Question Posted 03/02/15:
When will the ADNI-2/ADNI-GO resting state fMRI data be available? thanks
Response posted 03/02/15 by Jessica Yaros, IDA:
ADNI-GO/2 fmri data is already available. In Advanced Image Search (Beta) you can specify 'fmri' under the Image > Modality category. Also, make sure to select 'Original' under Image Types on the left of the page.
Response posted 03/05/15 by Simon:
Hi, thanks for the help, when I login to the site and look for image collections, I do not see the Advanced image search option. I see the "simple image" search tab but nothing else, is access to this restricted for my account?
Response posted 03/05/15 by Jessica Yaros, IDA:
If you hover the mouse over the 'Search' link there will be three options listed in the bar below: Simple Image Search, Advanced Image Search, and Advanced Image Search (Beta). If you do not see the latter two categories, you may no longer have ADNI data access. If this is the case, email