Question Posted 05/29/15:
Dear ADNI experts,

While inspecting the content of directories downloaded from IDA, I have noticed that some image ID are duplicated.

For instance, image ID 58872 corresponds to 2 files:
- 005_S_0572/MP-RAGE/2007-07-09_08_49_33.0/S34604/ADNI_005_S_0572_MR_MP-RAGE__br_raw_20070710090153930_1_S34604_I58872.nii
- 005_S_0572/MP-RAGE/2007-07-09_08_49_33.0/S34604/ADNI_005_S_0572_MR_MP-RAGE__br_raw_20070710090228153_167_S34604_I58872.nii

Those 2 images are close but not identical.

What is the difference between them and which image should I choose?

Response posted 06/04/15 by ADNI MRI Core:
Thank you for your question to the ADNI MRI Core.

LONI image 58872 has 2 MPRAGE scans in the single series (332 slices) it fails protocol and image QC since it does not have 166 slices.
We would suggest that you use the MPRAGE Repeat scan LONI I58874 for that subject’s time-point.

Thank you ADNI MRI.