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4453 Total Publications

Discovery of Genetic Biomarkers for Alzheimer's Disease Using Adaptive Convolutional Neural Networks Ensemble and Genome-Wide Association Studies
Zeng, A, Rong, H, Pan, D, Jia, L, Zhang, Y, Zhao, F and Peng, S
2021; Journal Epub ahead of print;
Influence of common reference regions on regional tau patterns in cross-sectional and longitudinal F-18 -AV-1451 PET data
Young, CB, Landau, SM, Harrison, TM, Poston, KL, Mormino, EC and Adni
2021; Journal 243; no. 11;
Associations of the Rate of Change in Geriatric Depression Scale with Amyloid and Cerebral Glucose Metabolism in Cognitively Normal Older Adults: A Longitudinal Study
Wang, ZT, Shen, XN, Ma, YH, Ou, YN, Dong, PQ, Tan, PL and Yu, PJ
2021; Journal J Affect Disord; vol. 280; pp. 77-84;
Four subgroups based on tau levels in Alzheimer's disease observed in two independent cohorts
Duits, FH, Wesenhagen, KEJ, Ekblad, L, Wolters, E, Willemse, EAJ, Scheltens, P, van der Flier, WM, Teunissen, CE, Visser, PJ and Tijms, BM
2021; Journal Alzheimers Res Ther; vol. 13; no. 1; pp. 2;
A multilayer multimodal detection and prediction model based on explainable artificial intelligence for Alzheimer's disease
El-Sappagh, S, Alonso, JM, Islam, SMR, Sultan, AM and Kwak, KS
2021; Journal Scientific Reports; vol. 11; no. 1;
Generalizability of findings from a clinical sample to a community‐based sample: A comparison of ADNI and ARIC
Gianattasio, KZ, Bennett, EE, Wei, J, Mehrotra, ML, Mosley, T, Gottesman, RF, Wong, DF, Stuart, EA, Griswold, ME and Couper, D
2021; Journal Alzheimer's & Dementia;