Question Posted 01/17/17:
For the Tau tracer AV1451 scans, does the procedure for signal intensity normalization use the whole brain mask or is it another mask (e.g., cerebellum)?
Response posted 01/23/17 by Susan Landau:
I'm not sure if you are talking about the image data or the CSV (numerical) spreadsheet data. There is no "fixed" intensity normalization procedure; this is intended to be carried out by individual researchers. The AV1451 CSV file contains a number of possible reference region SUVRs, including the cerebellar grey matter, which is a frequently used reference region for AV1451 analysis.
Response posted 01/23/17 by Bob Koeppe:
The intensity normalization for the "pre-processed" uploads to LONI for the Tau scans use the cerebellar gray mask.