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3740 Total Publications

Association of Diabetes and Hypertension With Brain Structural Integrity and Cognition in the Boston Puerto Rican Health Study Cohort
Guan, Y, Ebrahimzadeh, SA, Cheng, CH, Chen, WF, Leung, T, Bigornia, S, Palacios, N, Garelnabi, MO, Scott, T, Bhadelia, R, Tucker, KL, Koo, BB and Alzheimer_s Dis Neuroimaging, I
2022; Journal Neurology; no. 98; pp. 15;
Adaptive dictionary and structure learning for unsupervised feature selection
Guo, Y, Sun, H and Hao, S
PMID: 102931 ; 2022; Journal Information Processing & Management; no. 59; pp. 3;
Characterizing Network Selectiveness to the Dynamic Spreading of Neuropathological Events in Alzheimer_s Disease
Li, W, Yang, D, Yan, C, Chen, M, Li, Q, Zhu, W and Wu, G
2022; Journal J Alzheimers Dis; no. 86; pp. 4;
Varying-coefficient hidden Markov models with zero-effect regions
Liu, H, Song, X and Zhang, B
2022; Journal Computational Statistics & Data Analysis; no. 107482;
A Stacking Framework for Multi-Classification of Alzheimer_s Disease Using Neuroimaging and Clinical Features
Chen, D, Yi, F, Qin, Y, Zhang, J, Ge, X, Han, H, Cui, J, Bai, W, Wu, Y and Yu, H
2022; Journal J Alzheimers Dis;
A high-generalizability machine learning framework for predicting the progression of Alzheimer_s disease using limited data
Wang, C, Li, Y, Tsuboshita, Y, Sakurai, T, Goto, T, Yamaguchi, H, Yamashita, Y, Sekiguchi, A and Tachimori, H
PMID: 43 ; PMCID:9005545 ; 2022; Journal NPJ Digit Med; no. 5; pp. 1;
Multigroup recognition of dementia patients with dynamic brain connectivity under multimodal cortex parcellation
Wang, B, Li, L, Peng, L, Jiang, Z, Dai, K, Xie, Q, Cao, Y and Yu, D
PMID: 103725 ; 2022; Journal Biomedical Signal Processing and Control; no. 76;