Question Posted 08/27/16:
My question is why in my husband's family of 10 living children, 5 girls, born in Greece the girls (women) who stayed in Greece have Alzheimer's but the one who came to the U.S. is fine? One of my sister in laws already died from Alzheimer's. The others are in differing levels of this disease. Could there be something in Greece that influenced their chance of getting Alzheimer's? It seems that mere chance could not be the culprit.
This situation is hard on my in-laws and some investigation into this might help some other families to avoid this disease.
Thank you
Response posted 08/31/16 by michael weiner:
I'm sorry that your family has so much Alzheimer's disease. Its possible that his family has a gene which is associated with more Alzheimer's disease. I have no idea if something in Greece influenced this. Our project does not study this question.
best of luck