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Principal Investigator  
Principal Investigator's Name: Carmel Armon
Institution: Tel Aviv University School of Medicine /Shamir (Assaf Harofeh) Medical Center
Department: Neurology
Proposed Analysis: Provided you have collected the data: I propose to estimate the X chromosome-mediated risk for developing LOAD by looking at the subgroup of patients with aMCI or LOAD and unilateral ancestral history of AD or dementia by analyzing their numbers (a-d) defined as follows: Probands Paternal side Maternal side affected affected Women a b Men c d The odds ratio OR= (a:b)/(c:d) estimates the relative risk conferred by the X chromosome, controlling for confounders. The estimated proportion of risk mediated by the X chromosome is calculated as (OR-1)/)OR. Abstract describing preliminary application of this method accepted for presentation at the Virtual Annual meeting of the European Society for Human Genetics, June 12-15. My objective is to apply the method to a well defined group of patients with aMCI or AD, and a FH obtained via a consistent, uniform protocol. If the primary analysis described above yields a meaningful effect size, and the numbers are sufficiently large, I may seek to conduct exploratory subgroup analyses, based on co-variates such as ApoE status.
Additional Investigators  
Investigator's Name: Sharon Wolfson
Proposed Analysis: Same as before. She is my research assistant.