Question Posted 08/31/17:
Is therea study or database i can participate i. Since i am definately heading toward AD & FTLD? Im experiencing undiagnosed word-finding difficulty without intellictual decline and have a family history of Alzheimer's, non-specific.) I live in Escondido CA 56 yr old female. I have been treated for major depression all of the past 32 years and had been told that my word-finding difficulty was due to the long list of medication I am taking. Otherwise if you can't use me, can you steer me in the right direction to get what genetic test? Thank you very much!
Response posted 09/01/17 by Michael Weiner:
Go to and complete the screener. You live near UCSD in La Jolla and they do many studies. You can also join the which is an on-line research project.
Thanks for your interest in ADNI