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Participant Pool:
  • 200 EMCI (new)
  • 500 Normal Controls and MCI (rollover from ADNI1)
  1. Define and characterize the stage of the AD spectrum that precedes MCI by enrolling 200 subjects in the mildest symptomatic phase of AD (EMCI).
  2. Perform F18 amyloid imaging on the CN and LMCI subjects from ADNI1 and the newly enrolled EMCI subjects. FDG PET will be performed in association with F18 amyloid imaging.
  3. Establish a national network for F18 amyloid imaging and test hypotheses concerning the prevalence and severity of brain amyloid accumulation and its relationship to current and previous changes of clinical state, MRI, FDG-PET, CSF and plasma biomarkers from ADNI1.
  4. Collect 3T MRI on all newly enrolled subjects at Baseline, Month 3, Month 6, and Month 12.
  5. Continue longitudinal clinical/cognitive and 1.5T MRI studies of approximately 500 LMCI and Cognitively Normal subjects from ADNI1 for an additional 2 years.
  6. Collect and analyze blood and CSF biomarkers from all newly enrolled EMCI and follow-up subjects.
  7. Collect blood samples for DNA and RNA extraction. Newly enrolled subjects will also have samples collected for Cell Immortalization and APOE genotyping.