Question Posted 11/12/17:
Dear experts,

A simple question, I am trying to obtain age (gender, etc) versus brain volume measurements obtained from Freesurfer. I guess I\'ll need to obtain the Freesurfer volumetric data stats file generated on all subjects using, for example, aparcstats2table or asegstats2table. The closest I found is UCSFFSX51_08_01_16.csv but couldn\'t understand the naming convention (e.g., what is ST101SV?).


Response posted 11/13/17 by ADNI MRI Core:
Thank you for your question to the MRI Core.

I received the following from the Freesurfer team at UCSF:

We provide a data dictionary to map ST????? structure names to actual FreeSurfer regions and metrics (i.e., cortical volume, subcortical volume). Data dictionary is available at LONI.

Hope this helps answer your question.