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4453 Total Publications

MPS-FFA: A multiplane and multiscale feature fusion attention network for Alzheimer_s disease prediction with structural MRI
Liu, F, Wang, H, Liang, SN, Jin, Z, Wei, S and Li, X
2023; Journal Comput Biol Med; vol. 157; pp. 106790;
Mitochondrial DNA variation in Alzheimer_s disease reveals a unique microprotein called SHMOOSE(jan, 10.1038/s41380-023-01956-w, 2023)
Miller, B, Kim, SJ, Mehta, HH, Cao, KV, Kumagai, H, Thumaty, N, Leelaprachakul, N, Braniff, RG, Jiao, HY, Vaughan, J, Diedrich, J, Saghatelian, A, Arpawong, TE, Crimmins, EM, Ertekin-Taner, N, Tubi, MA, Hare, ET, Braskie, MN, Decarie-Spain, L, Kanoski, SE, Grodstein, F, Bennett, DA, Zhao, L, Toga, AW, Wan, JX, Yen, KL and Cohen, P
2023; Journal Molecular Psychiatry; vol. 1;
The use of hippocampal grading as a biomarker for preclinical and prodromal Alzheimer_s disease
Morrison, C, Dadar, M, Shafiee, N, Collins, DL and Initiative, AsDN
2023; Journal Human Brain Mapping;
Pixel-Level Fusion Approach with Vision Transformer for Early Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease
Odusami, M, Maskeliūnas, R and Damaševičius, R
2023; Journal Electronics; vol. 12; no. 5; pp. 1218;
Increased functional connectivity patterns in mild Alzheimer_s disease: A rsfMRI study
Penalba-Sánchez, L, Oliveira-Silva, P, Sumich, AL and Cifre, I
PMCID:9869068 ; 2023; Journal Front Aging Neurosci; vol. 14; pp. 1037347;
Incorporating multi-stage diagnosis status to mine associations between genetic risk variants and the multi-modality phenotype network in major depressive disorder
Zhang, L, Pang, M, Liu, X, Hao, X, Wang, M, Xie, C, Zhang, Z, Yuan, Y and Zhang, D
2023; Journal Frontiers in Psychiatry; vol. 14;
A multi-task SCCA method for brain imaging genetics and its application in neurodegenerative diseases
Zhang, X, Hao, Y, Zhang, J, Ji, Y, Zou, S, Zhao, S, Xie, S and Du, L
2023; Journal Comput Methods Programs Biomed; vol. 232; pp. 107450;
The Application of Intelligent Data Models for Dementia Classification
AlShboul, R, Thabtah, F, Walter Scott, AJ and Wang, Y
2023; Journal Applied Sciences; vol. 13; no. 6; pp. 3612;
Xception-Fractalnet: Hybrid Deep Learning Based Multi-Class Classification of Alzheimer_s Disease
Aparna, M and Rao, BS
2023; Journal Cmc-Computers Materials & Continua; vol. 74; no. 3; pp. 6909-6932;