Question Posted 09/08/14:
Dear ADNI Genetics Core staff,
I am downloading ADNI WGS data for analysis. However, I couldn't find an excel-like file for demographic information. Therefore, I checked WGS_Omni25_BIN_wo_ConsentsIssues.fam file, and I wonder whether the 1st column is ID# and the 5th column is disease phenotype (1-control, 2-AD)?

Thank you so much for your help.

Response posted 09/08/14 by Sungeun Kim:
Currently, case-control status in column 6 is marked as missing (-9) and you can update it by using diagnosis at a certain visit of your interest. Also, genetic data is using PTID as a subjects in the second column. Because other demographic and phenotypic data files at the LONI are using RID, you can map PTID to RID by looking at "ROSTER.csv".