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3740 Total Publications

Differential diagnosis of amnestic dementia patients based on an FDG-PET signature of autopsy-confirmed LATE-NC
Grothe, MJ, Moscoso, A, Silva-Rodríguez, J, Lange, C, Nho, K, Saykin, AJ, Nelson, PT, Schöll, M, Buchert, R and Teipel, S
2022; Journal Alzheimers Dement;
Evaluation of Feature Selection for Alzheimer_s Disease Diagnosis
Gu, F, Ma, S, Wang, X, Zhao, J, Yu, Y and Song, X
PMID: 924113 ; 2022; Journal Front Aging Neurosci; no. 14;
An association test of the spatial distribution of rare missense variants within protein structures identifies Alzheimer_s disease-related patterns
Jin, BW, Capra, JA, Benchek, P, Wheeler, N, Naj, AC, Hamilton-Nelson, KL, Farrell, JJ, Leung, YY, Kunkle, B, Vadarajan, B, Schellenberg, GD, Mayeux, R, Wang, LS, Farrer, LA, Pericak-Vance, MA, Martin, ER, Haines, JL, Crawford, DC and Bush, WS
2022; Journal Genome Research; no. 32; pp. 4;
Development of a three tiered cognitive hybrid machine learning algorithm for effective diagnosis of alzheimer’s disease
Khan, A and Zubair, S
2022; Journal Journal of King Saud University-Computer and Information Sciences;
Canonical Correlation Analysis and Partial Least Squares for identifying brain-behaviour associations: a tutorial and a comparative study
Mihalik, A, Chapman, J, Adams, RA, Winter, NR, Ferreira, FS, Shawe-Taylor, J and Mourão-Miranda, J
2022; Journal Biol Psychiatry Cogn Neurosci Neuroimaging;
Sex differences in brain functional connectivity of hippocampus in mild cognitive impairment
Williamson, J, Yabluchanskiy, A, Mukli, P, Wu, DH, Sonntag, W, Ciro, C and Yang, Y
PMID: 959394 ; 2022; Journal Front Aging Neurosci; no. 14;
DAFT: A universal module to interweave tabular data and 3D images in CNNs
Wolf, TN, Pölsterl, S and Wachinger, C
PMID: 119505 ; 2022; Journal Neuroimage; no. 260;
Development of high quality T(1)-weighted and diffusion tensor templates of the older adult brain in a common space
Wu, Y, Ridwan, AR, Niaz, MR, Qi, X, Zhang, S, Alzheimer_s Disease Neuroimaging, I, Bennett, DA and Arfanakis, K
PMID: 119417 ; 2022; Journal Neuroimage; no. 260;