Question Posted 03/11/18:
I'm doing some analysis with biomarkers, especially ABeta and Tau, but I just get a little confused with the various result files in "Study Data".
for CSF biomarkers,I've also got a file with title "UPENNBIOMK9_04_19_17.csv" which seems to be a complete Abeta42,ptau,ttau information through ADNI1,Go,2, am I right?
Thank you so much for your precious time and looking forward to your reply.
Response posted 03/19/18 by Michal Figurski:
Dear Peng Ren,
You are correct, the file 'UPENNBIOMK9_04_19_17.csv' is the most recent and most comprehensive list of Abeta, Tau & PTau results in CSF.
You do not need to use any other 'UPENNBIOMK' file in your analyses, unless you want to compare between AlzBio3 and Elecsys assays. Please read the corresponding 'Methods' document from LONI for the full explanation.
Kind regards