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4453 Total Publications

An evolutionary explainable deep learning approach for Alzheimer_s MRI classification
Shojaei, S, Abadeh, MS and Momeni, Z
2023; Journal Expert Systems with Applications; vol. 220; pp. 119709;
Fully Connected Multi-Kernel Convolutional Neural Network Based on Alzheimer_s Disease Diagnosis
Deng, L, Wang, YJ and Initiative, ADN
2023; Journal Journal of Alzheimers Disease; vol. 92; no. 1; pp. 209-228;
Natural cubic splines for the analysis of Alzheimer_s clinical trials
Donohue, MC, Langford, O, Insel, PS, van Dyck, CH, Petersen, RC, Craft, S, Sethuraman, G, Raman, R and Aisen, PS
2023; Journal Pharm Stat;
Template-based graph registration network for boosting the diagnosis of brain connectivity disorders
Gürler, Z, Gharsallaoui, MA and Rekik, I
2023; Journal Comput Med Imaging Graph; vol. 103; pp. 102140;
Four-way classification of Alzheimer_s disease using deep Siamese convolutional neural network with triplet-loss function
Hajamohideen, F, Shaffi, N, Mahmud, M, Subramanian, K, Al Sariri, A, Vimbi, V and Abdesselam, A
PMCID:9937523 ; 2023; Journal Brain Inform; vol. 10; no. 1; pp. 5;
Variable selection for high‐dimensional generalized linear model with block‐missing data
He, Y, Feng, Y and Song, X
2023; Journal Scandinavian Journal of Statistics;
Dynamic Amyloid and Metabolic Signatures of Delayed Recall Performance within the Clinical Spectrum of Alzheimer_s Disease
Dauar, MT, Pascoal, TA, Therriault, J, Rowley, J, Mohaddes, S, Shin, M, Zimmer, ER, Eskildsen, SF, Fonov, VS, Gauthier, S, Poirier, J, Rosa-Neto, P and Alzheimer_s Dis, N
2023; Journal Brain Sciences; vol. 13; no. 2; pp. 11;
sTREM2 and GFAP Mediated the Association of IGF-1 Signaling Biomarkers with Alzheimer_s Disease Pathology
Wang, Z, Tan, L, Zong, Y, Ma, YH, Wang, ZB, Wang, HF and Tan, L
2023; Journal J Alzheimers Dis;
The Application of Intelligent Data Models for Dementia Classification
AlShboul, R, Thabtah, F, Walter Scott, AJ and Wang, Y
2023; Journal Applied Sciences; vol. 13; no. 6; pp. 3612;
Xception-Fractalnet: Hybrid Deep Learning Based Multi-Class Classification of Alzheimer_s Disease
Aparna, M and Rao, BS
2023; Journal Cmc-Computers Materials & Continua; vol. 74; no. 3; pp. 6909-6932;