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3740 Total Publications

Linear Mixed Model Analysis of Polygenic Hazard Score on Verbal Memory Decline in Alzheimer_s Disease
Wang, K, Xu, C, Theeke, LA, Xiao, D, Luo, X and Xie, C
2022; Journal Nurs Res;
Development and implementation of an electronic Clinical Dementia Rating and Financial Capacity Instrument-Short Form
Howell, T, Gummadi, S, Bui, C, Santhakumar, J, Knight, K, Roberson, ED, Marson, D, Chambless, C, Gersteneker, A, Martin, R, Kennedy, R, Zhang, Y, Morris, JC, Moulder, KL, Mayo, C, Carroll, M, Li, Y, Petersen, RC, Stricker, NH, Nosheny, RL, Mackin, S and Weiner, MW
2022; Journal Alzheimers Dement (Amst); no. 14; pp. 1;
Nomograms of human hippocampal volume shifted by polygenic scores
Janahi, M, Aksman, L, Schott, JM, Mokrab, Y and Altmann, A
2022; Journal Elife; no. 11;
The Polygenic Risk Score Knowledge Base offers a centralized online repository for calculating and contextualizing polygenic risk scores
Page, ML, Vance, EL, Cloward, ME, Ringger, E, Dayton, L, Ebbert, MTW, Miller, JB and Kauwe, JSK
PMID: 899 ; 2022; Journal Commun Biol; no. 5; pp. 1;
Association of Data-Driven White Matter Hyperintensity Spatial Signatures With Distinct Cerebral Small Vessel Disease Etiologies
Phuah, CL, Chen, Y, Strain, JF, Yechoor, N, Laurido-Soto, OJ, Ances, BM and Lee, JM
2022; Journal Neurology;
Mild Traumatic Brain Injury is Related to Elevated Cerebrospinal Fluid Tau in Alzheimer_s Disease Dementia
LoBue, C, Kelley, BJ, Hart, J, Helphrey, J, Schaffert, J, Cullum, CM, Peters, ME and Douglas, PM
2022; Journal J Alzheimers Dis;