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3911 Total Publications

Computing Univariate Neurodegenerative Biomarkers with Volumetric Optimal Transportation: A Pilot Study
Tu, Y, Mi, L, Zhang, W, Zhang, H, Zhang, J, Fan, Y, Goradia, D, Chen, K, Caselli, RJ, Reiman, EM, Gu, X and Wang, Y
PMCID:7502473 ; 2020; Journal Neuroinformatics; vol. 18; no. 4; pp. 531-548;
A novel method for the classification of Alzheimer's disease from normal controls using magnetic resonance imaging
Khan, RU, Tanveer, M, Pachori, RB and Initiative, AsDN
2020; Journal Expert Systems;
Comparison of 1.5 T and 3 T MRI hippocampus texture features in the assessment of Alzheimer's disease
Leandrou, S, Lamnisos, D, Kyriacou, PA, Constanti, S and Pattichis, CS
2020; Journal Biomedical Signal Processing and Control; vol. 62; pp. 102098;
CSF cutoffs for MCI due to AD depend on APOE epsilon 4 carrier status
Marizzoni, M, Ferrari, C, Babiloni, C, Albani, D, Barkhof, F, Cavaliere, L, Didic, M, Forloni, G, Fusco, F, Galluzzi, S, Hensch, T, Jovicich, J, Marra, C, Molinuevo, JL, Nobili, F, Parnetti, L, Payoux, P, Ranjeva, JP, Ribaldi, F, Rolandi, E, Rossini, PM, Salvatore, M, Soricelli, A, Tsolaki, M, Visser, PJ, Wiltfang, J, Richardson, JC, Bordet, R, Blin, O and Frisoni, GB
2020; Journal Neurobiology of Aging; vol. 89; pp. 55-62;
Basal forebrain metabolism in Alzheimer's disease continuum: relationship with education
Nicolas, B, Alessandra, D, Daniela, P, Osman, R, Sara, T, Giovanni, BF and Valentina, G
2020; vol. 8; no. 2;
Comparison of brain connectomes by MRI and genomics and its implication in Alzheimer's disease
Woo, YJ, Roussos, P, Haroutunian, V, Katsel, P, Gandy, S, Schadt, EE and Zhu, J
PMCID:7003435 ; 2020; Journal BMC Med; vol. 18; no. 1; pp. 23;
Variable selection for high-dimensional partly linear additive Cox model with application to Alzheimer's disease
Wu, QW, Zhao, H, Zhu, L and Sun, JG
PMID: 32652699 ; 2020; Journal Statistics in Medicine; vol. 39; no. 23; pp. 3120-3134;
Phosphodiesterase 4D Gene Modifies the Functional Network of Patients With Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer's Disease
Xiang, J, Wang, X, Gao, Y, Li, T, Cao, R, Yan, T, Ma, Y, Niu, Y, Xue, J and Wang, B
PMCID:7423997 ; 2020; Journal Front Genet; vol. 11; pp. 890;
Plasma sex hormone-binding globulin predicts neurodegeneration and clinical progression in prodromal Alzheimer's disease
Xu, W, Su, BJ, Shen, XN, Bi, YL, Tan, CC, Li, JQ, Cao, XP, Dong, Q, Tan, L and Yu, JT
PMID: 7425468 ; 2020; Journal Aging (Albany NY); vol. 12; no. 14; pp. 14528-14541;