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4453 Total Publications

A robust discriminative multi-atlas label fusion method for hippocampus segmentation from MR image
Wang, W, Zhang, X, Ma, Y, Cui, H, Xia, R and Zhang, Y
PMID: 34102562 ; 2021; Journal Comput Methods Programs Biomed; vol. 208; pp. 106197;
Right entorhinal cortical thickness is associated with Mini-Mental State Examination scores from multi-country datasets using MRI
Yamashita, K, Kuwashiro, T, Ishikawa, K, Furuya, K, Harada, S, Shin, S, Wada, N, Hirakawa, C, Okada, Y and Noguchi, T
PMID: 34247261 ; 2021; Journal Neuroradiology;
Machine Learning Detects Distinct Subtypes of Minimal Cognitive Impairment
Chen, R, Herskovits, EH and Initia, ADN
2021; Journal Journal of Signal Processing Systems for Signal Image and Video Technology;
Likelihood ratio statistics for gene set enrichment in Alzheimer's disease pathways
Bryan, J, Mandan, A, Kamat, G, Gottschalk, WK, Badea, A, Adams, KJ, Thompson, JW, Colton, CA, Mukherjee, S and Lutz, MW
2021; Journal Alzheimers Dement; vol. 17; no. 4; pp. 561-573;
Intracranial volume segmentation for neurodegenerative populations using multicentre FLAIR MRI
DiGregorio, J, Arezza, G, Gibicar, A, Moody, AR, Tyrrell, PN and Khademi, A
2021; Journal Neuroimage: Reports; vol. 1; no. 1; pp. 100006;
Association of CSF Aβ38 Levels With Risk of Alzheimer Disease-Related Decline
Cullen, N, Janelidze, S, Palmqvist, S, Stomrud, E, Mattsson-Carlgren, N and Hansson, O
2021; Journal Neurology;
Finding Treatment Effects in Alzheimer Trials in the Face of Disease Progression Heterogeneity
Jutten, RJ, Sikkes, SAM, Van der Flier, WM, Scheltens, P, Visser, PJ and Tijms, BM
2021; Journal Neurology; vol. 96; no. 22; pp. e2673-e2684;
Cortical and Subcortical Grey Matter Abnormalities in White Matter Hyperintensities and Subsequent Cognitive Impairment
Zhu, WH, Huang, H, Yang, SQ, Luo, X, Zhu, WZ, Xu, SB, Meng, Q, Zuo, CC, Liu, Y and Wang, W
2021; Journal Neuroscience Bulletin;
Association of obstructive sleep apnea with cognitive decline and age among non-demented older adults
Pan, T, Liu, S, Ke, S, Wang, E, Jiang, Y, Wang, S and Initiative, AsDN
2021; Journal Neuroscience Letters; vol. 135955;