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2110 Total Publications

Early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease using combined features from voxel-based morphometry and cortical, subcortical, and hippocampus regions of MRI T1 brain images
Gupta, Y, Lee, KH, Choi, KY, Lee, JJ, Kim, BC and Kwon, GR
2019; Journal PLoS One; vol. 14; no. 10; pp. e0222446;
Multi-stream multi-scale deep convolutional networks for Alzheimer's disease detection using MR images
Ge, C, Qu, Q, Gu, IYH and Jakola, AS
2019; Journal Neurocomputing; vol. 350; pp. 60-69;
Predicting long-term clinical stability in amyloid-positive subjects by FDG-PET
Iaccarino, L, Sala, A, Perani, D and Alzheimers Dis Neuroimaging, I
2019; Journal Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology; vol. 6; no. 6; pp. 1113-1120;
C9orf72 intermediate expansions of 24-30 repeats are associated with ALS
Iacoangeli, A, Al Khleifat, A, Jones, AR, Sproviero, W, Shatunov, A, Opie-Martin, S, Morrison, KE, Shaw, PJ, Shaw, CE, Fogh, I, Dobson, RJ, Newhouse, SJ, Al-Chalabi, A and Alzheimer's Dis, N
2019; Journal Acta Neuropathologica Communications; vol. 7; pp. 7;
Sex Moderates Amyloid and Apolipoprotein epsilon 4 Effects on Default Mode Network Connectivity at Rest
Caldwell, JZK, Zhuang, XW, Leavitt, MJ, Banks, SJ, Cummings, J, Cordes, D and Alzheimers Dis Neuroimaging, I
2019; Journal Frontiers in Neurology; vol. 10; pp. 9;
Tau and atrophy: domain-specific relationships with cognition
Digma, LA, Madsen, JR, Reas, ET, Dale, AM, Brewer, JB, Banks, SJ and Alzheimers Dis, N
2019; Journal Alzheimers Research & Therapy; vol. 11; pp. 12;
Identifying progressive imaging genetic patterns via multi-task sparse canonical correlation analysis: a longitudinal study of the ADNI cohort
Du, L, Liu, K, Zhu, L, Yao, X, Risacher, SL, Guo, L, Saykin, AJ and Shen, L
2019; Journal Bioinformatics; vol. 35; no. 14; pp. i474-i483;
Prospective natural history study of C9orf72 ALS clinical characteristics and biomarkers
Cammack, AJ, Atassi, N, Hyman, T, van den Berg, LH, Harms, M, Baloh, RH, Brown, RH, van Es, MA, Veldink, JH, de Vries, BS, Rothstein, JD, Drain, C, Jockel-Balsarotti, J, Malcolm, A, Boodram, S, Salter, A, Wightman, N, Yu, H, Sherman, AV, Esparza, TJ, McKenna-Yasek, D, Owegi, MA, Douthwright, C, McCampbell, A, Ferguson, T, Cruchaga, C, Cudkowicz, M, Miller, TM and Alzheimers Dis Neuroimaging, I
2019; Journal Neurology; vol. 93; no. 17; pp. E1605-E1617;
RNN-based longitudinal analysis for diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease
Cui, R. and Liu, M.
2019; Journal Comput Med Imaging Graph; vol. 73; pp. 10-Jan;
Systematic Error Removal Using Random Forest for Normalizing Large-Scale Untargeted Lipidomics Data
Fan, SL, Kind, T, Cajka, T, Hazen, SL, Tang, WHW, Kaddurah-Daouk, R, Irvin, MR, Arnett, DK, Barupal, DK and Fiehn, O
PMID: 30758187 ; 2019; Journal Analytical Chemistry; vol. 91; no. 5; pp. 3590-3596;