Question Posted 08/07/14:
I just download all the PET data. In the csv file, there are two subjects, 031_S_4149 scaned on 2013-08-17 and 010_S_0788 scaned on 2006-10-09. But I can't find them in the PET scan information table from ALL PET Image Acquisition, while other 5000 images I can find the corresponding subject in the table with exact same RID and exam date. So I want to ask what is the problem with these two subjects.
Response posted 08/13/14 by Bob Koeppe:
From the PET point of view, I don't see anything wrong with these scans. There are available at LONI, both raw and processed images. I do note that the 010_S_0788 subject never returned after baseline. The 031_S_4149 subject has continued with scans. I would ask ADCS personnel directly whether there is an issue with these subjects from their end of things.