Question Posted 11/21/14:

I am Jamuna. I am trying to download the ADNI data. Basically, what I am trying to do is download 100 each of Normal, Alzheimer's and MCI age matched data..

My question is how do I know the diagnosis whether the patients are MCI or AD or Normal? Where can I find that information.

Jamuna Mahalingam
Response posted 11/21/14 by Jessica Yaros, IDA:
Dear Jamuna -

In the ADNI Advanced Search (Beta) function you may specify Diagnosis Group and Age. So you could perform a search for AD at a certain age, and perform the same search for MCI and Normal at that same age. The field for age is under the Subject category, and DX Group is under the Subject Specific Information category.

Keep in mind that the DX group used when you search the images is only the initial Diagnosis of the subject. It is possible that a subject that is categorized as Normal has undergone conversion to MCI or AD.

You can check for conversions in the Diagnostic Summary table under Download --> Study Data.