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4453 Total Publications

Multi-Features Fusion in Multi-plane MRI Images for Alzheimer’s Disease Classification
Angkoso, CV, Tjahyaningtijas, HPA, Adrianto, Y, Sensusiati, AD, Purnama, IKE and Purnomo, MH
2022; Journal International Journal of Intelligent Engineering and Systems; no. 15; pp. 4;
Predicting diagnosis 4 years prior to Alzheimer_s disease incident
Qiu, A, Xu, L and Liu, C
PMID: 102993 ; PMCID:8958535 ; 2022; Journal Neuroimage Clin; no. 34;
Rare Variant Analysis and Molecular Dynamics Simulation in Alzheimer’s Disease Identifies Exonic Variants in FLG
Xiong, W, Cai, J, Li, R, Wen, C, Tan, H and Database, AsDNI
PMID: 838 ; 2022; Journal Genes; no. 13; pp. 5;
The associations of serum valine with mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer_s disease
Xiong, YL, Therriault, J, Ren, SJ, Jing, XJ and Zhang, H
2022; Journal Aging Clin Exp Res;
Spatio-temporal Convolution for Classification of Alzheimer Disease and Mild Cognitive Impairment
Turhan, G, Küçük, H and Isik, EO
2022; Journal Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine; no. 106825;
Regional and Sex-specific Alterations in the Visual Cortex of Individuals with Psychosis Spectrum Disorders
Türközer, HB, Lizano, P, Adhan, I, Ivleva, EI, Lutz, O, Zeng, V, Zeng, A, Raymond, N, Bannai, D, Lee, A, Bishop, JR, Clementz, BA, Pearlson, GD, Sweeney, JA, Gershon, E, Keshavan, MS and Tamminga, CA
2022; Journal Biological Psychiatry;
Biomarker A+T-: is this Alzheimer_s disease or not? A combined CSF and pathology study
Vromen, EM, de Boer, SCM, Teunissen, CE, Rozemuller, A, Sieben, A, Bjerke, M, Visser, PJ, Bouwman, FH, Engelborghs, S and Tijms, BM
2022; Journal Brain;
A Triple-Network Dynamic Connection Study in Alzheimer_s Disease
Meng, XL, Wu, Y, Liang, YF, Zhang, DD, Xu, Z, Yang, X and Meng, L
PMID: 10 ; 2022; Journal Frontiers in Psychiatry; no. 13;
Plasma ?-Amyloid in Mild Behavioural Impairment - Neuropsychiatric Symptoms on the Alzheimer_s Continuum
Miao, R, Chen, HY, Gill, S, Naude, J, Smith, EE and Ismail, Z
2022; Journal J Geriatr Psychiatry Neurol; no. 35; pp. 3;