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Principal Investigator  
Principal Investigator's Name: Chao Cai
Institution: University of South Carolina
Department: Clinical Pharmacy and Outcomes Sciences
Proposed Analysis: I am a faculty in clinical pharmacy and outcomes sciences research. I am interested in applying more advanced statistical method (mixture cure model) to re-evaluate the effects of anticholinergic medications and AD biomarkers on risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease using ADNI dataset as a secondary data analysis. Anticholinergic medications are used for many conditions but might associated with accelerate cognitive decline. Only a proportion of patients will develop AD if taking anticholinergic therapy. Distinguishing non-susceptible (never developing AD) from those susceptible can convey important additional information. Statistical mixture cure model is a special survival method which has ability to estimate the 'cure' rate (the proportion of subjects who will be non-susceptible to AD) and more accurately describe characteristics of the non-susceptible subjects and susceptible subjects. Mixture cure model is a validated statistical model and has been applied to various applied fields such as oncology studies. However the cure model framework has never been proposed and applied in AD research. Thus, I would like to apply for access to ADNI dataset and apply mixture cure model techniques to evaluate risk factors (determinates) of AD.
Additional Investigators