MR Image Data

The collection of these images is central to meeting ADNI’s objective of developing biomarkers to track both the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and changes in the underlying pathology. The table below represents an overview of the MRI data collected throughout the ADNI study (see table superscript references in the following paragraph).

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All participants newly enrolled in ADNI2 are scanned using the 3T MRI scanning protocol. DTI1 scans are available only from ADNI GO and ADNI2 subjects who were scanned with a GE Systems MR scanner. ADNI2 participants are scanned at screening, three months from the screening MRI, and within two weeks before or after Month 6 and subsequent annual visits.

Normal (CN)4 and Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)4 participants carried forward from ADNI1 and Early Mild Cognitive Impairment (EMCI)5 participants from ADNI GO are also scanned using the more modern and expanded 3T scanning protocol. ADNI1 participants were previously scanned using either a 1.5T or 3T scanner. Imaging for ongoing participants occurs annually, within two weeks before or two weeks after the in-clinic assessments.

Note: When searching the database for baseline or “Timepoint 1″ data, users should select both “screening” and “baseline” from the visit selection box.

Available Image Data

Click to enlarge image or download the PDF. Note that not all subjects will have every type of image data, depending on the study and acquisition site.

Study Update: MRI

The 3T MRI imaging protocol for ADNI GO is quite different from the 3T protocol used in ADNI1 and is unique for each type of machine (e.g. GE, Phillips). View the MRI Scanner Protocols for a more detailed explanation. DTI and fMRI scans were also added in ADNI GO and ADNI2. Participants from ADNI1 only received structural MRIs.

A list of Standardized MRI Datasets has been developed to help streamline and unify the data analysis process. Learn more about the datasets and how to download them.

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