Question Posted 06/03/16:
Could you please tell me how can I find the ADAS-Cog value for each subject? Many thanks!
Response posted 06/03/16 by Danielle:
On the Download Study Data page (where you can download the ADNI data) you will see under the ALL Neuropsychological section a file for ADNI1 ADAS-Cog (ADAS Sub-Scores and Total Scores[ADNI1]) and a file for ADNIGO/2 (Alzheimer's Disease Assessment Scale (ADAS)[ADNIGO,2]). Using the RID and VISCODE2 information, you can get the ADAS scores for each participant at each visit. Alternatively, you can download the ADNIMERGE file (under the ALL Data & Databases section - Key ADNI tables merged into one table) which has the ADAS as well as other variables contained in one table.