Question Posted 03/02/15:
Everytime I download images from LONI, I need to restart my MAC using OS X 10.10.2. for it to work.
I have set the permissions on SAFARI 8.0.3 to allow JAVA plugin to run in unsafe mode for the website - It always downloads without problems, once I restart the computer. However, if I try to download again, the download window never prompts me to select a folder. Please advise, thanks.
Response posted 03/02/15 by Jessica Yaros, IDA:
Make sure to close the pop-up download window after the images have been downloaded. Otherwise you will not be able to initiate a new download.

If that doesn't work, it should not be necessary to restart the computer. Restarting the browser should be enough.

If Safari continues to act temperamentally, we suggest using Chrome or Firefox, which have no demonstrated issues with displaying directories in the download window.