Question Posted 01/02/18:
I want to use ADNI-2 preprocessed image.
Image descriptions include MPRAGE, MPRAGE GRAPPA2, MPRAGE NO ANGFLE,MPRAGE_ND and so on.
there is so many description name.
Does every image with mprage mean independent mprage scan?
Do I have to analyze each image treat as different image although they are processed at same time?
I could not find the description for this term on the adni site.
Where can I see it?
What does each mean?
Response posted 03/21/18 by ADNI MRI Core:
Thank you for your question to the ADNI MRI Core.

Yes, for the most part those scans are different acquisitions.

MPRAGE = no accelerated MPRAGE
MPRAGE and MPRAGE_ND = same acquisition one with distortion correction and non distortion corrected.

All that being said, the DICOM header is the best place to find details on the images themselves, as sites have the ability to add anything into the series description such as MPRAGE No Angle.