Question Posted 02/19/18:
Question about ASL sequence done under ADNI2 (for Siemens 3T Skyra). Can you tell me the "Inversion Time" parameter? (I assume it is something like 1800msec).

I downloaded this protocol file:

Unfortunately in the relevant section, I see this information:

Bolus Duration:700 ms
Inversion Time:syngo.MR.ProtBasic.Interop.ValueArray
Inversion Array Size:1

I think this means that the "Inversion Time" is an array of values (with actually only one value for this protocol); and the stupid Siemens protocol export is not smart enough to list that one value!
Response posted 02/27/18 by ADNI MRI Core:
Thank you for your question to the ADNI MRI Core.

We understand your frustration.

After looking at the scanner itself the Inversion time is listed at 2000.