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3393 Total Publications

Characterization of gene expression patterns in mild cognitive impairment using a transcriptomics approach and neuroimaging endophenotypes
Bharthur Sanjay, A, Patania, A, Yan, X, Svaldi, D, Duran, T, Shah, N, Nemes, S, Chen, E and Apostolova, LG
2022; Journal Alzheimers Dement;
The spike-and-slab elastic net as a classification tool in Alzheimer's disease
Leach, JM, Edwards, LJ, Kana, R, Visscher, K, Yi, N and Aban, I
PMCID:8812870 ; 2022; Journal PLoS One; vol. 17; no. 2; pp. e0262367;
Anticholinergic drugs and forebrain magnetic resonance imaging changes in cognitively normal people and those with mild cognitive impairment
Meng, DW, Mohammadi-Nejad, AR, Sotiropoulos, SN, Auer, DP and Alzheimers Dis, N
2022; Journal European Journal of Neurology;
3D Supervoxel based features for early detection of AD: A microscopic view to the brain MRI
Mishra, S, Beheshti, I, Tanveer, M and Khanna, P
2022; Journal Multimedia Tools and Applications;
Plasma phosphorylated-tau181 levels reflect white matter microstructural changes across Alzheimer's disease progression
Nabizadeh, F, Pourhamzeh, M, Khani, S, Rezaei, A, Ranjbaran, F and Deravi, N
2022; Journal Metab Brain Dis; vol. 37; no. 3; pp. 761-771;
Tracer-specific reference tissues selection improves detection of F-18-FDG, F-18-florbetapir, and F-18-flortaucipir PET SUVR changes in Alzheimer's disease
Li, YX, Ng, YL, Paranjpe, MD, Ge, Q, Gu, FY, Li, PL, Yan, SZ, Lu, J, Wang, XY and Zhou, Y
2022; Journal Human Brain Mapping;
Ventricular features as reliable differentiators between bvFTD and other dementias
Manera, AL, Dadar, M, Collins, DL and Ducharme, S
PMCID:8856914 ; 2022; Journal Neuroimage Clin; vol. 33; pp. 102947;