Question Posted 04/26/16:
Hello sir,
I downloaded WGS dataset, how many participants after select baseline diagnosis only?
when I want to filter baseline diagnosis , select (viscode=="bl" && viscode2=="bl") or select ?
thanks in advance
Response posted 05/03/16 by Danielle:
During ADNI-1,VISCODE was used as the visit code and corresponded to the timing of the visit. In ADNI-GO and ADNI-2, the visit codes changed to reflect the various types of visits and no longer included codes that were obviously linked to a particular timing of a visit. VISCODE2 is the variable that translates the other visit codes into visit codes more easily recognized (such as m48), so if you filter by VISCODE2=="bl", that should filter by baseline diagnosis.
Response posted 05/03/16 by marwa:

how many participants(normal,MCI,AD) of WGS data after select baseline diagnosis only?