Question Posted 01/08/17:
Dear ADNI,
In the Master CSF file (methods document) it specifies a cut-off of <192pg/ml for ADNI-1 and of <187pg/ml for ADNIGO/2 for the determination of AD – am I correct?

Abidemi Adeniji
Response posted 01/15/17 by Les Shaw:
Dear Abidemi Adeniji, thank you for your question. The value 187 pg/mL is 2.6% lower than 192 pg/mL, well within the error of the immunoassay method. I recommend use of this cutpoint, 192 pg/mL for ADNIGO/2. As seen in Figure 3 of the Master CSF Methods Document. Please don't hesitate to call on me regarding these questions.

Les Shaw