Question Posted 10/06/14:
Hi, I would like to download the RS-fMRI, ASL and MPRAGE images of ADNI2 people who have follow-up until at least 1 year.

If I select 'must have' at 'ADNI2 1y follow up' and 'ASL' at 'study description' I only get 14 matches.

Could you please point me to the right type of query for getting the set of images described above?

Many thanks
Response posted 10/13/14 by Jessica Yaros, IDA:
Use the 'Advanced Search Beta' menu item. If you make sure to select the check boxes for 'ADNI2 Year 1 Visit', 'fmri', and 'mri', and then type 'ASL' under image description, there will be 278 returned search results.