Question Posted 01/25/17:
Dear Expert, I downloaded data from a subject such as "002_S_0295" but have difficulty to find the diagnosis information, e.g., whether this subject is normal, MCI, or AD. I searched all these 3 assessment files using "0295": Diagnosis and Symptoms Checklist [ADNI1,GO,2], Diagnostic Summary - Baseline Changes [ADNI1,GO,2], and Diagnostic Summary [ADNI1,GO,2], but find no match. Another example is 002_S_0413. Let me know where should I look at.


Response posted 01/25/17 by Danielle:
You will want to use the Diagnostic Summary[ADN1,GO,2] and use RID as the patient-specific ID number. So, for patient 002_S_0295, this corresponds to RID=295. 002_S_0413 is RID 413. You can also use the Roster[ADNI1,GO,2] file to link PTID (XXX_S_XXXX with the RID).