Question Posted 08/18/15:

Hi experts
I have two Questions,My question are that,

In ACCESS DATA-> Under Explore tab -> Visualize Data, there exist a grid at the bottom of page which shows general information about
Brain Volume
Brain White Matter Hypointensities Index
Hippocampus (Left) Volume
Hippocampus (Right) Volume
Normalized Brain PET Counts
Temporal Lobe Mean Jacobian
and something else

My aim is "MRI-based Alzheimer's conversion to prediction in MCI subjects". can I use those data for making prediction.

And my second question is, those datas were calculated by using freesurfer datatables, which is under root of study Data.
Thanks a lot
Pınar Karadayı
Response posted 08/24/15 by Rita:
You may want to read the Study Documents ( to define your parameters. You can access the results in csv format under download>study data>MRI Analysis.