Question Posted 10/23/15:
I would like to use ADNI AV45 PET data for voxel wise study in MNI space. I downloaded the completely processed ac-pc, std, smoothed images but was wondering what transformation needed to be used to transform these images to the MNI 152 space. Are the preprocessed images already in a common space, so I can use the same linear transformation to get them to MNI linear space and then subject specific nonlinear transform to get to MNI non linear space?
Response posted 10/29/15 by Robert Koeppe:
These images have not been spatially warped. It is probably best to run whatever routine you normally use to get into MNI space on each set independently.
I do not know of what the typical transformation would be, although these are all oriented to Talairach atlas space (but without spatial warping).