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4453 Total Publications

beta-amyloid and tau drive early Alzheimer's disease decline while glucose hypometabolism drives late decline
Hammond, TC, Xing, X, Wang, C, Ma, D, Nho, K, Crane, PK, Elahi, F, Ziegler, DA, Liang, GB, Cheng, Q, Yanckello, LM, Jacobs, N and Lin, AL
2020; Journal Communications Biology; vol. 3; no. 1;
The Alzheimer's disease prediction of longitudinal evolution (TADPOLE) challenge: Results after 1 year follow-up
Marinescu, RV, Oxtoby, NP, Young, AL, Bron, EE, Toga, AW, Weiner, MW, Barkhof, F, Fox, NC, Eshaghi, A and Toni, T
Association of Uncommon, Noncoding Variants in the APOE Region With Risk of Alzheimer Disease in Adults of European Ancestry
Blue, EE, Cheng, AQ, Chen, S and Yu, CE
2020; Journal Jama Network Open; vol. 3; no. 10;
Multi-modal neuroimaging feature selection with consistent metric constraint for diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease
Hao, X, Bao, Y, Guo, Y, Yu, M, Zhang, D, Risacher, SL, Saykin, AJ, Yao, X and Shen, L
PMCID:6980345 ; 2020; Journal Med Image Anal; vol. 60; pp. 101625;
Hybrid simulation modelling for dementia care services planning
Evenden, DC, Brailsford, SC, Kipps, CM, Roderick, PJ, Walsh, B and Alzheimers Dis Neuroimaging, I
2020; Journal Journal of the Operational Research Society;
Ensemble of deep convolutional neural networks based multi-modality images for Alzheimer's disease diagnosis
Fang, XS, Liu, ZB and Xu, MC
2020; Journal Iet Image Processing; vol. 14; no. 2; pp. 318-326;
Functional ensemble survival tree: Dynamic prediction of Alzheimer's disease progression accommodating multiple time-varying covariates
Jiang, S, Xie, YJ and Colditz, GA
2020; Journal Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series C-Applied Statistics; vol. 70; no. 1; pp. 66-79;
Optimized One vs One Approach in Multiclass Classification for Early Alzheimer's Disease and Mild Cognitive Impairment Diagnosis
Jimenez-Mesa, C, Illan, IA, Martin-Martin, A, Castillo-Barnes, D, Martinez-Murcia, FJ, Ramirez, J and Gorriz, JM
2020; Journal Ieee Access; vol. 8; pp. 96981-96993;
Robust hybrid deep learning models for Alzheimer’s progression detection
Abuhmed, T, El-Sappagh, S and Alonso, JM
2020; Journal Knowledge-Based Systems; vol. 106688;