Question Posted 08/16/15:
Hi, experts, I'm confused about the IDs in cvs files. I mean I can't find the same ID and RID in two different files. For example, in DXSUM_PDXCONV_ADNIALL.CSV, the first row is ID=2, RID=2, but in the BLCHANGE.csv, I can't find the same case. So, can someone help me or is there any user guide for the cvs files? Thanks for any reply.
Response posted 08/17/15 by Danielle:
RID is the unique patient identifier in the ADNI files. You may use this (and VISCODE or VISCODE2) to link records for the same individual across files. If you are interested in diagnostic change information, that is all included within the DXSUM_PDXCONV_ADNIALL.csv file.