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4453 Total Publications

Artificial Intelligence on FDG PET Images Identifies Mild Cognitive Impairment Patients with Neurodegenerative Disease
Prats-Climent, J, Gandia-Ferrero, MT, Torres-Espallardo, I, Álvarez-Sanchez, L, Martínez-Sanchis, B, Cháfer-Pericás, C, Gómez-Rico, I, Cerdá-Alberich, L, Aparici-Robles, F, Baquero-Toledo, M, Rodríguez-Álvarez, MJ and Martí-Bonmatí, L
PMID: 52 ; 2022; Journal J Med Syst; no. 46; pp. 8;
3D convolutional neural networks with hybrid attention mechanism for early diagnosis of Alzheimer_s disease
Qin, ZW, Liu, Z, Guo, QH and Zhu, P
PMID: 16 ; 2022; Journal Biomedical Signal Processing and Control; no. 77;
Diagnosis of Alzheimer_s Disease with Extreme Learning Machine on Whole-Brain Functional Connectivity
Lu, J, Zeng, WM, Zhang, L and Shi, YH
PMID: 14 ; 2022; Journal Concepts in Magnetic Resonance Part B-Magnetic Resonance Engineering; no. 2022;
Multimodality Alzheimer_s Disease Analysis in Deep Riemannian Manifold
Ma, J, Zhang, J and Wang, Z
PMID: 102965 ; 2022; Journal Information Processing & Management; no. 59; pp. 4;
Addressing the missing data challenge in multi-modal datasets for the diagnosis of Alzheimer_s disease
Aghili, M, Tabarestani, S and Adjouadi, M
PMID: 109582 ; 2022; Journal J Neurosci Methods; no. 375;
Leveraging large multi-center cohorts of Alzheimer disease endophenotypes to understand the role of Klotho heterozygosity on disease risk
Ali, M, Sung, YJ, Wang, F, Fernández, MV, Morris, JC, Fagan, AM, Blennow, K, Zetterberg, H, Heslegrave, A, Johansson, PM, Svensson, J, Nellgård, B, Lleó, A, Alcolea, D, Clarimon, J, Rami, L, Molinuevo, JL, Suárez-Calvet, M, Morenas-Rodríguez, E, Kleinberger, G, Haass, C, Ewers, M, Levin, J, Farlow, MR, Perrin, RJ and Cruchaga, C
PMCID:9135221 ; 2022; Journal PLoS One; no. 17; pp. 5;
A Novel Panel of Plasma Proteins Predicts Progression in Prodromal Alzheimer_s Disease
Araújo, DC, Veloso, AA, Gomes, KB, de Souza, LC, Ziviani, N and Caramelli, P
2022; Journal J Alzheimers Dis;
Machine learning methods applied to genotyping data capture interactions between single nucleotide variants in late onset Alzheimer_s disease
Arnal Segura, M, Bini, G, Fernandez Orth, D, Samaras, E, Kassis, M, Aisopos, F, Rambla De Argila, J, Paliouras, G, Garrard, P, Giambartolomei, C and Tartaglia, GG
PMCID:8984091 ; 2022; Journal Alzheimers Dement (Amst); no. 14; pp. 1;
Identifying Alzheimer_s genes via brain transcriptome mapping
Baik, JY, Kim, M, Bao, JX, Long, Q, Shen, L and Alzheimer_s Dis Neuroimaging, I
2022; Journal Bmc Medical Genomics; no. 15;