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3740 Total Publications

Integrated 3d flow-based multi-atlas brain structure segmentation
Li, Y, Qiu, Z, Fan, X, Liu, X, Chang, EI and Xu, Y
2022; Journal PLoS One; no. 17; pp. 8;
Research on Pathogenic Hippocampal Voxel Detection in Alzheimer_s Disease Using Clustering Genetic Random Forest
Liu, WJ, Cao, LL, Luo, HR and Wang, Y
PMID: 9 ; 2022; Journal Frontiers in Psychiatry; no. 13;
Alzheimer_s Disease Assessments Optimized for Diagnostic Accuracy and Administration Time
McCombe, N, Ding, XM, Prasad, G, Gillespie, P, Finn, DP, Todd, S, McClean, PL, Wong-Lin, K and Alzheimer_s Dis Neuroimaging, I
PMID: 9 ; 2022; Journal Ieee Journal of Translational Engineering in Health and Medicine; no. 10;
Comprehensive analysis of epigenetic clocks reveals associations between disproportionate biological ageing and hippocampal volume
Milicic, L, Vacher, M, Porter, T, Doré, V, Burnham, SC, Bourgeat, P, Shishegar, R, Doecke, J, Armstrong, NJ, Tankard, R, Maruff, P, Masters, CL, Rowe, CC, Villemagne, VL and Laws, SM
2022; Journal Geroscience;
?-Amyloid discordance of cerebrospinal fluid and positron emission tomography imaging shows distinct spatial tau patterns
Jiang, C, Wang, Q, Xie, S, Chen, Z, Fu, L, Peng, Q, Liang, Y, Guo, H and Guo, T
PMCID:9014538 ; 2022; Journal Brain Commun; no. 4; pp. 2;
Glucose metabolism patterns: A potential index to characterize brain ageing and predict high conversion risk into cognitive impairment
Jiang, J, Sheng, C, Chen, G, Liu, C, Jin, S, Li, L, Jiang, X and Han, Y
2022; Journal Geroscience;
In-depth insights into Alzheimer_s disease by using explainable machine learning approach
Bogdanovic, B, Eftimov, T and Simjanoska, M
PMID: 26 ; 2022; Journal Scientific Reports; no. 12; pp. 1;
Using the Montreal cognitive assessment to identify individuals with subtle cognitive decline
Cersonsky, TEK, Mechery, S, Carper, MM, Thompson, L, Lee, A, Alber, J, Sarkar, IN and Brick, LAD
2022; Journal Neuropsychology;