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3393 Total Publications

Fast predictive simple geodesic regression
Ding, ZF, G.: Yang, X.: Thompson, P.: Kwitt, R.: Niethammer, M.
2019; Journal Med Image Anal; vol. 56; pp. 193-209;
Genome Wide Meta-Analysis identifies common genetic signatures shared by heart function and Alzheimer's disease
Saez, ME, Gonzalez-Perez, A, Hernandez-Olasagarre, B, Bea, A, Moreno-Grau, S, de Rojas, I, Monte-Rubio, G, Orellana, A, Valero, S, Comella, JX, Sanchis, D and Ruiz, A
2019; Journal Scientific Reports; vol. 9; pp. 14;
Genome-wide association study identifies CBFA2T3 affecting the rate of CSF Abeta42 decline in non-demented elders
Dou, KXZ, C.: Tan, C. C.: Xu, W.: Li, J. Q.: Cao, X. P.: Tan, L.: Yu, J. T.
2019; Journal Aging (Albany NY); vol. 11; no. 15; pp. 5433-5444;
Sex differences in the genetic predictors of Alzheimer's pathology
Dumitrescu, L, Barnes, LL, Thambisetty, M, Beecham, G, Kunkle, B, Bush, WS, Gifford, KA, Chibnik, LB, Mukherjee, S, De Jager, PL, Kukull, W, Crane, PK, Resnick, SM, Keene, CD, Montine, TJ, Schellenberg, GD, Deming, Y, Chao, MJ, Huentelman, M, Martin, ER, Hamilton-Nelson, K, Shaw, LM, Trojanowski, JQ, Peskind, ER, Cruchaga, C, Pericak-Vance, MA, Goate, AM, Cox, NJ, Haines, JL, Zetterberg, H, Blennow, K, Larson, EB, Johnson, SC, Albert, M, Bennett, DA, Schneider, JA, Jefferson, AL and Hohman, TJ
2019; Journal Brain; vol. 142; no. 9; pp. 2581-2589;
Selection for depression-specific dementia cases with replication in two cohorts
Royall, DRP, R. F.
2019; Journal PLoS One; vol. 14; no. 5; pp. e0216413;
A region-based gene association study combined with a leave-one-out sensitivity analysis identifies SMG1 as a pancreatic cancer susceptibility gene
Wong, C, Chen, F, Alirezaie, N, Wang, Y, Cuggia, A, Borgida, A, Holter, S, Lenko, T, Domecq, C, Petersen, GM, Syngal, S, Brand, R, Rustgi, AK, Cote, ML, Stoffel, E, Olson, SH, Roberts, NJ, Akbari, MR, Majewski, J, Klein, AP, Greenwood, CMT, Gallinger, S, Zogopoulos, G and Alzheimers Dis Neuroimaging, I
2019; Journal Plos Genetics; vol. 15; no. 8; pp. 20;
Multi-study validation of data-driven disease progression models to characterize evolution of biomarkers in Alzheimer's disease
Archetti, DI, S.: Venkatraghavan, V.: Wottschel, V.: Young, A. L.: Bellio, M.: Bron, E. E.: Klein, S.: Barkhof, F.: Alexander, D. C.: Oxtoby, N. P.: Frisoni, G. B.: Redolfi, A.
2019; Journal Neuroimage Clin; vol. 24; pp. 101954;
Automated Generation of Radiologic Descriptions on Brain Volume Changes From T1-Weighted MR Images: Initial Assessment of Feasibility
Akazawa, K, Sakamoto, R, Nakajima, S, Wu, D, Li, Y, Oishi, K, Faria, AV, Yamada, K, Togashi, K, Lyketsos, CG, Miller, MI, Mori, S and Alzheimers Dis Neuroimaging, I
2019; Journal Frontiers in Neurology; vol. 10; pp. 14;
Accurate risk estimation of β-amyloid positivity to identify prodromal Alzheimer's disease: cross-validation study of practical algorithms
Palmqvist, S, Insel, PS, Zetterberg, H, Blennow, K, Brix, B, Stomrud, E, Mattsson, N, Hansson, O and Initiative, AsDN
2019; Journal Alzheimer's & Dementia; vol. 15; no. 2; pp. 194-204;