dementia
Camila Rojas University of Valparaíso Resting state, functional connectivity
Camilla Caprioglio University of Geneva Alzheimer's disease, cognitive functions
Camille FERRERO CSIRO MRI images
Camilo Castrillon Universidad Autonoma de Occidente Alzheimer disease, machine learning, Middle cognitive impairment, limitations
Camilo Jaramillo UNIVERSIDAD DEL VALLE Alzheimer’s disease, Normative modelling, deep learning, MCI, MRI
Camilo Lima Universidade Federal do Ceará Alzheimer's disease, CNN, knowledge transfer
Can Chang Being Normal University neuroImage; deep learning;disease prediction
can chen scau multimodal
Can Chen South China Agricultural University research, experiment
Can Cui Vanderbilt University Multi-modality learning
Can Li University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston stochastic
CAN SOYLU Istanbul University Neuropsychiatric Diseases, Machine Learning, structural MRI
Cancheng Li lanzhou university China AD, Alzheimer’s disease
CANDACE CHAN UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SAN FRANCISCO diagnostic tests, biomarkers, early detection, genetic
Canhong Wen Sun Yat-sen University Scalar-on-image regression; functional regression
cao feiyuan1 njust chen***123456
Cao Larry Harbin Engineer University ADs
Cao Libo Nanjing Medical University abcdefg
cao liying hangzhou normal university medical image analysis
cao ming Taiyuan University of Technology imaging genetics;graduate student;AD research
cao tangwei shandong university ctw19981128
cao tangwei shandong university ctw19981128
Cao YiFan Tianjin University of Technology and Education allen
Cao Zhipeng ShangHai Martime University graduation thesis
Cara Woodworth University of California, San Francisco late life depression, cognitive decline
Carbeen James The University of North Carolina SystemThe University of North Carolina SystemTh research
Carina Gonçalves University of Minho MCI, classification
Carissa Lewis U.C. Berkeley depression, PET, Braak
Carl Cohen SUNY Downstate Medical Center Alzheimer's disease; cognition, course trajectory
Carl Prakaashana Mayo Clinic defacing
Carl Walther Baylor College of Medicine Kidney function, cognitive function trajectory
Carl Yang Emory University brain networks, graph neural networks, disease prediction
Carla Polo García Universidad de Salamanca Alzheimer detection, project, artificial intelligence
Carlisle Yun Yonsei University segmentation, MRI
Carlo Alberto Barbano University of Turin deep learning, brain age modeling, alzheimer prediction
Carlo de los Angeles Stanford School of Medicine (Stanford Cognitive and Systems Neuroscience Lab) artificial intelligence, neural networks, machine learning, networks
Carlo Fabrizio IRCCS Fondazione Santa Lucia artificial intelligence; deep learning; clinical decision support; data-centric
Carlo Sansone University of Naples Federico II Deep learning, Biomedical image processing, multimodal learning
Carlos Abraham Chavez Barron Autonomous University of Juarez City Alzheimer early detection , MRI, Deep Learning
Carlos Aguila University of Pennsylvania PLINK, machine learning, Alzheimer's Disease, biomarkers, targets
Carlos Brito-Loeza Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan MRI, mapping
Carlos Crespo Methinks Software Deep learning
Carlos Cruchaga Washington University School of Medicine CSF, plasma, RBM, GWAS, whole-genome
Carlos Eduardo Gonçalves de Oliveira Universidade Federal de Goiás (UFG) SSM, ScAnVP, prediction
Carlos Eduardo Muñoz Neira University of Sheffield insight, neural correlates, mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer's disease
Carlos Estrada Marmolejo Universidad de Guadalajara CNN, FrFT, Image recognitizion
Carlos Felipe Alves University of São Paulo Alzheimer's disease; Convolutional neural networks; Deep learning; Diagnosis; Mi
Carlos Flores UNAM brain, unam, inb
Carlos Galmarini TOPAZIUM Artificial intelligence, deep neuronal networks
Carlos García Corral University Carlos III of Madrid Alzheimer's, Deep Learning, Classification, RMI
