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3740 Total Publications

Glucose metabolism patterns: A potential index to characterize brain ageing and predict high conversion risk into cognitive impairment
Jiang, J, Sheng, C, Chen, G, Liu, C, Jin, S, Li, L, Jiang, X and Han, Y
2022; Journal Geroscience;
Delusional Severity Is Associated with Abnormal Texture in FLAIR MRI
Khoury, MA, Bahsoun, M-A, Fadhel, A, Shunbuli, S, Venkatesh, S, Ghazvanchahi, A, Mitha, S, Chan, K, Fornazzari, LR and Churchill, NW
PMID: 600 ; 2022; Journal Brain Sciences; no. 12; pp. 5;
The Role of Amyloid, Tau, and APOE Genotype on the Relationship Between Informant-Reported Sleep Disturbance and Alzheimer_s Disease Risks
Kim, H, Levine, A, Cohen, D, Gehrman, P, Zhu, X, Devanand, DP, Lee, S and Goldberg, TE
2022; Journal J Alzheimers Dis;
CDiP technology for reverse engineering of sporadic Alzheimer_s disease
Kondo, T, Yada, Y, Ikeuchi, T and Inoue, H
2022; Journal J Hum Genet;
Quantifying the reproducibility of graph neural networks using multigraph data representation
Nebli, A, Gharsallaoui, MA, Gürler, Z and Rekik, I
2022; Journal Neural Networks; no. 148;
Grey matter network markers identify individuals with prodromal Alzheimer_s disease who will show rapid clinical decline
Pelkmans, W, Vromen, EM, Dicks, E, Scheltens, P, Teunissen, CE, Barkhof, F, van der Flier, WM and Tijms, BM
PMCID:8924646 ; 2022; Journal Brain Commun; no. 4; pp. 2;
Analysis of Hippocampus Evolution Patterns and Prediction of Conversion in Mild Cognitive Impairment Using Multivariate Morphometry Statistics
Zhang, L, Fu, Y, Zhao, Z, Cong, Z, Zheng, W, Zhang, Q, Yao, Z and Hu, B
2022; Journal J Alzheimers Dis; no. 86; pp. 4;
Unified spatial normalization method of brain PET images using adaptive probabilistic brain atlas
Zhang, T, Nie, B, Liu, H and Shan, B
2022; Journal Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging;