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4453 Total Publications

DeepParcellation: A novel deep learning method for robust brain magnetic resonance imaging parcellation in older East Asians
Lim, EC, Choi, US, Choi, KY, Lee, JJ, Sung, YW, Ogawa, S, Kim, BC, Lee, KH and Gim, J
PMCID:9783623 ; 2023; Journal Front Aging Neurosci; vol. 14; pp. 1027857;
Additive models for symmetric positive-definite matrices and Lie groups
Lin, Z, Muller, HG and Park, BU
2023; Journal Biometrika; no. 19;
An unsupervised learning approach to diagnosing Alzheimer_s disease using brain magnetic resonance imaging scans
Liu, Y, Mazumdar, S and Bath, PA
2023; Journal Int J Med Inform; vol. 173; pp. 105027;
Multi-band network fusion for Alzheimer_s disease identification with functional MRI
Guo, L, Zhang, Y, Liu, Q, Guo, K and Wang, Z
PMCID:9798220 ; 2023; Journal Front Psychiatry; vol. 13; pp. 1070198;
Determination of affected brain regions at various stages of Alzheimer's disease
Ahmad, F, Javed, M, Athar, M and Shahzadi, S
2023; Journal Neurosci Res;
APOE differentially moderates cerebrospinal fluid and plasma phosphorylated tau181 associations with multi-domain cognition
Weigand, AJ, Ortiz, G, Walker, KS, Galasko, DR, Bondi, MW and Thomas, KR
2023; Journal Neurobiol Aging; vol. 125; pp. 8-Jan;
Amyloid-PET of the white matter: Relationship to free water, fiber integrity, and cognition in patients with dementia and small vessel disease
Ottoy, J, Ozzoude, M, Zukotynski, K, Kang, MS, Adamo, S, Scott, C, Ramirez, J, Swardfager, W, Lam, B, Bhan, A, Mojiri, P, Kiss, A, Strother, S, Bocti, C, Borrie, M, Chertkow, H, Frayne, R, Hsiung, R, Laforce, RJ, Noseworthy, MD, Prato, FS, Sahlas, DJ, Smith, EE, Kuo, PH, Chad, JA, Pasternak, O, Sossi, V, Thiel, A, Soucy, JP, Tardif, JC, Black, SE and Goubran, M
2023; Journal J Cereb Blood Flow Metab;
Cognitive and behavioral abnormalities in individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, mild cognitive impairment, and subjective memory complaints
Warren, SL, Reid, E, Whitfield, P, Helal, AM, Abo Hamza, EG, Tindle, R, Moustafa, AA and Hamid, MS
2023; Journal Current Psychology;
Soluble TREM2, Alzheimer_s Disease Pathology, and Risk for Progression of Cerebral Small Vessel Disease: A Longitudinal Study
Wu, C, Ma, YH, Hu, H, Zhao, B and Tan, L
2023; Journal J Alzheimers Dis; vol. 92; no. 1; pp. 311-322;
A pairwise functional connectivity similarity measure method based on few-shot learning for early MCI detection
Zhang, X, Shams, SP, Yu, H, Wang, Z and Zhang, Q
PMCID:9806349 ; 2023; Journal Front Neurosci; vol. 16; pp. 1081788;