Carlos Guerrero-Mosquera Universitat Ramon Llull deep learning, automatic, signa processing, mri
Carlos Martinez-Ortiz Netherlands eScience center Algorithm reuse
Carlos Morales Bartolomé Universidad Politécnica of Madrid Brain Disease Detection
Carlos Munoz Oregon State university Alzheimer's disease, brain atrophy, aphasia
Carlos Omar UNIR conclusão de curso
Carlos Platero Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Multi-atlas segmentation
Carlos Pomilio University of Buenos Aires Alzheimer's Disease, Metformin, Diabetes
Carlos Sanmiguel Vila Universidad Carlos III de Madrid Alzheimer’s disease Deep learning Convolutional Neural Network MRI Brain imaging
Carlos Theran Florida A&M University Alzheimer
Carly Nelson Wake Forest School of Medicine Radiology MRI, PET, Alzheimer's disease
Carmel Armon Tel Aviv University School of Medicine /Shamir (Assaf Harofeh) Medical Center X chromosome-mediated risk, LOAD
Carmela Genovese DEDALUS ITALIA SpA Predictive algorithms MCI
carmen Lee DongGuang Tungwah Hospital 1901102359LJM
Carmen Miranda Universidad politécnica de Madrid AD, beta aminoide, biomarkers
Carmen Pang University Tunkul Abdul Rahman Alzheimer Disease
Carmen Solanes Universitat Politècnica de València DBS, computational model, Parkinson disease, STN
Carmen Tina Schablitzki Uniklinik Tuebingen Research
Carol Chang Chang Gung Memorial Hospital AD
Carol Hargreaves National University of Singapore MRI, Cognitive Impairment, Alzheimer's Disease, Autocencoder, Classification
Carol Huseby Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University blood RNA expression Alzheimer's disease machine learning multivariate analysis
Carol Shum University of California, Davis Research, Dissertation
Carole Lartizien University of Lyon / CNRS Computer aided diagnosis, deep machine learning, brain anomaly detection
Carole Scherling Belmont University undergraduate research, neuroimaging, clinical cohorts
Carole Sudre University College London White matter lesions; longitudinal
Carole Wagnon University Hospital of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy prefrontal cortex AD
Carolina Carpio uc3m ML
Carolina Dallett Roche AD
Carolina Picarra Imperial College London TADPOLE, challenge
Caroline BAZZOLI Université Grenoble Alpes Survival ; machine learning
Caroline Bouter UMG Goettingen PET, FDG, Amyloid
Caroline Dartora PUCRS Brain Connectivity, Alzheimer's Disease, MRI, PET
Caroline Hellegers Duke NFL
caroline watson emory school of medicine targeted proteomics; mass spectrometry
Carolyn Kaufman University of Kansas School of Medicine APOE4, vascular
Carolyn Lou University of Pennsylvania Single-Arm Clinical Trials
Carolyn McNay Hill School Hill School
Carrie Lui James Cook University Alzheimer
Carrson Fung National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University online graph learning, graph signal processing, brain connectivity
Carsten Meyer Philips Research Laboratories image processing
Casey Gower Walter Reed National Military Medical Center fMRI, Functional connectivity, Resting state networks, diagnostics
Casper Nielsen University College London (UCL) MRI, Boundary Shift Integral, segmentation, longitudinal analysis
Cassandra Gonzalez CU Anschutz Medical Campus Comparative Anatomy
Cassandra Morrison McGill SCD, MRI, Biomarkers, AD
Cassandra Szoeke University of Melbourne ESR1; Cognition; Cognitive decline, Amyloid; Alzheimer's disease
Cassiane Rollet Université Lyon 1 Alzheimer Environment
Casval Deikum Chinese Academy of Science slurm test
Cat Conti NCIRE admin core
Catalina Gomez Universidad de los Andes brain tumor segmentation,
Caterina Beltrame University of Trento MRI studies dementia
Catharina Lange Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin multi-modal, dementia, MCI
Catherine Clelland Columbia University Irving Medical Center genetic polymorphisim, BH4, proline, association, cognition, neuropsychiatric
Catherine Jezerc University of Arizona longtitudinal, AD, MCI, plasticity
Catherine Jutzeler Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) Machine learning, biomarker discovery, risk factors, disease progression
Catherine Munro University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center connectivity, head injury, magnetic resonance imaging
Cathryn McKenzie The University of Western Australia cognitive reserve, ageing
Cathy Liu UCLA Alzheimer, bile acids, neuroimaging
Cathy Philippe French Atomic Energy Commission Imaging-genetics, RGCCA, Structured penalties, data integration
Catie Chang Vanderbilt University fmri, physiology, networks
Catrina Spruce The Jackson Laboratory RNASeq
Catriona Stokes University College London Medical imaging
Cayetano Martinez Universidad Carlos III Madrid Multi-class brain disease detection deep learning
Cchidi Ugonna University of Arizona cognitive decline, healthy aging, Biomarkers, Anatomical MRI, Sleep Apnea
Ce Li Fudan University rehabilitation; AD; neuroimaging
Cécile Proust-Lima INSERM latent process, latent state, mixed effect model, succession of impairment
Cecilia Guariglia Università Sapienza dementia, cerebellum, mri
Cecilia Muñoz UNMSM magnetic resonance
Cécilia Ostertag Université de LaRochelle deep learning, multimodal
Cecily Swinford Indiana University School of Medicine biomarkers, tau, cognition
Cecily Swinford Indiana School of Medicine cerebral blood flow
Cédric Beaulac Simon Fraser University Neural network classifier, Bayesian model averaging
Cédric Beaulac Simon Fraser University Neural network classifier, Bayesian model averaging
Celia Martín Vicario Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg disease prediction, multimodal data.
Céline Le Béguec Inria k-mer, structural variants, neurodegenerative diseases
Celine Maes icometrix Alzheimer's disease
Cellas Hayes Stanford University Bayesian Psychometrics, ADNC, cognition
cemal koba IMT Lucca CNN, early diagnosis, MRI
Cemhan Kaan Özaltan Bilkent University super-resolution, CNN, deep learning, PET, MRI
Ceren Tozlu Weill Cornell Medicine neuroimaging, network control theory
Ceren yüksel Bogazici University alzheimer
Ceri Yan Tung Ngai University College London disease progression, modelling
Cesar Augusto Sanchez Villalobos Texas Tech University MRI, Transcriptomic
Cesar Higgins University of Michigan ADRD, biomarkers
Cesar Torres Tijuana Institude of Technology Image Classification, Convolutional neural networks, Image preprocessing
Cesar Venero UNED mild cognitive impairment, alzheimer, cortisol, thyroid hormones,
Cesar Zapata Universidad de los Andes Classify, Research, Student.
Cesidio Gismondi NTTDATA Computer vision
Ceyda Unal Dokuz Eylul University early detrction, Alzheimer, machine learning, dementia
Ceyda Yalçın Bahcesehir University aging, neurobiology, bioinformatics
ch chang NYCU MRI,PET,AI
Chae Jung Park Samsung Medical Center brain age
Chae Jung Park Yongin Severance hospital Alzheimer's disease, Mild cognitive impairment
Chae Moon Hong Kyungpook National University Hospital Amyloid, Alzheimer, white matter hyper intensity
Chaebin Song Neurophet tDCS, electric field strength
CHAEHYUN LEE Gyeongsang National University 3D classification, hippocampus, DenseCNN
CHAELIN HONG Asan Medical Center MR image feature detection from Deep learning model
Chaemin Jang IBS AD, Multimodal, MRI-PET,Longitudinal
Chaeyoon Park Kangwon National University Machine Learning, Deep Learning
Chahd Chabib Khalifa University deep learning
Chahd Chabib Khalifa University CNN, curvet, ADNI
chahyun kim Intellivix DICOM
chaima techa ENSEM DL, CNN, segmentation
Chaima Zouaoui Strasbourg University Alzheimer, hippocampal, research
Chaitali Anand University of California, San Francisco PET, atrophy, amyloid, tau, longitudinal, computational
Chaitanya Chavda HL Institute of Computer Applications Alzheimer , Image data sets
CHAITANYA GIRASE Ezytek consulting pvt ltd model building using Artificial intelligence technology
Chaitra Dayananda Chosun University AD
chaitra S M S Ramaiah University of applied sciences Alzheimers disease, structural brain, tractography and genes
Chakib Battioui Eli Lilly