Question Posted 06/11/17:
Dear experts,

From the QA (, I get that data of Scaled ADNI1 and N3m ADNI-GO/2 can have the most success.
When I chose ADNI1, entered 'scaled' in the box of 'image description' and further selected the 'axial' of Acquisition Plane in IDA Search, the searching results were none, but if I removed the 'axial', there existed some results . Does that mean all the scaled subjects belongs to sagittal or coronal planes?
Response posted 06/26/17 by KC:
The complete set of ADNI 1 preprocessed scans is alread contained in shared collections so you need not do a search to find them. Detailed instructions may be found here:

If you do decide to do a search, be sure you have selected 'Preprocessed' rather than 'Original' and the type of image since the standardized scans are preprocessed.