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3740 Total Publications

Brain MRI analysis using a deep learning based evolutionary approach
Shahamat, H and Saniee Abadeh, M
2020; Journal Neural Netw; vol. 126; pp. 218-234;
Correlation Coefficients for a Study with Repeated Measures
Shan, GG, Zhang, H and Jiang, T
2020; Journal Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine; vol. 2020;
Bayesian GWAS with Structured and Non-Local Priors
Kaplan, A, Lock, EF and Fiecas, M
2020; Journal Bioinformatics; vol. 36; no. 1; pp. 17-25;
Lack of association betweenLGMNand Alzheimer's disease in the Southern Han Chinese population
Zhang, XY, Jiao, B, Weng, L, Zhou, YF, Guo, LN, Wang, X, Zhou, L, Liu, XX, Xiao, XW, Liu, H, Zhu, XY, Li, CP, Zhu, Y, Yang, QJ, Lin, ZJ, Jiang, YL, Wen, YF, Zhou, H, Shen, L and Liao, XX
2020; Journal European Journal of Neuroscience; vol. 52; no. 8; pp. 4009-4017;
Degree of cognitive impairment does not signify early versus late mild cognitive impairment: confirmation based on Alzheimer's disease polygenic risk
Elman, JA, Vuoksimaa, E, Franz, CE, Kremen, WS and Alzheimers Dis Neuroimaging, I
2020; Journal Neurobiology of Aging; vol. 94; pp. 149-153;
Automated White Matter Hyperintensity Segmentation Using Bayesian Model Selection: Assessment and Correlations with Cognitive Change
Fiford, CM, Sudre, CH, Pemberton, H, Walsh, P, Manning, E, Malone, IB, Nicholas, J, Bouvy, WH, Carmichael, OT, Biessels, GJ, Cardoso, MJ and Barnes, J
2020; Journal Neuroinformatics;
Self-reported Sleep Problems Related to Amyloid Deposition in Cortical Regions with High HOMER1 Gene Expression
Fjell, AM, Sederevicius, D, Sneve, MH, de Lange, AG, Bråthen, AC, Idland, AV, Watne, LO, Wang, Y, Reinbold, C, Dobricic, V, Kilpert, F, Blennow, K, Zetterbergj, H, Hong, S, Bertram, L and Walhovd, KB
2020; Journal Cereb Cortex; vol. 30; no. 4; pp. 2144-2156;
Detecting Alzheimer's disease Based on 4D fMRI: An exploration under deep learning framework
Li, W, Lin, XF and Chen, X
2020; Journal Neurocomputing; vol. 388; pp. 280-287;