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3740 Total Publications

The 677C > T variant in methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase causes morphological and functional cerebrovascular deficits in mice
Reagan, AM, Christensen, KE, Graham, LC, Bedwell, AA, Eldridge, K, Speedy, R, Figueiredo, LL, Persohn, SC, Bottiglieri, T, Nho, K, Sasner, M, Territo, PR, Rozen, R and Howell, GR
2022; Journal Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism; no. 18;
Brain functional topology differs by sex in cognitively normal older adults
Yang, Z, Cieri, F, Kinney, JW, Cummings, JL, Cordes, D, Caldwell, JZK and Alzheimer_s Disease Neuroimaging, I
2022; Journal Cereb Cortex Commun; no. 3; pp. 3;
A kernel-free fuzzy reduced quadratic surface ν-support vector machine with applications
Gao, Z, Wang, Y, Huang, M, Luo, J and Tang, S
PMID: 109390 ; 2022; Journal Applied Soft Computing; no. 127;
Alterations of dynamic redundancy of functional brain subnetworks in Alzheimer’s disease and major depression disorders
Ghanbari, M, Soussia, M, Jiang, W, Wei, D, Yap, P-T, Shen, D and Zhang, H
PMID: 102917 ; 2022; Journal NeuroImage: Clinical; no. 33;
Mapping cerebral atrophic trajectory from amnestic mild cognitive impairment to Alzheimer_s disease
Wei, X, Du, X, Xie, Y, Suo, X, He, X, Ding, H, Zhang, Y, Ji, Y, Chai, C, Liang, M, Yu, C, Liu, Y and Qin, W
2022; Journal Cereb Cortex;
What_s the cut-point?: a systematic investigation of tau PET thresholding methods
Weigand, AJ, Maass, A, Eglit, GL and Bondi, MW
PMID: 17 ; 2022; Journal Alzheimers Research & Therapy; no. 14; pp. 1;
The neural signatures of psychoses in Alzheimer_s disease: a neuroimaging genetics approach
Manca, R, Pardinas, AF, Venneri, A and Alzheimer_s Disease Neuroimaging, I
2022; Journal Eur Arch Psychiatry Clin Neurosci;