Question Posted 02/25/14:

The 3T-MRI protocols for ADNI1 and ADNI2 are different. Nonetheless we would like to know the recommendation about the possibility of merging 3T ADNI1 and ADNI2 3t_MRI data for a joint analysis in Freesurfer?

Thank you
Response posted 02/26/14 by Bret Borowski:
Thank you for your question to the ADNI MRI Core.

After checking with colleagues in the MRI core, they feel that:

One should be able to merge ADNI-1 3T with the UN-ACCELERATED ADNI-2/ADNI-GO for Philips and Siemens 3T images. (GE used a MPRAGE scan in ADNI1 and a IR-FSPGR in ADNI, thus would recommend combining)

We would NOT advocate combining accelerated with unaccerlerated images.

Thank you