Question Posted 04/23/14:
I downloaded the most recent UC Berkeley AV45 analysis file today (UCBERKELEYAV45_03_13_14) and noticed that when I compared the data in the new file to the previous file I had downloaded (UCBERKELEYAV45_11_21_13), the data in the WHOLECEREBELLUM and BRAINSTEM columns appear to be switched. For example, the first row in the file has 1.289 for WHOLECEREBELLUM and 1.989 for BRAINSTEM in the 11/21/13 file but has 1.9888 for WHOLECEREBELLUM and 1.2889 for BRAINSTEM in the new file. Is the data in the new file correct?

Thank you.
Response posted 04/23/14 by Data Coordinator:
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The two columns are indeed transposed. A corrected dataset will be available today and a news item posted to inform the ADNI community of the error.